Free Reads

I have some free fiction available to read online on Wattpad and Archive of Our Own, as well as two novellas free to read on Amazon Kindle (Another Together and Another Beginning).

I also have a novel called An Unauthorised Fan Treatise free to read here.

Sealed with a Loving Kiss – a 4000-word short story inspired by Hidden Figures, featuring a queer love story, lots of science, and secret treasure – can be read in this anthology (more info)


Childhood Sweethearts – A Quiet at the End of the World short story

Antique carriage ride – A Quiet at the End of the World deleted scene


Romy’s blog (with extra Loch & Ness fics)


Clove & Ella on the Titanic

Clove & Ella as Disney princesses


A story about another of Kate & Matt’s lives

A deleted scene from 1854 – The Next Together

Deleted Scene from 2039 – The Next Together

A Harry Potter/The Next Together crossover

Matt’s Point of View Chapter 1 – The Next Together

SNAILS. (a short story about Kate and Matt set at University in 2019)

30 Short drabbles about Kate and Matt


Non-fiction writing
Scientific inaccuracies your favourite historical characters definitely believed-  The Guardian
7 Times Studying Science Taught Me To Be Brave – Buzzfeed
The Hogwarts Houses of the Periodic Elements: A Critical Analysis – The Toast
Female Characters studying STEM in YA – YA Interrobang
The best (and worst) on-screen female scientists – Den of Geek
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