Research trips I took when writing The Quiet at the End of the World

Research trips! There’s nothing better than writing about somewhere, and then going to see it for real. It brings fiction to life in a completely original way.

Here are some of the places I made sure to visit when I was writing The Quiet at the End of the World. I’ve previously visited Carlisle Castle to write The Next Together, and St Andrews, the location of The Last Beginning, as well as Bletchley Park when I was writing a short story Another Together, which you can read about here, 

The tunnels below London

I  explored the old WWII bomb shelters which were built under the London Northern Line to protect 10,000 people from the blitz. It was absolutely fascinating and it really helped me when I was writing the scenes in the first chapter of the book, where Lowrie and Shen explore the abandoned tube lines of London, at a time when it’s been shut down for decades.


Giants Causeway, Ireland

I was in Dublin for a convention when I snuck away on an adventure. I’ve always been obsessed by this natural phenomenon of geometric rocks in the sea. The Quiet at the End of the World is all about geology and archaeology and the layers of fossils left behind humanity in the earth, so this was extra inspiring and special.


Buckingham Palace

Finally, I went to Buckingham Palace, somewhere I’d never been before. It was very different from what I’d imagined it from seeing it in films and TV shows. I had no idea that there was a huge lake by the palace – or that the garden was so big. It felt like it wasn’t in London at all, except for the sight of one single skyscraper poking up between the trees.

Lowrie’s parents live in a place in a huge manor in the middle of an abandoned central London, so this was really useful when picturing what their life might be like.


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