Shortlisted for the STEAM book prize!


I’m thrilled that The Loneliest Girl in the Universe has been shortlisted for a second award! This is a brand new prize that supports fiction about science, something that is obviously ENTIRELY MY JAM. I was super excited just to hear about the creation of the award, so to be shortlisted is the best news ever.

The other YA titles are The Fandom by Anna Day, The Secret Deep by Lindsay Galvin, White Rabbit, Red Wolf by Tom Pollock (all of which I’ve read) and The Electrical Venus by Julie Mayhew and Jinxed by Amy McCulloch (which I’d better get to ASAP).




Preorder campaign for The Quiet at the End of the World


If you pre-order my new book (thank you!) you can enter to win a set of swag including a lil robot pin,  postcards, a bookmark & some art prints. You have until March 7th to email your entry to

Goodreads | Amazon | Book Depository

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A few other things: Barnes & Noble have named The Loneliest Girl in the Universe one of their top 15 YA books of 2018! I was NOT expecting this book to make it to any of the end of year round ups, so I’m a little blown away right now.

It has also made it to the semi-finals of the *book shimmy* awards! You can vote for it at  if you wish! Thank you to everyone who has voted so far.

I spoke to some bloggers about The Quiet last week, which was so FUN.

Also, here’s my events schedule:

Monthly: Sparks Young Writers classes, Rugby, Years 5-9 – book here – Upcoming dates:  January 12, 2019, February 2, 2019, March 2, 2019, April 6, 2019, May 11, 2019, June 15, 2019, July 6, 2019 

Monthly: WritersHQ writing retreat rep, Coventry, March onwards – details here

11th March: North East Book Awards, Newcastle – details here

7th June to 9th June 2019:  CYMERA: Scotland’s festival of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Writing, The Pleasance, 60 Pleasance – Details here

26- 28th July – YALC – Details here

Aug 15th-19th: Worldcon 2019, Dublin – Details here



Tumblr tag archive – The Last Beginning (part 1)

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There need to be more epic regency novels in the world. Preferably with thieves, if you can manage it. (I’ve read fingersmith too many times I think).

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23RD SEP 2011



wallacegardens: The Voynich Manuscript is a mysterious volume of text and illustrations written some time in the 15th or 16 centuries, so named after Wilfrid M. Voynich who acquired the book in 1912. It has been classified as “magical” and “scientific” but is written in an undeciphered text and is said to be the most “mysterious manuscript in the world.”

Voynich discovered the manuscript at a villa in Frascati, Rome, which was operating at the time as a Jesuit College. The pages are filled with botanical illustrations, herbal recipes, women frolicking in the water, charts with zodiac signs and constellations, and pages and pages of text which, to date, defy all efforts at translation.

The manuscript is owned by Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library of Yale University.

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21ST NOV 2011


When we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall into mutually satisfying weirdness and call it love
— Dr. Seuss (via youaremylove-theastronaut)

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20TH OCT 2011


I accidentally started writing a sequel at 3am last night and i’m not even done with this one yet oops

“Do you have a boyfriend yet, dear?” her elderly neighbour asked curiously. “Your facebook status is set to single but you never know with you youngsters.”

Against her will Heather’s gaze slid to where Meg was sitting on a bench with one of Heather’s older cousins. Her face was turned towards him, a flirtatious grin on her face. Her soft blonde hair was fluttering in the wind and she pushed it away absently as she let out a laugh. Heather couldn’t hear her from across the garden but she knew Meg’s laugh better than her own, and filled in the sound. Her heart clenched.

She forced her gaze to return to the neighbour. “No,” she said, expressionlessly, “I don’t have a boyfriend.”

“Ah,” the old woman said cheerfully, refilling her drink. “Best not to rush these things. You have plenty of time, don’t throw away your childhood too quickly, you’ll never get it back. Now, dear, do you have a twitter account? I should add you.”

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9TH JUL 2012



Crying forever over my lack of artistic talent

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4TH AUG 2013

Son,” the father says, examining the broken petri dishes littered about the floor, “I’m not a mad scientist, I’m just a disappointed scientist.

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2ND AUG 2013

caluminium replied to your post: I never thought this would negatively effect my…
is the tag your sequel’s title? :O

Yep! It’s not yet as well developed as my TRER tag, which is a stunning look into the mind of a person alone in their own fandom, but it’s on it’s way. Sequel sequel sequel!!

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4TH APR 2013

I never thought this would negatively effect my life in any way but I…DON’T KNOW ENOUGH ABOUT COMPUTATIONAL LINGUISTICS
It’s a terrible drain on my powers of imagination to do writing right now

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4TH APR 2013

carbohydrate: who has a crush on me. this is very important i need this for research i am a scientist

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27TH MAR 2013


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6TH MAR 2013



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13TH JAN 2014

relicanth [Sarah Barnard] said: you excitedly telling me about bright with phosphenes [The Last Beginning] when you had just started it was the most cute thing jsyk

that sounds like an embarrassing anecdote you should never ever share with anyone ever

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27TH NOV 2013

chronicintrovert [Alice Oseman] asked: So what’s it like having to plan a sequel/sequels!? I can’t really imagine it, seeing as mine’s a standalone, and my next one will also be a standalone…

Okay, so I never originally planned to have a sequel. I wanted to leave it on a cliffhangery ending, that explained the book’s premise but left it a bit mysterious as to how it happened. I didn’t even know myself, and I liked how it was an explanation and not an explanation at the same time.

I also didn’t really want to write a sequel, because I had so many ideas I wanted to play with. I don’t want to be one of those authors who spend ten years on one series- I want to play with horror and space and murders and ghost sitcoms and try my hand at everything I can.

But then when I was getting near the end, I started thinking about it a lot more, and came up with all these amazing ideas and plots that I couldn’t fit into the book. Then I came up with a character that I knew I had to write about asap. So I started writing it!

It’s a sequel in that it is about the same idea, but it’s a completely different set of characters and style of book (it’s a lot more sci-fi time travel than the historical style of the first book). So I’m happy that I’m doing a sequel that’s not limited to the same story and characters, and my main worry right now is that my writing and plot development will have improved so much in the sequel it will make the first one seem terrible! but i can deal with that (probably).

i’m also scared that i won’t finish it before the first one is published, and i’ll get caught in a plot hole that i can’t change the first one to fix, and it will all goes terribly wrong….i imagine J K Rowling had so many sleepless nights over that too. how do people do it??

the good things about sequels:

*you can include references in the first one to things that don’t happen until the next book!

*you can add long term plots that spread over several books!

*you can make mysteries which have just enough information to be solved, if you read both books.

*you can have cameos from characters, that are older or younger than they were when you last met them.

*you can have scenes that you saw in the first book mean something entirely different in the sequel because you know more about what’s going on and how much the characters know.

*you can have character traits appear in related characters and be like OH WOW HIS BROTHER DOES THAT TOO, OMG and it gives you enough time to actually explore it

basically, IT’S ALL AMAZING. i love tricking my readers into thinking something happened, but it was totally different all along.

i love it i love it i love it

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27TH NOV 2013






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12TH JUN 2014

robot: i don’t understand. what is… love?
scientist: oh… well. i. love is-
robot: ahahaha i’m just fucking with you. anyway i found some cool swords online i want you to buy for me
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a-p-o-s-t-a-t-e: “so what are you up to?”



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7TH MAY 2014



pir8crabs: Some people theorize that one extra factor that made the Titanic sink was added weight from loads and loads of time-travelers attempting to prevent it from sinking.

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26TH APR 2014


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12TH APR 2014

chronicintrovert asked: THAT’S A HORRIFIC AND DIFFICULT QUESTION SO YOU GET IT TOO: Write a story in 3 sentences!

Wanted: date for single father of one (1) precocious toddler. Must be reasonably okay with not exactly following every letter of the law and happy to never travel outside of Scottish borders on penalty of arrest. Call Tom for more details and/or baby snaps.

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8TH APR 2014


dreamsandink‘s amazing book playlist got me itching to make another mix so here, have an early preview of my sequel playlist if that’s your thing
it’s about kickass lady superheroes having a great time & getting stuff done
okay enjoy

girls like you/the naked and the famous
you’ve got time/regina spektor
a better son daughter/rilo kiley
exile vilify/the nation
weight of living part I/bastille
she’s a rebel/green day
brave/sara bareilles
she keeps me warm/mary lambert
girls chase boys/ingrid michaelson
why am i the one/fun
get home/bastille
if she wants me/belle and sebastian
laughter lines/bastille
pencil full of lead/paolo nutini
feeling good/muse
(via laurenjames)

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3RD APR 2014


Train —Drops Of Jupiter – “tell me did you fall for a shooting star one without a permanent scar
and that you miss me while you were looking for yourself out there”

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19TH MAR 2014


I just found a very major plot hole in book 2



*laughs until I cry*

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12TH OCT 2014

kars: I am awake but at what price

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26TH SEP 2014


actualanders: my biggest disappointment in life is that i will probably never kiss someone wearing a full suit of armour

not with that attitude

29TH JUL 2014

I know it’s slightly creepy, but I’ve written one of my characters to look like Dylan O’Brien will look in ten or so years time, at the age he will be when any potential films of my book are being cast.

I am super serious about Dylan O’Brien. I’m not messing around here.

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25TH JUL 2014


narcissvs: Random Aesthethic Generator


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3RD JUL 2014

spoopycopequinn: I babysit for a girl who use to think her mom’s name was “my love” because her dad said it so often to her and that’s just freaking cute I can’t

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terpsikeraunos: au in which the library of alexandria didn’t burn down

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7TH DEC 2014




word-stuck: phosphene

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30TH NOV 2014


I’m so close to finishing book 2 and I caaaaaaan’t. I can’t let go.

Help me focus guys. How do I do this.

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28TH NOV 2014


*raises hands above head* *hollers* IT’S THREE AM ON THE 29TH NOVEMBER 2014 AND I JUST FINISHED MY SECOND NOVEL

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29TH NOV 2014

A list of things I have googled during writing.
Scottish qualifications
royal baby’s name
movie trailer tropes
how they worked out JK Rowling was Robert Galbraith
jfk shooting
suffragettes chained to fences
red dwarf
word for all-knowing
what rock is in superman
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19TH NOV 2014


spacezeros [Alice Oseman]:  today i drew Clove, the protagonist of lauren-e-james’s book 2! her first book, The Next Together, is out next year. add it to your to-read list, this series is going to be a good one!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LOOK WHAT ALICE DID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Clove is my DARLING that I’m currently writing about I LOVE THIS SO MUCH

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14TH NOV 2014



robot: i don’t understand. what is… love?
scientist: oh… well. i. love is-
robot: ahahaha i’m just fucking with you. anyway i found some cool swords online i want you to buy for me
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5TH NOV 2014


qwantzfeed: look upon my time travel theories, ye mighty, and despair… but also be honestly kinda impressed

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15TH APR 2015

Anonymous asked: How is Book 2 doing?

It’s going pretty well, thanks! I’m still working on edits, but I got to write some pretty fun scenes this week, including a flirty water fight between my lovely ladies!! I’m really enjoying it, and I hope that comes across in the writing.

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14TH APR 2015

yourgaydarisonpoint: If you’re not at least mildly obsessed with her, she’s not the one.

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18TH MAR 2015


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26TH JAN 2015

patrocius: girls don’t like boys girls like space travel and natalie dormer

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23RD DEC 2014

The most challenging and non-intuitive of all the concepts in the general theory of relativity is the idea that time is part of space. Our instinct is to regard time as eternal, absolute, immutable – nothing can disturb its steady tick.

In fact, according to Einstein, time is variable and ever changing. It even has shape. It is bound up – ‘inextricably interconnected,’ in Stephen Hawking’s expression – with the three dimensions of space in a curious dimension known as spacetime.
— Bill Bryson

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8TH DEC 2014

First draft of book 2 is ready for editing!

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8TH DEC 2014

Tumblr tag archive – The Next Together (part 4)

The Next Together (part 1) | The Next Together (part 2)  | The Next Together (part 3)| The Next Together (part 4) | The Last Beginning | Another Together | Another Beginning | The Loneliest Girl in the Universe | The Quiet at the End of the World | Book 5 (ghost house) | Book 6 (loneliest 2) | Book 7 (earth) | Book 8 (fandom) 



“Matthew was hers, had apparently always been hers, and now he was gone. How many times had they done this dance, this horrific, beautiful dance through time?”

book aesthetics // gifset // The Next Together by Lauren James

Sights: sky blue / mint green / soft yellow / fiery chestnut

Scents: old letters / spilled ink / hot coffee / fresh air

Sounds: Dear River by Kina Grannis / In Another Life by Vienna Teng / Come on Eileen by Dexys Midnight Runners / the music from that Lynx ad

(The Next Together will be published by Walker Books in September 2015. It’s kind of fabulous. You can find more information on it here and here, and preorder it here!)






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17TH AUG 2015

I knew I did from that first moment we met. It was… Not love at first sight exactly, but – familiarity. Like: oh, hello, it’s you. It’s going to be you.
— (via sheathegay)

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16TH AUG 2015


What’s that I spy in the September issue of Marie Claire? It’s ONLY MY BOOK!!!!!!!!! 🙌🙌🙌 #TheNextTogether#the next together
6TH AUG 2015

I’m in the paper today!

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6TH AUG 2015


LOOK AT THE BEAUTIFUL BOOK! I can’t handle how pretty it is!

#the next together #blog #this is the final version that will be in shops!!
30TH JUL 2015 88 NOTES

As there’s now only a month to publication, I am giving away a signed copy and a signed bookmark for my YA novel The Next Together, which will be published on September 3rd.

“Funny, romantic and compulsively readable” – The Bookseller

Katherine and Matthew are destined to be born again and again, century after century. Each time, their presence changes history for the better, and each time, they fall hopelessly in love, only to be tragically separated.

Spanning the Crimean War, the Siege of Carlisle and the near-future of 2019 and 2039 they find themselves sacrificing their lives to save the world. But why do they keep coming back? What else must they achieve before they can be left to live and love in peace?

Maybe the next together will be different…

A powerful and epic debut novel for teenagers about time-travel, fate and the timelessness of first love. The Next Together is told through a mixture of regular prose, diary entries, letters, “original” historical documents, news reports and internet articles.

Goodreads | Amazon UK | Waterstones | The Book Depository


Open internationally
Reblog this post to enter
Must be following me (lauren-e-james)
Reblog as many times as you like
No giveaway blogs
Winner will be chosen randomly on August 15th
Winner must reply within 24 hours
Good luck!

Giveaway now closed and winner chosen!

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4TH AUG 2015

Anonymous asked: How do you go about finding names for your characters? Normally I don’t have a problem, but for certain characters ijust can’t find any ( and I’ve spent hours searching through lists and whatnot)

They usually come fully named, really! I try and find names that have the same feeling as the character, if that makes sense.

Katherine and Matthew were named that because they are quite traditional, there are lots of different nicknames for the names (Kate, Katy, Kit etc) which could also be very modern if the right nickname was chosen.

If you can’t find a name maybe trying looking at the most common baby names for the year that character was born, and see what fits!

#blog #the next together #Anon
3RD AUG 2015

 otpprompts: Person A is in bed reading a book. Person B enters and climbs into bed with them. Without looking up person A raises their arm so that person B can crawl under and snuggle up with them. Person B falls asleep.

dragonwingsandtimetravel: …Lauren


#the next together #RECALL ALL FINISHED COPIES IMMEDIATELY THE BOOK NEEDS THIS SCENE #for like totally legit pacing and characterisation purposes not just because it’s hella cute and by ‘person a’ they mean ‘matthew galloway’


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3RD AUG 2015



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dragonwingsandtimetravel: THE THINGS I DO FOR YOU, LAUREN JAMES

*channels the spirit of a romantic comedy meet cute* *only with reincarnation where Justin Timberlake should be*

So writing this was basically a mixture of


(because it’s Kate and Matthew) and (because my writing)

…which naturally meant it was going to end up on Tumblr! (But don’t worry, it’s much lovelier now I’ve edited it). Kate and Matt are TOO ADORABLE.

Inspired by and written in the style of the opening scene of The Next Together by lauren-e-james​. Particularly the lines “Next time, we’re moving somewhere hot and quiet before any of this happens,” she declared breathlessly and “I like Spain,” Matthew said, and pulled her into one last, desperate goat kiss because that is how my brain works, apparently.

(The Next Together will be published by Walker Books in September 2015. It’s kind of fabulous. You can find more information on it here and here, and preorder it here!)


“You could’ve been anything you wanted,” Kate Finchley grumbled to herself as she lugged her crammed suitcase up the narrow stairs. “You could have been a scientist. You could have studied journalism and reported on something dangerous and exciting! But no, you had to go and pick a foreign language so you could go abroad and meet cute Spanish boys with messy hair and accents.”

Letting out a huff of air as she reached the landing, Kate leaned on the banister and tried to get her breath back. Red waves spilled onto her shoulders, turned wildly curly in the intense heat. Brushing it out of her face, she made the mistake of glancing upwards and groaned. Three floors to go and not a cute Spanish boy in sight.

Her goodbyes had been a whirlwind of packing and promising her nanas she’d learn to make churros. She was certain nobody had mentioned all of those stairs.

Still, she’d come this far on her own. She’d just managed to get her luggage to the top floor when the door she was reaching for opened. Surprised, she drew back. And stared.

The boy in front of her was skinny as a rake. His cheekbones should have been wasted on anyone who wasn’t a model, but with his soft eyes and delightfully off-kilter fashion choices, he seemed mostly normal. A little startled and gangly maybe. Like a skittering baby deer. A dark mop of a fringe tangled around his forehead, and she couldn’t shake the feeling that they’d met somewhere before.

“Hi,” he said, then glanced at a hastily-written note in his hand and added, a little warily since she hadn’t blinked in several seconds, “Katherine?”

Kate realized she was still staring. And holding the excruciatingly heavy suitcase.

“Kate,” she gasped, ducking forward with a lurch. The boy retreated a step to avoid being flattened and she finally, blissfully, let the case go on the wooden floor of the hall. Her arms felt close to falling off. “You can call me Kate.”

“Matt. Matt Galloway,” he said, slowly, and there it was, a name from a long-ago string of emails that came with a stronger tug of familiarity than should have been possible. He looked strangely perplexed as she stuck out her hand and he shook it, but Kate didn’t blame him. She tended to have that effect on men. Especially ones who looked as ruffled and cute he did. “Nice to meet you.”

Kate could almost sense the silent I think on the end of his sentence when she flashed him her brightest smile, lit up by the delicious swirl of satisfaction. His cheeks had definitely coloured under her gaze.

Well, he wasn’t Spanish, but he did have an accent…

laurenjames: [sounds klaxons]





This is so ridiculously sweet I want to die.

#the next together #the BEST THING #that has EVER HAPPENED
16TH JUL 2015

An Interview with a character
It’s now 50 days to the release of The Next Together! When did that happen? How is it that close? (but also, how is there still fifty whole days to go?!?)

To celebrate, I thought I’d post a little teaser. Here’s an ‘interview’ I conducted with my main character Kate, in the spirit of my new blog series Behind the Book. This is set just before the beginning of The Next Together, and there are no spoilers at all.

Hey Kate, how are you feeling about starting university?

Hi! I’m really really excited about uni, especially because it means I’ll be moving closer to my grannies (I have married grandmothers, it’s 2039, get over it.). I can’t wait to go and steal all their baking!! I’m going to eat so many pies.

What are you studying?

Biology. AKA THE BEST SUBJECT, OBVIOUSLY. I have major plans to take over the world one day. Wait, what?

Have you made any friends at uni yet?

Not yet!

And is there anyone you’re going to be sad to leave behind? A boyfriend?

Nope! I’m single and ready to mingle. I have high hopes for fresher’s week. If you are/see any shy, brunet boys with glasses, hit me up, okay?

What are your hobbies?

Uh…..does stalking cute boys count as a hobby? Because I’m an expert at that. Oh, fandom! I’m big into fandom. Have you heard of that famous blogger, Spartacus? No? Well, he does social activism stuff. He’s a little bit illegal, and a little bit hilarious, and a whole lot of cute. I’m a big fan, as you can tell from my AO3 page. Wait, now I think about it, that’s just stalking cute boys as well. Dammit.

Well, I hope you meet the boy of your dreams at university. Any words of advice for any fellow freshers?

Nobody has any idea what they are doing. Just fake confidence and everyone will be so impressed and intimidated by you that you won’t have to worry about anything else. And don’t go mad on the canteen food. You’re better than that.

If that wasn’t enough of a treat for you, here are my characters Kate and Matt….as mermaids. I may have discovered a website that lets you create them, and gone a little crazy with power.

matt mermaid
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15TH JUL 2015

tumblr_npa9msla8v1rkfuqno1_1280foxville: disney modern AU. Merida is still a rowdy tomboy; she loves to ride horses and is an excellent archer, and is really into the british punk-rock scene. Mor’du is probably her favourite band!

#wow #kate #the next together
12TH JUL 2015

Anonymous asked: Congratulations on your first book! I can’t wait to sink into your story 🙂 I was wondering if this book was your very first story you ever wrote or if it is one of many stories? I wish you much happiness…

Thank you! I hope you enjoy it! And it was my first story! It had a lot of different versions before it finally became The Next Together, though.

#writing #the next together #Anon
11TH JUL 2015

bookavid asked: how did you format the letters and fridge notes and stuff from TNT? i mean, which program did you use? or did they look different when you submitted to your agent?

I’ve always just used Microsoft Word. I use a lot of different fonts, and tables (with the lines made white instead of black) to organise text in different shapes. That way you can adjust the width of the text on the page, and it keeps everything neatly lined up, especially if you are including a IM chat or anything.

Sometimes I put pictures of notebook pages or pictures of coffee rings or stamps, but nothing major. That definitely wasn’t essential. I just did it for fun, to avoid actually writing.

For example, here’s an example of what I submitted:

And here’s what that bit looks like in the final book, with the design work done by my publisher:

#the next together #blog #bookavid
11TH JUL 2015

So…..I may have discovered you can make mermen too, and then this happened.

#the next together #merMatt #KatherOrca #HELP ME STOP
9TH JUL 2015

To celebrate the release of my first book, I’m posting a new “Behind the Scenes” exclusive about The Next Together daily until September 3rd. You can find them all here, including Chapter One from Matt’s Point of View, a Harry Potter crossover,  A scene from start to finisha playlist and the book as different genres.

28TH AUG 2015 15 NOTES


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24TH AUG 2015



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The very first draft, finished in 2012 when I was 19, and the final book!

Guys, do any of you use authorgraph? It’s a way to get your kindle books signed and personalised by the author, and I’m debating whether it’s worth signing up (the kindle version of The Next Together comes out in 5 days! I could sign it for anyone who has preordered!).

Shall I do it?

I did it! You can now get a free signature from me here which will be sent to your e-reader! You don’t need to have bought the book yet to do this – anyone can do it whenever they want!
Get your e-book signed by Lauren James
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20TH AUG 2015


spacezeros [Alice Oseman] since my amazing friend laurenjames has just had her first book published, i decided to draw her two protagonists, Kate and Matt!! everyone should read her book The Next Together, it really is something special and spectacular and i’m obsessed with her writing

Alice spoils me rotten and she’s done it AGAIN! Look at Kate and Matt, kissing all over time. This makes me swoony just looking at it. Thank you Alice!

#[saves as wallpaper on phone] #[saves as wallpaper on computer] #[prints out and wallpapers all over house] #the next together #alice #art
16TH SEP 2015

Okay guys…..I’ve been getting a LOT of spoilery asks about The Next Together, which is obviously not something I’m going to answer on my main blog, so I don’t ruin it for anyone who hasn’t read the book yet. I’ve set up a spoiler blog where you can ask and discuss The Next Together with me at Send in your burning questions about dat ending here:

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16TH SEP 2015 4 NOTES

The adults will tell you to stop looking for the spark. To settle for stability and companionship. But I don’t think I can sit next to someone on the dinner table for the rest of my life talking only about my day. There needs to be unsaid communication. The sarcasm that doesn’t go unnoticed. The teasing that doesn’t stop. That chemistry that you can’t find from just a good résumé.
— (via c0ntemplations)

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9TH SEP 2015

Anonymous asked: katherine and matthewwwwww (katt? mate? katthew?)

(For this ship thing)

kate insists that they are an awesome dancer even though they’re terrible. matt enjoys it anyway.
matt (secretly) likes to watch reality tv and kate mocks him for it when she first finds out, but then feels really guilty about it so she starts putting it on at 3am when they’re drunk
matt refuses to wear pants when they’re home alone (in a very early draft matthew and katy had a whole conversation about how much matthew likes walking around naked, this is canon)
kate is the jealous / protective one
matt goes all out on the holidays. he probably spends all year planning every detail, whereas kate is more of the wing it and see type.
matt and kate both cry over books. they’re softies.
neither is terrible with kids !!!!
kate drinks too much caffeine
probably matt could sleep for twenty-four hours straight
kate never wears matching socks
neither punches a tree when they’re angry :O
matt gets scared by the toaster. (this one was so cute it made me literally gasp out loud)
Thank you for the qus!!

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8TH SEP 2015


Two souls don’t find each other by simple accident.
— Jorge Luis Borges

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7TH SEP 2015


My launch was tonight and it was SO GREAT!!!!!!! Thank you so much to everyone who came to help celebrate The Next Together! inkslingerbooks#walker books #the next together #blog #me
4TH SEP 2015

As of RIGHT NOW, my book has been released in the UK and Australia! I’ve already been sent pictures of it in real life bookshops, oh my god guys. This is at Foyles Stratford!

I started writing this book in 2010, when I was a young innocent of eighteen, and I can’t believe my story has come so far that I now have an actual book which I can hold in my hands, that people can read and love as much as I do. I even have incredibly cool things like animated covers, and fans! There are already gifsets! For a book that has been officially released for… minute!

I mean…..who ever thought this would be real life? I definitely didn’t.

I’m so grateful to everyone who has supported me on this journey. Your endless enthusiasm has made my jump into the world of publishing, which could have been terrifying, into an absolutely thrilling experience. I feel like the luckiest person in the world and I’m so proud to be part of such a loving community. The YA book world is a magical place.

I really, really hope you enjoy the book as much as I’ve enjoyed writing and publishing it. Here’s to many more books to come!

Before I get completely teary, I’m going to leave you to enjoy the animated cover. This beauty was made by the genius Jack Noel, as always! Check out that shooting star! MY HEART HURTS.

Happy Birthday to The Next Together! I hope that everyone loves you as much as I do.

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2ND SEP 2015

steinbecks: i am SO TIRED of romantic narratives where the climax is the couple finally getting together. i want a story where the couple gets together towards the beginning and then stays together through the end. what’s the point of making me want a certain romance if i can’t watch that romance actually happen after it starts?? people falling in love can be great and all but you know what? sometimes i also want them to STAY IN LOVE, like… i don’t want mutual pining, i don’t want wistful gazes, i don’t want ‘will they or won’t they,’ i want two people who are in love, they’re together, and they handle shit together

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1ST SEP 2015

The Next Together is now available on Amazon US!
It’s only just become available, so if any of you in the US were waiting to preorder on amazon you now can!

Signed bookmarks are still available for preorders here. 🙂

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1ST SEP 2015



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supergirl-sass:  And this month’s @theyachronicles book, The Next Together by Lauren James (and a letter from the author)

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4TH NOV 2015


The Next Together is released in Australia on November 1st! You can follow my blog tour below if you wish.


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I also have some new reviews and it’s THRILLING.

Smallish Magazine called it “Utterly gripping” and The Herald Scotland said: “The Next Together, is a rather clever piece of time-travelling science fiction meets romance, by debut author Lauren James. Katherine and Matthew are teenagers who meet and fall in love in numerous different time frames. Rather satisfyingly they come together for the “first objective”, a kiss, numerous times, and find themselves caught up in the violent dramas of history as well as the future. Smart and hugely creative.

The Lancashire Evening Post said “Funny, unique, filled with passion and danger, and utterly addictive, The Next Together is one of this year’s best young adult romances. James knows her audience and writes with the assurance and well-honed imagination of a seasoned novelist. No self-respecting teen would want to miss it!

So THANKS, Scotland and Lancashire!!

I also loved this so much I have to share it: Georgia at Teen Book Hoots wrote her own ‘next together’! I LOVE this idea – and I would not complain about being in her scenario either! 😉

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29TH OCT 2015


momlonde: do you ever see a photograph of someone really attractive from like the 1800s and you suddenly get pissed because they’ve been dead for like 200 years and you probably don’t have a chance with them

“We have to go back”

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27TH OCT 2015


missblackstar1678: important otp question: who in your otp holds the other back by the hood of their sweater when they’re about to do something stupid

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25TH OCT 2015


The Next Together, is a rather clever piece of time-travelling science fiction meets romance, by debut author Lauren James (Walker, £7.99). Katherine and Matthew are teenagers who meet and fall in love in numerous different time frames. Rather satisfyingly they come together for the “first objective”, a kiss, numerous times, and find themselves caught up in the violent dramas of history as well as the future. Smart and hugely creative.
— Amazing review of The Next Together in The Herald! I’m giddy with it!

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24TH OCT 2015

listen i know that character died but listen…….that character isnt dead

(via srslysnuffles)

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19TH OCT 2015

I also found…….a bit of The Next Together from 2009! Age 16! (The ‘new footman’ was Matthew, obviously!)

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18TH OCT 2015

starry-nightengale: Imagine your otp kissing, but it’s like, only 40% actual kissing and 60% giggling.

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17TH OCT 2015


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9TH OCT 2015

thebooklandrealm: laurenjames, as requested, have some 2019 Matthew Galloway. For research.. and science.. and stuff.

I just finished The Next Together, and I loved it so much. I can’t wait to read what’s coming next. (And to clear the confusion/suspicion on how it all works)

I’m still so happy that I won this copy in the giveaway, it’s my precious little baby, and one of the few books I took with me when I moved to Ireland for 10 months. I do not regret my choice!

So! cute! I! Can’t! Stand! It!

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29TH SEP 2015

chronicintrovert: hello! my excellent friend Lauren James and i have decided to run a giveaway of both our debut novels, Solitaire and The Next Together!

this week is the publication of This Winter on ebook in the UK/US/Australia and The Next Together in Australia! to celebrate, Lauren and i are doing a giveaway of signed copies of our books … with a twist. both books will be annotated by each other! the winner will receive a copy of Solitaire, signed by Alice and annotated with notes by Lauren, and a copy of The Next Together signed by Lauren and annotated by Alice (with maybe a few drawings too…)

Rules: open internationally. reblog this post to enter. must be following Alice Oseman @chronicintrovert​ and Lauren James @lauren-e-james​. reblog as many times as you like. no giveaway blogs. winner will be chosen randomly on 4th December. winner must reply within 24 hours. good luck!!

I am SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS GIVEAWAY. Mostly because a copy of TNT annotated by Alice? I want to keep that for myself tbh.


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4TH NOV 2015

Look at the adorable doodles that @chronicintrovert did in The Next Together for our giveaway! We have one lucky winner! (I Need To Keep It tbh)

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7TH DEC 2015


the-art-traveler:  Fanart of Matt & Kate, from the very delighting The Next Together by Lauren James. Kate can’t concentrate on anything except on how cute Matt is!

Look at this!!! Gosh!!!! This is so perfect! THANK YOU.

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6TH DEC 2015


laurenjames asked: Marty McFly!! Extra kudos if it’s a TNT crossover….

(for the ‘Send me one of the following character names, and I’ll give you three paragraphs pertaining to my one of OTPs’ thing)

Marty McFly: time travel + Tori/Michael + Kate/Matthew (from @lauren-e-james​‘s The Next Together)

Tori opened her eyes, still with her right hand held out in front of her, the time machine strapped around her wrist whirring. She was sweating badly in her spacesuit and felt weirdly out of breath, but she was alive.

She’d done it. She’d travelled back in time.

Someone screamed “GET OUT OF THE WAY!” and then everything went dark.


The second time she opened her eyes, she was sitting in the back seat of a car.

It was, of course, a very old car, if she was in the year she was supposed to be in, which was 1925. It was going very slowly and making a lot of noise.

There were two people sitting in the front seat. The driver was a woman with auburn hair, cut just below the ears, and was dressed in a brown hunting jacket over a long evening dress. The man next to her had darker hair and was wearing a suit.

Tori had no idea who these people were.

There was nothing for it. She was going to have to speak. “Er, hello?”

The car screeched to a halt, nearly sending Tori flying forward into the front seats – there were no seatbelts. The man and woman turned around, both with fascinated expressions on their faces. Tori realised that she was still wearing her bright orange spacesuit, which was not part of the plan.

“By gods,” said the woman. She had a deep, throaty voice, and sounded like a posh Londoner. “You are a human.”

“We can’t be sure,” said the man. He was quieter and his voice was shaky, which, added to his half-moon wire glasses, gave the impression of him being a very nervous individual. “She could be in disguise.”

The woman barked out a laugh. “Oh tosh! What a coward you are, Matthew. Quite typical.”

“I say – just because I value safety, Katherine, doesn’t make me a coward-”

Tori glanced around her. They appeared to have halted on a country road, so no one else was around, thankfully. On the down side, this probably also meant that she was further from London than she intended to be. She needed to get back there – she had her mission, after all.

“Sorry, what’s the date?” Tori asked, interrupting the couple’s bickering.

The woman – Katherine – blinked at her. “It’s the fourth of August.”


Matthew’s eyes narrowed.

“Yes,” said Katherine.

Today was the day.

He would arrive in London.

She needed to get there. Now.

“Can you take me to London? Are we near London?”

The pair stared at her.

“Certainly-” began Katherine, but Matthew quickly interrupted.

“You’re just going to do the bidding of a child who appears out of thin air in a brightly-coloured-” He paused and sought for the word. “-costume?”

“Well it is the least we can do, Matthew darling, we did somewhat bash into her-”

“I think it was you who bashed into her.”

“You were the one who insisted I needed to practise my parallel parking, I mean, goodness knows when I’m going to use that nonsense-”

“Your lack of regard for general vehicular safety never ceases to astonish and terrify me-”

Tori cleared her throat. “Erm, so, I’m in a bit of a hurry.”

Katherine smiled warmly at her. “Of course, darling. We’ll be in London within the hour. It’s the least we can do.”

“Thank you.”

Katherine performed a terrible three-point turn – it was more of a thirteen-point turn, actually – and then they were off again.

“Might I ask your name?” said Matthew, coldly.

“Victoria,” said Tori.

“Ah, Victoria,” said Katherine. “Splendid. Like the last queen.”

“And what, Victoria, might you be doing here?” asked Matthew. He clearly did not believe that Victoria was Tori’s real name.

“I have business to attend to.”

“Business?” Katherine sounded intrigued.

Tori rolled her eyes. They seemed harmless so there was no reason to hide what she was doing from them. “I’m looking for a young man named Michael Holden. Around my age. He’s supposed to be in London today.”

“Where are you from?” asked Matthew, still sceptical.

Tori struggled with what to say. “Somewhere far away.”


“I say, Victoria,” said Katherine. “This Michael Holden. We could help you find him, if you’d like?”

Matthew snapped his head towards her in alarm. “I beg your pardon?”

“Oh do lighten up, Matthew darling. It’d be an absolute lark.”

“Were we not going to the theatre this evening?”

“Yes, to see another one of your silly operettas.”

“My operettas aren’t silly. They’re a refined art.”

“If you say so, darling.” Katherine continued speaking before Matthew could protest any further. “So, Victoria of the Orange Costume, what do you say?”

Tori had not been listening to most of their quibble. She had been looking out of the car toward the field they were driving past. In it, she watched as a young man riding a horse galloped through the grass, his face steely and determined behind large, owl-like glasses. His hair was curly and a light oak colour, and his limbs were long but not gangly.

It was him.

It was Michael Holden.

“You know, Katherine…” said Tori. “Thanks for the offer, but I think I’ve already found him.”

WHAT is this okay good lauren au thing solitaire au solitaire my writing sprolden the next together lauren-e-james this was just me having fun with kate and matt arguing why did they put tori in their car honestly idk
04 Dec 15 · 13 notes

God!!!! This is amazing!!!!

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5TH DEC 2015


jumble-bumblr asked: “Send me a character” meme: Will Turner – siding with pirates to save a loved one

“No way,” Matt said firmly. “Absolutely no way.”

“Come on,” Kate said, patting him reassuringly on the bicep and readjusting her false moustache. “It’ll be fun.”

“In what possible way is mutinying against the captain fun?” Matt threw up his arms, and then paused as the captain pulled out a thumbscrew and approached a tied up Tom with it. “On second thoughts …”

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4TH DEC 2015

dragonwingsandtimetravel asked: OhmyGodpleasedotheonewiththestreetracinggang. *heart eyes*

Dominic Toretto: street racing gang

“So where is he?” Kate whispered to the burly Harley-Davidson rider standing next to her. “The brutal gang leader who everyone is terrified of? Galloway something?”

“Don’t say his name,” the biker hissed, looking around nervously. “He has spies everywhere.” He gestured towards the cluster of motorbikes surrounding a pimped out green camaro, tattoos on his forearm flexing. “That’s his ride.”

Kate balanced on her toes, peering over bald heads to try and make out the fearsome Matthew Galloway. She caught a glimpse of lean limbs, fluffy brown hair curling up the wind of the underpass, and a set of long fingers pushing up the rim of his glasses.

“That’s him?” she snorted. “He looks like a primary school teacher.”

“Trust me,” the biker said, still looking around for eavesdroppers. “He’s scarier than he looks. I feel sorry for whoever he’s racing tonight – that engine is unstoppable.”

Kate grinned toothily. “Don’t worry. He’s racing me.”

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3RD DEC 2015

chronicintrovert asked: Cher Horowitz 🙂 🙂 🙂

Cher Horowitz: one of the pairing is a spoiled, rich kid

“I’m sorry,” Matthew said, peering over his Chanel-brand glasses at Katy. “But you’re leaning against my Merc.”

Katy didn’t move, but folded her arms and settled in against the driver’s door, chewing her gum thoughtfully. “You’re seventeen and you’ve got a car? And it’s a mercedes?”

Matthew’s cheeks flushed the slightest shade of pink. “Don’t be a snob. It’s my dad’s.”

Katy grinned at him. “I won’t be a snob if you take me for a spin. You’re Mattie, right? Upper sixth?”

Matthew’s eyebrows rose. “I’d prefer if you called me Matthew.”

“Alright, Matthew,” she leered, delighting in the way his blush increased. “I’m ‘Katherine’. Let’s go to Shakeaway. We can get the millionaire’s milkshakes, with gold flakes.”

#matt is just gansey in this I ADMIT IT #this is about a car because MY DRIVING TEST IS TOMORROW #the next together #alice #character meme
3RD DEC 2015


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28TH NOV 2015

themortalbooklibrary: 10 Reasons to read ‘The Next Together’ by Lauren James
1. The writing is beautiful!

2. The cover and description of the book is amazing.

3. The different time periods.

4. Kate! She’s an amazing character, I want her to be my best friend.

5. Matt! He’s such a sweetie! He’s Kate’s soulmate and he’s just an amazing guy! (New addition to the book boyfriend list!)

6. The plot line!

7. The mystery!

8. Kate and Matt moments!

9. There are more books coming! (More Kate and Matt!!!)

10. Lauren James is going to be the next big author! She seriously killed-it with her debut novel!

I love this! 💖

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24TH NOV 2015

I do not use the word home lightly.

So when I sigh it into the crook of your neck,

Believe that your spine is a timber frame,

Your kiss a welcome mat,

And your enveloping arms my front door

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thenightvalepost: Tip: If you do not believe in reincarnation, just wait until your next life. Maybe you’ll feel it more then.

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14TH NOV 2015

The Next Together was included in an Australian subscription box @theyachronicles for the October theme of ‘time and time again’! It came with River Song’s journal, a time turner and some ‘timeless hearts’ bath melts and honestly it just looks incredible! I’m a little jealous!

Pics by Snowflake books, Bedazzled by books and clairereadsbooks on instagram.

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4TH NOV 2015

ofools: you know what i don’t get? when like, people write romance stories where two characters are so in love w each other its all magnetism, but they? don’t even have fun together? or are even nice to each other sometimes?

“our love could level a thousand mountains and conquer a million cities”

ok but… are you even… like….. friends????

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4TH FEB 2016


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3RD FEB 2016

GUYS i’m writing something TNT related today! i’m so excited! i can’t wait to tell you all about it!!

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1ST FEB 2016



THE NEWS IS OUT! The Next Together is being published in the US by Sky Pony Press, edited by Alison Weiss!
I’m absolutely thrilled to bits. I’ve been keeping this a secret since MAY so I’m going to be talking about it a lot now that I finally can! I’m really excited to work with the wonderful Alison and the team at Sky Pony to make the most beautiful American editions of my duology that we can. Both books are going to be coming out in 2017, so there’s not too long to wait after the UK release. It’s going to be a hugely exciting year. Bring on 2017!

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15TH JAN 2016


To make things a bit easier to find, I’ve added all of the extra scenes and short stories that I’ve written about Kate and Matt to Wattpad. You can now read Chapter 1 from Matt’s POV, a medieval short story, some deleted scenes and a ton of…
To make things a bit easier to find, I’ve added all of the extra scenes and short stories that I’ve written about Kate and Matt to Wattpad. You can now read Chapter 1 from Matt’s POV, a medieval short story, some deleted scenes and a ton of drabbles.


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11TH JAN 2016

Taking Stock
The end of my debut year is here! It’s been an incredible twelve months: I’ve made tons of new friends, gone to amazing events all over the country, and got to know some incredible writers. So here’s some of the amazing things I’ve done over the last year.

Read more


It’s here! I’ve been dying to share this with you for ages now. Find out what storyline you’d live in The Next Together by doing the Buzzfeed quiz here. Reblog with your result!

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18TH DEC 2015

Anonymous asked: Hey, I don’t want to give the wrong impression here but on your buzzed quiz one of the answers to question 3 is “He would love me for myself” but what about queer women? ( Or straight guys!) I am a massive fan of your book but maybe you could make this a bit more inclusive?
All of the answers in the quiz are references to The Next Together – like the jobs, which are that the characters have or would like to have (Matt and Kate are scientists, and Matt is desperate to be a farmer), and the prized possessions are their favourite things in each life (Katherine keeps a diary, and Matt loves his fountain pen).

In that case, ‘he would love me for myself’ is a punchline to a conversation in the book here:

Kate’s ‘Disney quiz’ to Matt here is what actually inspired me to make the buzzfeed quiz in the first place, so I had to make sure the punchline was part of the quiz. 🙂

(And don’t worry about inclusivity, the sequel is a lesbian love story…. I’ve got your back. Hopefully you can forgive this one answer not being diverse enough!)

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19TH DEC 2015

Creator versus Fandom – Authors on Social Media

At YALC this weekend, I gave a seminar on Social media with the wonderful Alice Oseman. This blog post is adapted from that seminar, for anyone who missed the workshop.

Alice and I have both been using social media since we were kids. However, since we’ve become authors, we’ve noticed a difference between our place online. It’s very different interacting in an online space as an author and as a fan.


folded.between.pages.of.books: “I’m glad that I met you. I don’t regret coming here, and keeping you for a few more days, even if it led to this. I would return over and over if it gave me a little longer with you.” – The Next Together 💕

#i love this so much #had to reblog it #the next together
22ND JUL 2016

littlebundleofbooks: “@laurenjames Foyles really likes you!


#Thank you hannah!!! #The next together
4TH APR 2016


Grand giveaway! (Open INT)
So… it’s exactly three months today until The Last Beginning is released. Whaaaaat. NO, WHAT? Can you believe The Next Together came out ten months ago?! Time travel is definitely involved. Probably.

ANYWAY. To celebrate the imminent publication of my second novel, I’m holding a GRAND GIVEAWAY. Three prizes, for the three months until The Last Beginning comes out. And it’s open internationally! Here are the prizes:

A signed and embossed copy of The Next Together + A signed postcard + A signed bookmark
I will send you ALL OF THE FREE THINGS. ALL OF THEM. Plus a signed copy of TNT, also embossed using my special press.


A query or first chapter critique + A signed postcard
If you’re an aspiring writer, I will read and give feedback on a query letter or the first chapter of your novel. I’ll also send you a signed postcard. (If you win this prize and you’re not a writer, I’ll send you a signed copy of TNT instead.)

A query or first chapter critique + An exclusive annotated, signed and embossed copy of The Next Together + A signed postcard + A signed bookmark
All of the previous prizes, PLUS this signed copy will also include annotated notes on the pages, such as behind the scenes details about Katherine and Matthew, little doodles and (hilarious, obv) jokes. One of only two to exist in the world! HOW DOES ALL OF THAT SOUND? PRETTY GOOD, RIGHT? RIGHT? OKAY, LET’S GET TO IT. LEMME SHOW YOU HOW TO ENTER.

To enter:
Leave a review of The Next Together or Another Together on Goodreads, Amazon, Waterstones, iTunes, your blog, and any other retailer site of your choice.
Send links to the review(s) to
Each site that the review is posted on counts as one entry. The same review can be posted on multiple sites. Pre-existing reviews can be used. Reviewing a book, good or bad, continues to be the best way to support authors. And as Another Together is a free novella, anyone can enter this competition, regardless of whether they own a copy of The Next Together. It’s free! Download it and read away! Open Internationally.

The three winners will be chosen at random on 6th August 2016.

You have a month to enter. GOOD LUCK.

The Next Together: Amazon UK | Waterstones | Amazon US | The Book Depository |Wordery | Foyles | Kobo | iBooks | WHSmith | Goodreads

Another Together: Goodreads | Amazon Kindle | Kobo | iTunes | Amazon US | Amazon ANZ | Amazon DE

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6TH JUL 2016

dragonwingsandtimetravel: right listen up it is time for some well overdue fangirling

Reasons You Should Read: The Next Together by Lauren James (@laurenjames)

set across three (well, four) time periods so there’s something for everyone
Kate’s Official Lesbian Nanas
Flo and Nancy are legendary and make no decisions even in times of crisis until they’ve made everyone a nice cup of tea
basically the book most of tumblr is looking for
bits of it are set in the future and in this future Scotland is the hero
Kate and Matthew keep running into each other throughout history. Is it fate? Is it reincarnation? Is it time travel? IS IT ALL THREE???
variety of ages, from teens to mid-twenties
sees your need for AUs and pUTS AUs IN THE BOOK
Kate and Matt: The Students of Science Edition
Kate and Matt: The One Where She Dresses as a Boy
“You’re not a goose egg” “Thanks for the reassurance”
The One Where’s She’s a Lady, He’s a Servant and Oh Look Rebellion
and my personal favourite, Kate and Matt: THE TUMBLR ERA
“I should never have married him, he has no respect for the sanctity of Netflix”
partially told in post-its, diaries, powerpoints, texts, emails and drunk blogging
like Outlander but with the humour of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy
even high level conspiracies and Drama™ can’t get in the way of the fact that Kate and Matt have a healthy, consensual relationship
“You are ridiculous and I love you.”
their relationship is sex-positive!
Kate is all sass. All of her. Every version
Matt is adorkable. At one point he wanted to be a farmer???
Kate uses tumblr to document both her relationship and her discovery of a secret that could potentially cause the apocalypse
a cross between a book and the insane crackfic you wrote when you were 14
“in a voice she hoped was sexily husky and not just reminiscent of someone suffering from a bad cold”
frankly liberal use of the flipping tables emoji
Matthew, on his ideal Disney Prince: “He would love me for myself”
Katherine, on her choice of uni: “I only came here because a girl at a careers fair told me they did good field trips”
why yes, the fate of the world does rest on the shoulders of people who make these kind of decisions
Kate is (as they would say in ye olden times) Very Forward and is comfortable with her sexuality and making the first move
“Shut up. There isn’t anything wrong with a healthy interest in crop rotation”
TOM!! HOW have I not mentioned Tom yet
Tom is Matthew’s hot hacker brother
the only person who possibly loves Tom more than I do is Kate
“Stop talking about my brother when we’re in bed together!”
Lauren has sworn Tom is even hotter in the sequel. I am holding her to this
there’s a sequel which is good because I STILL HAVE MANY QUESTIONS
The Last Beginning: A Sequel, this time featuring EVEN MORE LESBIANS
the heroine of The Last Beginning (out October 2016 from Walker Books) is Clove and she is Very, Very Gay
her girlfriend Ella is also Very, Very Gay
LGBTQ rep! queer ladies who live!
Time Travel Romances: They’re Not Just For Straights Anymore!!
“I miss his stupid face” #truelove
I have read this book approximately 463 times and it still cracks me up
the duology tumblr would write if everyone clubbed together and threw plot at the metaphorical storytelling wall just to see what would stick
and of course: “King William furious as Scottish government confiscates Balmoral”

30TH JUN 2016


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28TH JUN 2016

bechdels: a pleasant thought: gay grandparents will soon be commonplace

#the next together
13TH MAR 2016


I copied a cute idea done by @themackenzilee to compare the differences and similarities between her books. So here’s the things in both The Next Together and The Last Beginning (out in October!). 😶

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12TH MAR 2016


In one timeline we kiss but the stars don’t come down. In another you set a world on fire for me but I perish in the flames. Another and we’re strangers on a busy street, brushing by close enough to send each other reeling off balance but not stopping. Somewhere there’s a final space where your hand on my face is the punchy climax to an epic saga, where the way our mouths meet takes the breath right out of people’s throats. One universe has us right, of all the millions stacked on millions. So it’s not this one. I can live with that. The world is full of wonders and a hundred years ago the moon was too much to dream of touching. Look how far we’ve come. Turn over your shoulder and just look. Maybe we’ll come across each other at the turning of the century, racing across the breaches between worlds. I’ll build my life on that maybe.
— elisabeth hewer

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10TH MAR 2016

albus-dumbledore asked: Hi Lauren! I really liked The Next Together and I just wanted to ask, don’t you think the song Avalanche by Walk The Moon FITS THE BOOK SO WELL. They’re my favorite band and after reading your book I couldn’t listen to the song without thinking of Katherine and Matthew. The song has lines such as “You’ve got a look in your eyes / I knew you in a past life” and “I don’t want to wait till the next life” and “Sometimes the past echoes in the future / Starting long before we were born” LIKE REALLY

oh WOW. I hadn’t heard this and HONESTLY. It’s so perfect! thank you for sharing it. it’s going on my playlist.

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23RD FEB 2016


Extract from The Next Together
As it’s Valentine’s day, I’m going to copy the lovely Kate Ormand’s idea and post a little romantic extract from my book! After you’ve read about her Flo and Jett being cuties, here is Katy and Matthew being cuties too. If you prefer, you can read it on Wattpad here.

Varna, Bulgaria, 1854

Katy had never felt such relief as the first time she managed to clean herself properly after the voyage from Southampton. It was the evening of their first day back on land, in the camp at Varna in Bulgaria. Their tent was dark and small, with only a single tiny cot, but it afforded

the privacy she needed to unwrap her chest, and it felt like a wonderful luxury. She scrubbed her skin until it was pink and the bowl of water Matthew had collected from the pump was brown and soapy.

When she finally felt clean again, she went outside to where Matthew was waiting. They were sharing the tent, just as they would have been if she really was his manservant. They couldn’t ask for another and, besides, Katy had been sleeping in a hammock next to Matthew and dozens of soldiers for weeks now, so she didn’t think it would be awkward.

“I’ll fetch you a fresh bowl of water,” she said. He nodded wearily. It had been a long journey from the steamer to the encampment, which sprawled outside the city of Varna, along the edge of a huge lake. Once they had arrived, they’d had to collect their tent and erect it. They were both exhausted.

As Katy walked to the pump, she passed the campfire where soldiers were cooking the meagre rations they’d managed to get. Katy felt a pang in her stomach. They hadn’t had any food since arriving and probably wouldn’t until the next day.

When she returned to the tent, Matthew was inside, shaving, having developed a layer of stubble during their voyage. She wouldn’t call it a beard exactly.

“Thank you,” he said, washing off the soap with the clean water she’d brought him.

“You’re welcome.” She sat on the cot and ran a brush through her hair, wincing at the build-up of tangles. She was going to need to get it cut soon. She’d kept it closely clipped ever since some of the other servant boys had teased her for her curls, saying they made her look like a girl. Now her hair was starting to curl up around her ears, and while she was androgynous enough to pass as a boy, it would be just asking for trouble to have long curly hair.

She sniffed at herself. Since she’d washed she had become very aware of the smell of her dirty clothes. “Do you think if I wash my clothes they will be dry by morning? I don’t think I can stand to wear these again. They smell horrendous.”

Matthew shrugged. “If they’re still damp then you can borrow some of mine.”

She looked up in surprise. Although she knew that he’d forgiven her for lying about her gender, this new kindness was unexpected. “Thank you,” she said softly.

He nodded, and returned his attention to shaving with an air of quiet embarrassment.

She tugged at the loose hair on the brush, admiring the mix of strands, her ginger and Matthew’s brown.

“Can I borrow some now? A shirt or something, to wear tonight?”

Matthew focused more than was necessary on washing the soap off his razor. “Yes. Take whatever you need out of my bag.”

Katy swapped her dirty shirt for Matthew’s clean one with relief. Matthew, who was washing his face, carefully kept his back to her. When she’d changed clothes, she sniffed herself again, but all she could smell now was a lingering trace of Matthew’s scent on the clean material.

Katy then tried her best to clean her clothes with just a small bowl of water and cheap soap. By the time she was finished, and the wet clothes were hung outside the tent to dry, it was dark.

Katy took a sheepskin off the cot and laid it on the floor, before making a pillow from a brown linen coat. The dirt floor didn’t look appealing, but she told herself it was better than sleeping outside, or on a ship, and settled down for the night.

“What are you doing?” Matthew asked. Arms crossed, he looked like a man on a mission. He would have been quite intimidating, if it hadn’t been for the way his hair curled around his face as it dried.

“I’m going to sleep?” she said.

“No. Stop it.”

She raised her eyebrows at him. “We’ve had quite a long journey. I think I deserve at least a nap.”

“I’m not going to make you sleep on the ground. Obviously you will take the bed.”

“We could always … share it,” she said. “Aren’t people supposed to huddle together for warmth in hostile conditions?”

He rolled his eyes, but a hint of a blush rose to his cheeks and the tips of his ears. He began violently brushing out his hair, sending water droplets flying. “That’s in the Arctic. I don’t think you’re in danger of getting frostbite here.”

“Oh, I wasn’t talking about me,” she said. “Me, I’ll be fine. I was talking about you. You’re so thin you might freeze completely through.”

“I think I can handle sleeping on the floor.”

“Well, don’t come crying to me if you’re a cold dead corpse tomorrow morning. You’re a delicate flower. I don’t think you can handle the floor.” Then when he didn’t respond, she added more firmly, “Matthew, I’m not making you sleep on the ground. I’ve caused you enough trouble as it is. Besides, I bet that cot is full of bedbugs. The ground is probably cleaner.”

“I’m not giving in, Katy.”

He started a brief staring contest, which was apparently his new method of persuading her to agree to his point of view without the hassle of actually yelling. She always squirmed under his steady gaze, but she was determined not to be the first to look away. However, this time Matthew was even more determined. She rolled her eyes, conceding defeat by overdramatically throwing off the blanket. It actually was quite cold on the floor, though, and she shivered involuntarily.

Matthew punched the air. “I win!”

“We will alternate nights. I’ll have it tonight and you can have it tomorrow. Otherwise we are both going to end up sleeping on the ground, aren’t we?”

“We are going to have the same discussion tomorrow, because I’m never taking the bed from you.”

“I’ll have a whole day to think of arguments,” she warned him.

“So will I.” He smirked.

Katy felt a rush of affection for him. She usually enjoyed their exchanges, and would have replied with something cutting, but today − in their new tent with a completely stationary floor and a proper bed, and not even one snoring soldier in here with them − she just wanted to be nice to him. He had been so forgiving and lovely to her since finding out that she was a girl, and she had never had the chance to return the favour. She’d have to wash his clothes for him and maybe find food for them both first thing tomorrow. It didn’t look like they’d be getting rations from the army any time soon. A sudden impulse overtook her and she stood up and wrapped her arms around him.

“Good night,” she murmured into his ear. He was tense, but he relaxed slowly, finally pulling her tight against him and pressing his face into her hair.

“Night,” he said back, a touch of something like surprise in his voice.

She stepped away, pulling down the shirt which had ridden uncomfortably high on her thighs. Then she climbed quickly into the cot and pulled the blanket over her.

“Matthew, thank you, really,” she said. “You’ve been so good to me.”

The corner of his mouth turned up. “It was a small matter.” He paused, and then added, “As the girl said to the soldier.”

Katy let out a thrilled, too loud laugh, and Matthew settled into the makeshift bed on the floor with an unmistakable air of self-satisfaction.

If you enjoyed this extract, you can buy The Next Together on Amazon UK, Waterstones or The Book Depository internationally, and add it on Goodreads.

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14TH FEB 2016



This time next month the US edition of The Next Together is finally released! It’s been a long road to get here (my original US publisher shut down before the book could be released – hence the long wait!) but it’s almost here now.
I don’t have any…
This time next month the US edition of The Next Together is finally released! It’s been a long road to get here (my original US publisher shut down before the book could be released – hence the long wait!) but it’s almost here now.

I don’t have any copies of the lovely hardback to show you yet, so for now, here is the dust jacket. I’m still not over that beautiful sunset.

Out with Sky Pony Press on June 13th

16TH MAY 2017

evecoffn: character concept: two people who have been reincarnated for thousands of years and have always found eachother but instead of being in love they just fucking hate eachother

simonlevvis: @laurenjames this would be one hell of a next together au

Someone…..write me this. 🗡🔫

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24TH APR 2017

Anonymous asked: If you were to write Katherine and Matt’s wedding scene, what would it be like and why? (ps. love your books ❤ <3)

omg. WELL first off in 2056 kate proposes to matt. i know this is obvious, i barely need to say it. she does the whole monica thing and fills a room with candles, courts him until he’s blushing etc.

on the day, Matt wears a tuxedo and is so nervous that he’ll get the words wrong that he gets drunk before he even puts the suit on

Kate dips Matt when the vicar says they can kiss.

she doesn’t wear white (”i did that last time”), she wears something shiny like this:

her ‘something old’ is a tortoiseshell hair clasp from carlisle in 1745, her ‘something borrowed’ is clove’s watch with the rainbow strap (so spart can be part of the ceremony – matt insisted, “since you brought us together after all”).

her something blue is a tattoo of matt’s name written in blue fountain pen ink which she gets done drunk on her hen night. jen got a tattoo too: hers says ‘st andrews university

tom has this whole melodramatic joke about it. at the rehearsal dinner he tells every. single. person. that he’s not jen’s first love and he might never recover from the heart break. clove has to move to a different table because he’s so embarrassing.

oh, clove! Clove is the maid of honour and wears this:

ella is technically her date but officially the ring bearer (”why do you want to be the RING BEARER?” – clove “we don’t have them anymore! i want to hold the cushion!” – ella. “if you lose the ring you are time travelling right out of that church to buy another.” – clove)

on the day, ella arrives in some futuristic dress that clove absolutely refuses to let her wear (”is that – is your dress made of clouds? are you FLOATING? No. no way. how did you think you would get away with this without anyone noticing?!”) so meg lends her a dress that looks like this:

the wedding is the first time meg and ella meet and that goes as awkwardly as you would expect.

kate and matt’s wedding song is come on eileen.

ella lends them her skim for their honeymoon. they go on a tour of all of their lives. they’re gone two years but they time it so they come back after 2 weeks. no one notices how long they were really gone. even though matt has started going grey.

they have a baby boy six months later, and clove is the best big sister in the entire world. tom and jen enjoy being aunt and uncle and taking a less active role in the parenting (”you’ve got enough grey hair for both of us, i don’t need more stress in my life” – tom to matt. “if that were true you wouldn’t demand to babysit once a week” – matt to tom “WHAT ARE YOU DOING, DON’T STOP HIM!!” – kate to matt)

Summary: all my favourite power couples have a gr8 time
#the next together #this was so fun thank you for the ask!! #unofficial epilogue to tlb i guess?

Anonymous asked: Kate and Matt have A SON?? CLOVE HAS A BROTHER??? WHAT’S HIS NAME?????

I didn’t know until yesterday that they had a son, but YES THEY NOW DO. They didn’t get to raise Clove after all – they’ve never done the parenting thing!

His name is probably Alfie? That’s a nice name.

(Who’s gonna start the petition for a third book about him? I WILL SIGN IT)

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17TH JAN 2017


dragonwingsandtimetravel asked: I’D READ ABOUT ALFIE. What’s he like? *narrows eyes* Has he inherited a penchant for time travel troublemaking…?
i guess this is a THING now, okay. I HAD THINGS TO DO TODAY BUT OKAY.

Alfie Galloway is ginger. He’s not as clever as Clove and he feels bad about that sometimes. He LOVES trains. Anything about trains, he’s not picky.

Kate’s instagram is entirely made up of cute pictures of Matt and Alfie asleep together. Like, she posts one every single day. Sprawled on the sofa. Cuddling over a bedtime story. In the back of the car on long trips.

When he’s four he accidentally time travels himself somewhere with Ella’s skim and everyone freaks out. They manage to track him down in the end.

He doesn’t realise Spart is a AI and talks to him in a very serious voice like he’s a tiny man trapped inside all the computers.

He has a pet axolotl.

He worships Tom. Like, Tom is his favourite person in the entire world. He rides around on his shoulders and laughs at his jokes so hard that he cries.

Kate and Alfie make pancakes every Sunday morning while Matt has a lie in.

Matt and Alfie make chocolate cake on the days Kate works late.

When he’s six he starts reading the Harry Potter books and decides that he’s Ron Weasley. He makes Clove knit him a jumper with a big ‘R’ on it like Molly makes Ron, and wears it every single day until it’s too small for him.

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17TH JAN 2017

ahsburkes asked: this thing i hear about what ella and clove’s engagement would be like….i’m afraid i’ll need to know more
Anonymous said:Please write Clove and Ella’s engagement scene!

Okay guys. LET’S DO THIS. After school, Clove does a degree at St Andrews while Ella finishes her degree at her home uni. Then Clove moves to Ella’s uni for a masters in theoretical morality, while Ella starts a PhD in classical history control potentiality. They live together in a tiny terraced house with a back garden, which Ella turns into a vegetable patch. It produces approximately 3 Brussel sprouts and a cucumber every summer. That’s all.

When they both finally graduate with a million degrees between them, Clove goes back to St Andrews to start running tests on the time machine with Jen, who now runs the St Andrews Physics department. Ella moves back with her. She commutes using her skim to a theatre company, where she works to gather accurate details about ancient greece for their productions, using her Skim.

They adopt a rescue dog, who Matt babysits during the day, because he works from home with Tom (they started a business together. they argue constantly.) Alfie, kate and matt’s three year old son, cries every day when Clove picks up the dog after work. Alfie hates goodbyes.

When Ella turns 25 she gets really nostalgic for how she and clove met (she reads a lot of fic written about them. Clove kinkshames her. It’s a Thing.). They drop the dog off with kate and matt and alfie and go on holiday to 1745. They hang out with 1745 Katherine and Matthew, and then Ella takes Clove on a picnic by the river, at the exact place where they met. The picnic is the same as the one Ella brought then, except there’s smoky bacon crisps too, this time.

After they eat, Clove naps with her head on Ella’s stomach. When she wakes up, there’s a bouquet of violets resting next to her. She laughs when she sees it, hysterically, and Ella gets offended that she finds her romantic gesture funny. Then Clove reaches into her bag and pulls out a box. She hands it to Ella.

Inside, there’s a ring.

“I guess we both had the same idea,” Clove says, blushing bright red. “You gave me a violet once, a long time ago. I thought it was about time I repaid the favour.“

Ella’s eyes flick down between the ring and Clove. “Are you…?” she says.

Clove nods. “Elenore Walker. Will you marry me?”

Ella bursts into tears. “You weren’t supposed to propose for another two years!” she yells. “It’s in your autobiography!!”

Clove grins. She’s been planning for a while that when she gets around to writing her ‘autobiography’, she’ll include some lies. Gotta keep Ella on her toes somehow. “Surprise?”

Ella says yes, they get married the next summer, it’s very stressful for everyone involved. The wedding photos go viral on Ella’s social media. Obviously this is their wedding song.

#the next together #the last beginning #simonlevvis #obviously as soon as they get home ella pulls out a ring she bought before she even officially met clove #she saved up her pocket money for it
9TH FEB 2017

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14TH FEB 2017



∟ books read in 2016; the next together by lauren james

‘’I love you. In every life, I love you. I love you so much.’’

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3RD DEC 2016

taxloopholes: me applying for any job: so here’s the false identity I’ve constructed to appeal to you,

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30TH OCT 2016


New Kate & Matt short story – SNAILS.
My old university, the University of Nottingham @uniofnottingham asked me to write a short story for their alumni magazine recently!

As one of the timelines in The Next Together is set on the University of Nottingham campus in 2039, I decided to write about Kate and Matt during their time at the uni.

The short story is set somewhere between Kate and Matt’s first meeting, and the point when everything goes to hell. So… Chapter 2? :’)

If you’re a Nottingham uni alumni, you can enter a competition to write a 1000 word short story set at a Nottingham campus, to be judged by me! Details here.

“So,” the Head of the School of Life Sciences said, eyeing them both over the rim of her glasses. “Why don’t you tell me how this happened?” “Kate?” Matt said, in a strangled voice. “Why don’t you explain?” Kate grimaced. “Well- I mean- I guess-” “Please.” The Head massaged her temples. “Just tell me how the fire started.” Kate swallowed. “I suppose it started with the snails.” Beside her, Matt slowly sunk lower in his seat, deflating like a very embarrassed balloon.

Read the rest here on Wattpad!



The @chronicintrovert art prints should have started arriving today! Has anyone got theirs yet?

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13TH SEP 2018

flyflysstuff asked: Hi Lauren! I was just reading your great piece about the publishing process and how excited you were, trying to motivate myself with edit 3 of what I’ve written. I was just wondering if you had done the same kind of account for when you were trying to find an agent. Reading about peoples real experiences is really helpful. I had a look but couldnt find anything. If not no worries, I know you’re busy. Love your books btw and so excited for TQATEOTW 😁

This one? I don’t have one about finding an agent, apart from some early early posts about writing The Next Together here and here.

Good luck with it!!

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23RD JUN 2018


Anonymous asked: Hi! Are any of your books been translated to any other languages? ❤

Yes! Here are the ones published so far:
První konec (“The First End”) – Czech Republic (CooBoo)

Em Nossa Proxima Vida (“In Our Next Life”) – Brasil (HarperCollins)

Bir Sonraki Hayatımız (“Our Next Life”) – Turkey (Yabanci Yayinlari)

Любовь И Другие Катастрофы (“Love and Other Catastrophes”) – Russia (Ripol)

Forever Again: Für alle Augenblicke wir (“For all our moments”) – Germany (Loewe) | Audiobook

Poslední začátek (“The Last Start”) – Czech Republic (CooBoo)

Son Başlangıç (“Last Start”) – Turkey (Yabanci Yayinlari)

Forever Again – Wie oft du auch gehst (“How Often You Go”) – Germany (Loewe)

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13TH MAY 2018

phoneus: *holding clipboard* hm…. *kisses your cheek* interestning… *writes down results on clipboard but the results are a drawing of us holding hands*

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15TH MAR 2018


dragonwingsandtimetravel asked: Oh, I would love to see Kate’s responses to questions 19, 20 and 21…!

19. what is your favourite thing right now?

Kate: My newborn son, Alfie! He’s a little terror but he’s young enough that even when he’s having a tantrum it’s still kind of new and exciting – I never got to do that with Clove!

20. what is your hidden talent? (example: memory, double joints, etc. )

Kate: I can sense and uncover any chocolate cake hidden in any building, like a truffle pig.

21. what is the best dream you’ve ever had?

I once woke up from a pretty wonderful dream about my friend Matt actually being my husband in some kind of castle during a siege…..turned out that was actually a memory? It was a fun dream, though.

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27TH FEB 2018

Anonymous asked: Is it bizarre to you that next year’s gonna be 2019??? THE 2019
I know!! Somewhere out there right this minute, new graduated

Katherine Finchley is applying to jobs in labs. And Matthew Galloway has no idea the new employee at CSL is about to storm into his life and kiss him in supply cupboards.

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16TH JAN 2018


Thank you to everyone who came to Romy’s second lift off tonight! I can’t believe I got to do this all over again. Will post lots of pictures tomorrow but for now – look how far we’ve come, @ajgraingerauthor! 2015-2017. Let’s hope we’re still doing…
Thank you to everyone who came to Romy’s second lift off tonight! I can’t believe I got to do this all over again. Will post lots of pictures tomorrow but for now – look how far we’ve come, @ajgraingerauthor! 2015-2017. Let’s hope we’re still doing this in twenty years time, @walkerbooksya.

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12TH SEP 2017

For anyone who has read The Next Together series and is wondering if they’ll like The Loneliest Girl: here’s your answer, statistically and qualitatively.

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1ST SEP 2017

avocavo: turn on: a very nice pen with an even flow of ink

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23RD JUL 2017


Talking of art, some pretty outstanding pictures of my books have been popping up recently. Here are some of my faves. You guys are all so clever!

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14TH JUL 2017


Tumblr tag archive – The Next Together (part 3)

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I just did some sneaky googling of my book, and found a TON of blog mentions that I’d never seen before! I was so ridiulously gleeful about it that I had to make a post. LOOK AT ALL THE LOVELY PEOPLE EXCITED FOR MY BOOK!

Afterwritten | Sarah Sky @ YA Birmingham | Kendra Leighton | Daisy Chain book reviews | The Book Nooks | Luna’s Little Library |  Fic Wishes | Overflowing library | Neon Yeti Reads

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21ST FEB 2015

lylamariemazie: This will be me as a wife

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19TH FEB 2015


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14TH FEB 2015



Researching history for fiction

I recently posted about the historical events and locations in The Next Together, so I thought I’d explain how I did my historical research. If you asked my editor and copyeditor, they’d likely admit that I’m not the best at historical accuracy. I’m not a historian.

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10TH FEB 2015

one or both members of otp: dead
me: they’ll work around that

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Anonymous asked: Is there anything in the final version of The Next Together that survived all the way from that first draft of The Red Earth Rolls, or has it all been changed? (Also, can you explain the change/meaning of the titles?) Thanks!

Yes! There’s lots of scenes which made it from my very first draft, usually the more romantic, banter-y scenes, because they weren’t affected by the plot changes. I think all three of my favourite scenes were actually from the first draft.

There’s one particular scene from the 1745 storyline, where Katherine and Matthew have a very flirty hand-holding carriage ride, which I fought really hard to keep. It was one of the earliest scenes I wrote, and it was the first one that really felt like I’d found My Voice, and might actually be able to do the whole writing thing.

The scene nearly had to be cut because it didn’t really fit the plot anymore, but I did a lot of frantic adjusting to make sure it could be kept.

Here’s one scene that I’m really sad to have lost, but it just didn’t work!

The original title came from a Rudyard Kipling poem, about reincarnation:

They will come back – come back again,
as long as the red Earth rolls.
He never wasted a leaf or a tree.
Do you think He would squander souls?
Everyone thought that was a bit too literary for YA, and might put off younger teenagers, so my publisher asked me to change it.

We spent a long time looking for a new title (with tumblr’s help) but eventually we settled on The Next Together, because it gets across the idea of reincarnation, as well as them coming back for a particular reason:

How many times can you lose the person you love? Maybe the next together will be different.
I was really sad to lose The Red earth Rolls at first, but now I absolutely love The Next Together, especially after seeing it on a cover!

(Speaking of which, I saw my final(ish) cover this week, and I absolutely adore, adore, adore it. I’m hoping we’ll be able to share it in the next few weeks!!!!!!)

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2ND FEB 2015



cracked:  But come on, it’s not like they can just turn male scientists characters into female scientist characters whenever they want.

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2ND FEB 2015

Anonymous asked: was the next together the first novel you’ve finished/written?

It was, but it took a lot of drafts to arrive at the final version! I originally started writing it when I was 16, and began to write it “properly” when I was 18. Reincarnation was always an idea I had knocking around in my head from a young age.

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2ND FEB 2015

The locations in The Next Together

Last time I posted, I had just found out that my American publishers, Egmont US, have closed down. I tried to sound positive but it had got me down quite a bit. However, I’ve got lots of wonderful people looking after me, and being very positive, so I’m a lot less upset about the whole thing now. I really hope that there’s still chance for The Next Together to be published in the USA, but either…

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27TH JAN 2015


Anonymous asked: How long did it take you to write The Next Together and how long after that did you get your agent?

I wrote The Next Together, then called The Red Earth Rolls, in my first two summer holidays at uni, so around 4 months total. I spent 2 years thinking about it inbetween writing, though!

I finished it in July 2013, and sent the first 3 chapters to 6 agents in November 2013. I had 2 form rejections and then Claire Wilson at RCW asked to read the full manuscript. She offered me representation in January 2014. (I never heard back from the other agents.)
We revised the manuscript throughout 2014 (because I was busy at uni and couldn’t do anything until the summer) and sent it out to 12 UK publishers in November 2014. Walker offered me a book deal 2 weeks later!

4 months to write
2 months to get an agent
11 months to get a publisher
And it’ll be published 2 years after I finished the first draft.

Hope that answers your question! If you want to know more about the querying process, let me know, I’ve got a ton of links I can share with you.

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26TH JAN 2015


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25TH JAN 2015


The most important post I’ve ever written.
My second novel has an LGBT protagonist.

I have something that I guess is an announcement, but I don’t really think of it like that. It’s just something I’ve not mentioned online before. Ever.

My second book, the sequel to The Next Together, which doesn’t have a firm title yet, has an LGBT protagonist. The main character is a lesbian.

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17TH JAN 2015

My page proofs are the prettiest thing in the entire world. This is my BOOK, it’s REAL.

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21ST MAR 2015


Bringing this back because I just remembered it exists: this Lynx/Axe soulmates advert is the perfect trailer for my book The Next Together. Just….just watch it. You’ll see.

so many feelings

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18TH MAR 2015

A little ten question interview I took part in for my local Waterstones posted yesterday!

Monday, 16 March 2015

Regency sci-fi romance.

I had to do a lot of historical research as the book contains two plotlines in the past, one in 1745 during the Jacobite Uprising and one in 1854 during the Crimean War. Writing it was a very messy process involving a lot of Wikipedia and trawling through history books.

I love Catherine Doyle, Alice Oseman, and Louise O’Neill. Brilliant young authors who are also very cool!

I don’t know if I can choose between my main characters Kate and Matt . . . this is too hard! They are the best as a pair.

I write at night. I’ve tried writing during the day, but I’m totally unproductive until the sun has gone down!

Mental illness seems to be the new trend, like the recent books All the Bright Places and I’ll Give You The Sun.

I’d prefer a TV series just because I’m greedy and would want it to be as long as possible! I spend a lot of time thinking about my dream cast, it’s probably unhealthy. I see Kate Finchley as a young Gillian Anderson, Matt Galloway is Ben Whishaw and Tom Galloway is Dylan O’Brien.

Young Adult fiction has the huge responsibility of being read by teenagers. The right book can shape a young person’s ideas about important issues like feminism, homophobia, sexual assault and mental illness for the rest of their lives. If you read the right book at exactly the right age it can stay with you forever, and YA does that really well.

Right now I’m working on the sequel to The Next Together, which has an LGBT protagonist! I wrote a blog post about it here. I can’t say much more than that without spoiling something though, sorry!

Love transcends time and space and social constraints, even when the world is working against it.

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17TH MAR 2015

Get ready!
My cover is being revealed in SEVENTEEN DAYS on Friday the 13th along with the first chapter of The Next Together!!

Are you ready?! I’m not.

Here’s a sneak peek.

Dun dun duuuuuuuuuuun

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24TH FEB 2015 4 NOTES


Anonymous asked: Are you happy with the cover for TNT?

I am! I absolutely love it. Every time I look at it I can’t believe that it’s really my book. It looks so mature and sophisticated and special.

The designer (the fantastic jackdraws) went through a series of different ideas, and I loved each one more than the last. It was kind of heartbreaking that we couldn’t use them all.

Sixteen days until you can all see it!!

Here’s another sneak peak:

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25TH FEB 2015



It’s going to be on Friday the 13th!!!! TEN DAYS!!!!

I’m not going to give you any more sneak peaks, but here’s a fanmade one by chronicintrovert to keep you going:

The real one is just as good, if you can believe that.

Also today is six months exactly until the book comes out!!!!!! LET’S PARTY LIKE WE’RE TERRIFIED!!!!!

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3RD MAR 2015

negative-pessimist asked: Hi Lauren! This is a very random question but do you have a playlist for TNT/a playlist of songs that helped inspire TNT?

Rae! I definitely do, and you can listen to it on 8tracks:

shine/anna nalick
love story/taylor swift
tired of waiting for you/the kinks

dear river/kina grannis

rattlin’ bones/kasey chambers

back to where i was/eric hutchinson
radioactive/imagine dragons
young volcanoes/fall out boy
when the war came/the decemberists
to the dog or whoever/josh ritter
la meme historie/feist
centuries/fall out boy
man o’ war/eric bachmann
maybe/ingrid michaelson
brand new day/joshua radin
first day of my life/bright eyes

“But if you close your eyes, does it almost feel like nothing changed at all? If you close your eyes, does it almost feel like you’ve been here before?”

If you’re super ahead of the game you can even listen to the sequel playlist here. This one is a lot longer and very fluffy. It’s that kind of book. There’s a lot of Taylor Swift.

girls like you/the naked and the famous
classy girls/the lumineers
happy together/the turtles
once was love/ingrid michaelson
why am i the one/fun.
exile vilify/the national
girls chase boys/ingrid michaelson
laughter lines/bastille
a better son daughter/rilo kiley
campus/vampire weekend
you’ve got time/regina spektor
become the colour/emily wells
she’s a rebel/green day
brave/sara bareilles
get home/bastille
wonderland/taylor swift
she’s electric/oasis
how you get the girl/taylor swift
high hopes/the vamps
riptide/taylor swift
if she wants me/belle and sebastian
i’m a believer/the monkees
take me to church/hozier
party in the usa/miley cyrus
pencil full of lead/paolo nutini
big parade/the lumineers
feeling good/muse
love you much better/the hush sound
she’s got you high/mumm-ra
year 3000/busted
“She’s electric, she’s in a family full of eccentrics, she done things I never expected. And I need more time.”

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26TH FEB 2015


Anonymous asked: Was it harder to write or edit The Next Together?

Firstly, thank you for all the lovely questions I’ve had recently! The Next Together isn’t even out for *checks* 192 days, so it means a lot that people are interested in my experiences before you’ve even read the book! ❤

I found editing really fun, actually – except for copyediting, when the final checks of everything are done. That just made me feel bad for all my grammar and factual errors!

I really like editing because it really feels like you’re improving your work and stretching the plot as much as you can. I love the feeling when my editor/agent points out something that could be done differently, that will dramatically make it better. It’s a great oh, duh moment, and improving on their initial suggestion (which might be something like ‘maybe add more tension to this scene’) is really, really fun.

That said, I love writing too! There’s nothing better than writing something completely original and making yourself laugh/cry/scream/sigh happily at something.

I think writing is harder though. It’s a lot more stressful than editing, because I’m a big worrier, so I spend a lot of time panicking that I’m writing something rubbish (whereas with edits I know exactly what my editor doesn’t like, so I’m a lot happier with it and not second-guessing myself). It’s a huge gamble for anyone, to spend such a significant amount of time working on a project that you have no guarantee anyone will like, and that doesn’t change just because you’ve successfully published one book! I think that makes writing new things a lot harder than editing, for me.

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22ND FEB 2015


negative-pessimist: Bookblr, you are in for something awesome, gorgeous and perfect at 4pm GMT tomorrow. Keep your eyes peeled, and be ready to add yet another book to your TBR. #remember remember the 3rd of september #the release date at long last
#of lauren james’ the next together

laurenjames: Only 174 days to go!!!!

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12TH MAR 2015


My cover and first chapter reveal is happening tomorrow at 4pm!!! It’s going to be on some tumblr book blogs and review sites so KEEP YOUR EYES PEELED.
I’m so excited!!!!!!!!!!!

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12TH MAR 2015 24 NOTES

Cover reveal for The Next Together + First Chapter!

the-next-together_intro-imageYesterday, the cover of my debut novel was revealed, along with the first chapter! Thank you to Lucy at Queen of Contemporary, Daisy Chain Book Reviews, Jim at YAYeahYeah, Hannah at Luna’s Little LibrarySarah Likes BooksBecki at A Word ShakerTilly-and-her-booksManda at Bookmad, and Ink-slingers for their help with the reveal!

As you can see, it was posted practically everywhere,but just in case you haven’t seen it yet…here it is!

tumblr_inline_nl7y2q6mMA1qzl77qIf you want to read the first chapter, click on the link to see it in full!

View On WordPress

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14TH MAR 2015

I think the reason I love my cover so much is that it’s not super girly and pink and glittery. It’s a romance, so I could easily have ended up with a cover like that…but instead I get this!

It’s very non-gendered and sophisticated and classy and I LOVE IT. Last week I blogged about coverflip, about how female writers tend to get more fluffy and less serious covers compared to similar books written by men. I think it’s a great sign that my cover escaped that. It could be used for a book by a male writer too, like David Mitchell’s Cloud Atlas! It’s so AMAZING.

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13TH MAR 2015

I was tagged in a few memes, so I thought I’d do them in one post!

I was tagged by negative-pessimist​ in the Female Authors meme.

1. Favourite female author? (Or authors, I know it can be hard to choose only one!)

Sarah Waters for sure.

2. Favourite book by a female writer?

Fingersmith by the above!

3. Favourite quote by a female writer?

Mainly because it’s relevant to The Next Together:

“Everyoneremembers things which never happened. And it is common knowledge that people often forget things which did. Either we are all fantasists and liars or the past has nothing definite in it. I heard people say we are shaped by our childhood. But which one?”

From Jeanette Winterson’s Sexing the Cherry

4. Favourite fictional heroine?

Lirael from Lirael by Garth Nix

5. Favourite female poet?

Margaret Atwood

6. Favourite female author of your childhood?

Probably Jacqueline Wilson or J K Rowling.

7. Favourite living female writer?
A. M. Homes is excellent.

8. Do you have a not very known favourite female author? Share her with us!

I’m gonna say e. lockhart, because however famous she is, it’s not famous enough.

9. Bonus: Which female author would you have loved to meet? What one question would you have asked her?

I’m going to meet Emily St. John Mandel this week to get my copy of Station Eleven signed (which has just been longlisted for the Bailey’s Women’s prize for fiction!!).

I tag anyone with an s in their username to answer this!

I was also tagged by catherine-doyle​, chronicintrovert​ AND blackbirdonthewire​ to do the Terrible Titles tag, so I thought it was probably about time I got around to that….

The rules of this game are as follows: “Scroll through your manuscript and stop at a random place in the text. Whatever you land on becomes one of ten terrible titles.”

HERE GOES. The Next Together, if it were terrible:

Who Were These People?
That’s What She Said
Wedding Planning: A Threat, A Nightmare, A Powerpoint
With Awkward and Sometimes Even Aggressive Determination
An Air of Quiet Embarrassment
You are ridiculous and I love you.
Her Plans Were Vague
Exactly the Same
A Little Plotting Involved
In A Shocking Turn of Events
Hmm. #8 is actually kind of good, but #7 is the most accurate, I think.

I tag my editor and fellow author A J Grainger/book-sleeves-and-tea-leaves​, because I want to see what else Captive could have been called!

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10TH MAR 2015


The Next Together by Lauren James | →


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3RD MAR 2015



littlebundleofbooks: Seriously I get so many feelings about it when I’m listening to Lorde (and also just all the time tbh). Look, I’m just here to fangirl and think about Kate and Matt (and Matt’s hair), y’know?

Matt’s hair is supreme. Here is my ultimate Matt’s Hair fancast:

=tumblr_n6vmj33CSt1s49g11o1_500 (1)


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22ND APR 2015

Today I got to hold my book for the first time as a real physical thing. I’m feeling very emotional and a little tearful about it right now, so please indulge me for this post. Here’s the story of The Next Together, and why this is such a huge huge deal to me.

Two weeks after I turned eighteen I started university. I was very shy and awkward and didn’t really make many friends at first. Especially not in my hall/dorm, where I didn’t know anyone at all. I would sit in my room and feel so homesick I couldn’t bear it.

So to make myself less lonely, I started writing a story. I didn’t really have any ideas, so I started by making a list of all the things I like best in books, and brainstorming from there.

reincarnation 24

I described it on my livejournal, back in the early days pre-tumblr, as a ‘reincarnation type thing’.reincarnation 1

I quickly realised that I wouldn’t have enough time to work on it, so I put it to one side for a while, until the summer.

reincarnation 15

It took me a while – so long that I’d moved from livejournal to tumblr to scratch my social networking itch by then –

reincarnation 11

– but eventually I finished it.

reincarnation 2

Reading back through these entries now, it’s unbelievable how much determination it took to get to this point, where it’s a real actual book I can hold in my hands. On and off, I have been editing this story from July 2012 to March 2015. That’s three freaking years. THREE YEARS. I’ve been thinking about it for even longer – the earliest post I can find about it is from 2009. Six years ago. I was sixteen.

reincarnation 4

The internet has been a huge part of my writing process, from fancasting to research to just complaining about writing. I even ran a poll to ask the internet what I should call my characters!

reincarnation 3

Tumblr, you’ve seen this book develop from the very beginning:

reincarnation 7

You were the first people to ever read it:

reincarnation 8

You were there when I sent it to agents:

reincarnation 18

And then you put up with my panic again when it was submitted to publishers:

reincarnation 6

And celebrated with me when I got a book deal:

reincarnation 19

You helped me objectify actors in the noble pursuit of fancasting:

reincarnation 10

(Many, many times.)

reincarnation 13

(No, really.)

reincarnation 16

You mourned with me when I had to choose a new title to replace the original name, The Red Earth Rolls:

reincarnation 5

And you went mental with excitement when the cover was revealed.

reincarnation 9

The Next Together cover reveal

reincarnation 21

I can’t even count the number of friends I’ve made because of a stupid idea I had for a book.

reincarnation 12

Some of whom have even drawn me FANART!!

reincarnation 20

And now, it’s time.

I’m now twenty two. I’ve been writing this book since I was eighteen. It’s more of a part of who I am, and my personality and my experiences growing up than almost anything else. When I started it, I was a shy teenager who couldn’t bear to be away from home, who wrote to escape the real world. Now I’m a grown up (kind of) (I mean, not really) (I still spend a lot of time on tumblr) and writing is my job: my actual, real life job. This book has changed and evolved and matured at the same rate as me.

And as of today, it’s no longer a figment of my imagination. It’s real. An actual, paper book that I can hold and stroke.



Please excuse me while I stare at it forever. And thank you, tumblr. Thank you, livejournal. Thank you, internet. You made this happen. Let’s celebrate.

The Next Together will be published on 3rd September. You can read the first chapter here.

How many times can you lose the person you love?

A powerful and epic debut novel for teenagers about reincarnation and the timelessness of first love from a talented young writer.

Teenagers Katherine and Matthew are destined to be born again and again. Each time their presence changes history for the better, and each time, they fall hopelessly in love, only to be tragically separated.

But why do they keep coming back? What else must they achieve before they can be left to live and love in peace? Maybe the next together will be different.

Goodreads | Amazon UK | Waterstones | The Book Depository


tumblr look what you did:


I’m gonna die. This is the end. I’m done in.



Is this not MADNESS? Tumblr did this. This is all tumblr.

Wow. WOW. Thank you so much guys. I’m blown away by your support! ❤

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21ST APR 2015  1,892 NOTES

jenndoesnotcare asked: Aw, that is a great story! I can’t wait to read your book. And (writer to writer) I SUPER understand multiple fancasts! Anyway you seem super adorable and reading your story cheered me up immensely 🙂

Aw, Thank you!!

And yes, I’m not just satisfied by one actor for fancastings. I will collect as many actors as possible and combine them to create the one optimum fancast of my characters, in a kind of ‘his arm’, ‘his nose’ pick-and-mix. It will be my finest creation.

Your message cheered me up immensely too! Thank you!

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21ST APR 2015

nataliebina: YAY LAUREN THIS IS SO AMAZING I AM SO HAPPY YOU HAVE GOTTEN HERE WITH THIS BOOK! I love nothing more than stories of great writers who started with great programs like NaNoWriMo and have taken their stories far. You are an inspiration, and I can’t wait to read The Next Together!

thebookbangtheory: Omg I saw this recommended to me on Amazon and thought “huh, thus sounds like an interesting concept, maybe I’ll get this with my next paycheck”. Never would’ve guessed it would’ve come from someone on Tumblr! That’s amazing!! Congrats, Lauren!!

THANK YOU! I’m tumblr for life ❤

paellego reblogged your photoset and added: oh god i actually have this on my tbr list omgg congratulations! I am so happy about this ❤

keris replied to your photoset: Huge congratulations! x
kirstysmash replied to your photoset: The first chapter was intriguing! Can’t wait until September 3rd!
littlebundleofbooks reblogged your photoset and added: lauren-e-james I’m literally so happy for you that I’ve started welling up at work help

GUYS YOU ARE ALL INCREDIBLE, THANK YOU. I’m so happy right now I don’t know what to do with myself.

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20TH APR 2015

jardindesfees asked: Hi Lauren, I’m Cat and we have never met, bet let me just say this: I AM EXTREMELY PROUD OF YOU!!! You wrote a book! And it’s out!! I can’t wait to read it! Good luck with your future projects and have a nice day! xoxo Cat

Thank you so much Cat!! I WROTE A REAL BOOK!

It means a lot to me that so many people are supportive of me. ❤

I hope you have a nice day too! I’m just gonna be here cradling my book.#blog #the next together #nice people #jardindesfees #me
20TH APR 2015

rvvve: adds “we just caught our alternate universe selves making out and now everything is super awkward” to list of shipping tropes that need to be implemented everywhere

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20TH APR 2015

(via malech)

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I did a debut author interview at the blog of Marci Lyn Curtis! →

Today I’m interviewing Lauren James, incredibly sweet fellow Fearless Fifteener and author of THE NEXT TOGETHER, a remarkable reincarnation romance that I was fortunate enough to read recently. Add THE NEXT TOGETHER (Walker Books in the UK, 3rd September 2015) to Goodreads or preorder on Amazon.

THE NEXT TOGETHER has such a brilliant, twisty plotline! How did you manage to keep everything straight? Did you outline?

Thank you, Marci! It was hard to keep everything in my head, and after a few confused conversations with my agent, where neither of us knew what was happening, I taped about five huge pieces of paper together, laid them on the floor, and wrote out the plot in each timeline. There was lots of post-it notes and highlighting and multi-coloured notes used to keep everything in order!

I think if I’d realised how complicated to would be to write a three timeline, historical, time travel novel, I might have saved the idea until I’d already written one or two other novels. As it was, I chucked myself straight into the deep end as an author.

A good portion of this story occurs in the past. How much research did you have to do in order to stay historically correct?

There are three storylines in The Next Together, each about a different life of my main characters, who are reincarnated throughout history. One is set in the future, one in 1854 during the Crimean war, and one in 1745 during the Jacobite Uprising. So I did a lot of research to make sure I didn’t embarrass myself!

I visited one of the locations, Carlisle Castle, to make sure my descriptions of the layout were accurate. I also read a lot of primary sources, usually diaries and letters from people around at the time, as well as history books about the time period.

I wanted to make sure that my writing was a little realistic, but I didn’t go hugely overboard with the research – I think the story is more important, and I didn’t want to make the dialogue too heavy and historical, especially for a book aimed at younger teenagers. It’s a historical novel, but it’s hopefully exciting and modern and funny regardless of that.

Hopefully I found the right balance between accuracy and plot!

Can you tell us a little bit about your hero and heroine?

Kate and Matt are reincarnated multiple times throughout history, and they always find each other and fall in love. Kate is sassy and rude and rushes into things without thinking, and Matt is more contemplative and careful and a little shy. He thinks Kate is incredibly cool. Kate thinks Matt is exactly her Type.

They’re both a little silly and ridiculous, but they love each other a lot, and have a great time finding out just how much in every storyline.

What is your writing process like?

I write at night, usually from around 7pm – 2am. I listen to playlists I make for each book, and I chew gum and write and write and write. I usually know how a story is going to start and what’s going to happen in the first half, but I don’t know the rest until I get there.

I write dialogue first, starting with funny or romantic lines that I’ve noted down beforehand, and I build scenes around them. I write from beginning to end, and I don’t let myself jump ahead to other scenes however much I want to. I just force myself through the awful bits. It takes me about 2 months to write a first draft, and then I leave it for at least a month before I go back to it and work on edits.

Who are some of your favorite authors?

I love Rainbow Rowell, Garth Nix, Neil Gaiman, but some of my favourite recently published authors are Robin Talley, Alexia Casale, Noelle Stevenson and Lisa Williamson. I have so many favourites it was hard to pick just a few! If you want some more recommendations, my favourite books of 2014 are here.
Lauren James is a scientist by day, writer by early hours of the morning. She graduated in 2014 with a Masters degree in Natural Sciences from the University of Nottingham, where she studied Chemistry and Physics. She now lives in the village of Berkswell, West Midlands. You can find her on Twitter at @Lauren_E_James, which she mainly uses to fancast actors as her characters and panics about all of the overly ambitious plans she has for her PhD, or her website at

You can find Lauren on Twitter, Tumblr, or WordPress.


Marci’s book THE ONE THING is also excellent and publishes in September by Disney, so be sure to check that out!

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8TH APR 2015




#the next together #blog #FREAKING OUTTTTTTT #yes i have been refreshing goodreads all day waiting for this to hit 1000 why do you ask
4TH APR 2015

tilly-and-her-books: STOP WHAT YOU’RE DOING. Have you heard about this book? Well listen up. This is The Next Together by Lauren James. This is the cover reveal and I’m so excited to be sharing it with you because look at how gorgeous it is.

About The Next Together
Howmany times can you lose the one you love?

ForMatthew and Katherine it is again and again, over and over, century aftercentury. Katherine and Matthew are destined to be born again and again. Each time their presence changes history for the better, and each time, they fall hopelessly in love, only to be tragically separated. But why do they keep coming back? How many times must they die to save the world? What else must they achieve before they can be left to live and love in peace? Maybe the next together will be different…

ALRIGHT, ALRIGHT. I bet that’s got you hooked? IT HAD ME JUST AT FIRST LINE. Another thing that got me hooked was the goodreads ratings. This book has a few reviews from people who were lucky enough to receive early copies and it’s all five stars.Take a look for yourself! (add it to your shelf whilst you’re there!)

I also have an excerpt to share. It’s a very special extract from the book!
Part 7 of the exclusive extract from The Next Together by Lauren

>File note: Clipping from The Times classified advertisements

In the dressmakers’, Elizabeth settled on a light green silk with pink braiding. Katherine made sure to express her gratitude to her aunt, but she felt awkward in the close-fitting, expensive clothing. She hadn’t worn anything this fine even when her grandmother was alive.Katherine had a small circle of acquaintances, having spent the last few years looking after her grandmother. She didn’t regret it, but now she had to face the rest of the world she realized how introverted she had become.She was nearly eighteen and it was time to grow up. She shifted in the new clothing, suddenly feeling ready to start her new life. To read the next exclusive extract from The Next Together, go to

About the author Lauren James

Lauren James is a scientist by day, writer by early hours of the morning. She graduated in 2014 with a Masters degree in Natural Sciences from the University of Nottingham, where she studied Chemistry and Physics. She now lives in the village of Berkswell, West Midlands. You can find her on Twitter at @Lauren_E_James, which she mainly uses to fancast actors as her characters and panics about all of the overly ambitious plans she has for her PhD, or her website at

Hell, If you don’t like the book…you’ve got to like the author. Jump onto her Tumblr too because I really love her blog. You totally will too. At least check it out anyway 😀

The Next Together publishes in September 2015 (Walker Books) and can be pre-ordered now. (Book Depository/Amazon)

livinglovinglangston: I AM SO EXCITED AND I JUST CANT HIDE IT.

brainy13sweetheart: OH MY GOD. OH MY GOD. OH. MY. GOD.


laurenjames: When did this post get nearly 400 notes?!? You guys are all amazing, I am so grateful to everyone in the tumblr/booklr community for sharing my excitement about this cover. ♡

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3RD APR 2015 389 NOTES

Heads up!
If you’re thinking of preordering The Next Together, some info:

I’m thinking of doing a reward thing for preorders a little closer to publication where I send people who’ve preordered a signed & personalised bookplate of some kind. If that would be of interest to you then could you please like this post to give me an idea of numbers? It will be open internationally. 🙂

Btw, the list price for The Next Together is going up to £7.99 (it already has on amazon) but it’s not changed price yet on other sites. So if you’re thinking of pre-ordering at any point this might be a good time! (I would love it if you would- the more preorders we get the more exciting things my publisher might do for publicity- think posters/bookmarks/postcards!!)

It’s currently at a low price in the following places:

The Book Depository (free international shipping) | Waterstones | Wordery (cheapest + free UK shipping!) | Foyles | Blackwell’s

Okay, that’s all, folks! Thank you my lovelies ❤

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27TH MAR 2015

Do you think the universe fights for souls to be together?
Some things are too strange and strong to be coincidences.
— (via bl-ossomed)

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26TH MAY 2015


dapperalbinobudgie: “This has always been and shall continue to be my favorite post

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26TH MAY 2015


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24TH MAY 2015


Upping my signing game with a gold sharpie oh yeahhhhh

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20TH MAY 2015


Listening to the new Mumford & Sons album while I do my last ever ever checks to #TheNextTogether. Every post it marks a change…..oops…………….

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19TH MAY 2015

Anonymous asked: I can’t wait any longer to buy your book. Like I’m too excited. I plan on buying it as soon as it’s out so yay me and yay you! Haha 🙂

I can’t tell you how much I love getting messages like this! Thank you so much for being as excited about my book as I am.

I have some cool giveaways and stuff planned between now and September that will hopefully tide you over…but for now, here’s the first sentence of Chapter 2 (following on from Chapter 1 here):

Kate sat at the desk in her dorm room and stared at the concrete wall. She felt like something hugely important had just happened, but she wasn’t sure what.


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15TH MAY 2015


Today I went to inkslingerbooks to sign all my proofs ready to go out to bloggers, whaaaaaaat!

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14TH MAY 2015

refrescorojo: Waiting on Wednesday: The Next Together

“Waiting On” Wednesday is a weekly event, hosted by breaking the spine, that spotlights upcoming releases that we’re eagerly anticipating.

WoW of the week is: The Next Together by Lauren James

Publication day: September 3rd 2015

From Goodreads:

How many times can you lose the person you love?

A powerful and epic debut novel for teenagers about reincarnation and the timelessness of first love from a talented young writer.

Teenagers Katherine and Matthew are destined to be born again and again. Each time their presence changes history for the better, and each time, they fall hopelessly in love, only to be tragically separated.

But why do they keep coming back? What else must they achieve before they can be left to live and love in peace?

Maybe the next together will be different..

Thank you! ❤

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13TH MAY 2015


At a conference my publishers held last week, The Next Together went out in the goody bags!
Look at it! [vibrates with delight]
Credit to Wei Ming Kam for the pic!

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13TH MAY 2015

askkairi: some reincarnation AUs

I fell in love with you three lifetimes ago and I’ve been looking for you ever since but I’ve been starting to give up and my friend’s new crush has your eyes and oh god I’m not going to steal someone’s date just because I’m hoping you’re the person I met in a past life (jk yes I am)
I’ve met you in every single lifetime and I always hope it will work out but it doesn’t but I’ll still keep finding you again because those few days/months/years together with you are always so worth it
I meet and fall in love with you in every lifetime at the same age but your age is always different so it never works out and for the first time I’m meeting you when we’re the same age and I’m horrified that I might fuck this up
I skipped like four cycles of reincarnation and I know you’re pissed at me for leaving you all those lifetimes but it wasn’t my fault please please will you take me back
We only remember each other in alternating lifetimes so every lifetime we have to find one another and convince each other that we’re soul mates but half the time I won’t believe you and half the time you’re already dating someone else
I don’t know how to tell you this but the reason you didn’t see me in our last reincarnation cycle is because for some fucked up reason I was reincarnated as your dog
We keep reincarnating as people who speak different languages and it’s kind of pissing me off because I can never initially confirm if it’s you but at least I keep learning a bunch of cool new languages each lifetime

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I don’t know if this is exciting to anyone but me (I find the smallest most boring details interesting) but The Next Together is now available for preorder on kindle, ibooks and kobo! Yay!

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8TH MAY 2015


So ridiculously (amazingly, absurdly) you can now buy a The Next Together mug from a shop set up by an author to promote UKYA books. Isn’t that so cute!! Look at it!!

You can get loads of other UKYA stuff too, including mugs with quotes by other UK authors. Beware, if you visit the shop, you may spend all your money. Enjoy!

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1ST MAY 2015

damedonger: cool gender neutral things to call your significant other

a winner (because they’re dating you)

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28TH APR 2015

Reviews for The Next Together have started coming in from people I don’t know and it’s the most exciting/nerve-wracking thing in the entire WORLD. [
[dances] [barricades self in bedroom]

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27TH APR 2015

#Katherine by the pond in chapter 2


I made myself into a classy anemone mermaid lady, because how can I not jump on a mermaid trend set by maggie-stiefvater??

And of course, I couldn’t NOT make my leading lady Kate into a mermaid, could I? She’s flagging…

She’s flagging down Matt the octopus merman, who in this reincarnation is working as a seahorse taxi driver. Kate makes very lewd remarks about all of his tentacles when he drives her anywhere.

He doesn’t mind a bit.

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9TH JUL 2015


At an event at my publishers last month, my cover designer Jack shared some of the different versions of the cover for The Next Together. Aren’t they so cool?

Pictures taken from the lovely UK Shadowhunters, Walker Books, and Andrew Hall.

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7TH JUL 2015


chronicintrovert asked: LAUREN AND ALICE FAQ UPDATE. What alignments would all your characters be? (chaotic neutral, lawful evil etc) Which is your favourite to write? Which would you love to write in future? Which is the most boring? (sorry i copied your questions, they were really interesting lol)

I TOTALLY DON’T MIND AT ALL. I will shamelessly always answer my own questions.

What alignments would all your characters be?

Kate – Chaotic Good
Matt – Lawful Good
Tom – Neutral Evil
Lord Somerset – Lawful Neutral
Elizabeth – Neutral Good
and secret upcoming characters:

Clove – True Neutral
Ella – Chaotic Neutral
Spart – Chaotic Good
Romy – Neutral Good
J – Chaotic Evil
Which is your favourite to write?

Definitely any of the chaotic characters. They are so hilariously wild and unpredictable.

Which would you love to write in future?

Lawful Evil. I think the boundary between good and bad, in that grey area between a hero and a villain, is the most interesting.

Which is the most boring?

Mate, Lawful Neutral is so dull. Like, what is even the POINT of you?

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6TH JUL 2015

Writing a query letter
Before we begin, an announcement. If you preordered my book, firstly: THANK YOU. Secondly, you can get a free signed bookmark! All the details are here. Again, THANK YOU.

I get a lot of tumblr asks with questions about how to write a good query letter, so I thought I’d make a blog post with some advice. There are lots of other similar posts out there with probably better advice; I highly recommend googling round.

Don’t just send your query letter out to all the agents you can find. Sometimes you’ll get given feedback with rejections, and you can make changes to the manuscript based on that. Then you can send the new version to other agents. You can’t do this if you’ve already sent it out everywhere. Send it out in groups of 6 or 7.
Don’t bother printing out your manuscript- there’s plenty of agents that accept electronic submissions and it’ll save loads of money.
Don’t be upset if you don’t get replies immediately. Agents are very busy, and it can take weeks before they even look at submissions. It has no bearing on the manuscript. Honestly, do not take this personally.
Try to find agents who represent books in similar genres to yours, or ones who say they like specific things on their websites. I applied to my agent because she said that she liked humorous stories, so I knew there was a chance she might like mine. It worked!
Don’t give in after a few rejections- it doesn’t mean your MS is bad. It can just mean their list is full, or they already have something similar, or they just don’t fully fall in love with the story. It’s a huge commitment taking on a new client, and they have to absolutely love it to do that. Everyone has different tastes, so keep trying.
How can you get your manuscript read by an agent? I can only tell you what my agent told me about why she read my work. I include little funny messages at the start of each chapter, which I formatted to look like this:

Basically I tried to make it look as much like a book as possible, to trick agents into thinking it was publishing worthy.

When my agent was skimming through a huge inbox full of manuscripts, this apparently caught her eye as something original, that she’d not seen before. It wasn’t enough to persuade her to represent me, but it gave her a push to read the whole thing. So I would say that you need to find something that makes your writing unique, even if it’s only a small element of the story.

Make sure it’s in the first few chapters, along with all of your very best writing, because when you’re querying that’s what agents will read. Read your favourite books, and try to narrow down a few reasons why you like that book so much.

For example, my favourite YA book is probably Sabriel by Garth Nix. I love it because:

unique portrayal of the afterlife
talking cat
shy adorable boy and powerful confident girl
secret royalty
magical paper flying machines
zombie monsters
That obviously isn’t a full list of the great things about the book, but those are the things that I think about when I get the urge to reread it. Try and make a list of the things that you like about your own writing in the same way. If you love a certain element, make sure there’s more of it! Give it the space it deserves. If someone reading it likes talking cats as much as you, then your work is going to stand out to them.

(This is also a good way to brainstorm if you haven’t started writing yet. If you make a list of your favourite things from your favourite books, then those are things you should try to include in your own writing. For example, try and combine a dystopian storyline with something from your list of favourites that’s never been written about in that genre before – like with STATION ELEVEN, where a post-apocalyptic world is combined with a Shakespearian travelling theatre group. If you love theatre, and you love dystopia, that mix is irresistible. In the same way, if you love secret royalty like me, then maybe writing about what happens to the Royal family after an apocalypse would be fun.)

When you’re writing a query letter, make sure you mention all of these irresistible elements. Read some blurbs from your favourite books, and try and copy how they write. How did they drop in the details that first made you pick up the book? That’s what you need to do! Remember that an agent is a reader, just like you, and they are going to pick up books they want to read, not the books written by people who can write the fanciest query letter. Don’t get too stressed out about it. Just write the best representation of your book that you can!

You’re not trying to write the perfect query letter that any agent won’t be able to resist. You just need to make sure that the one agent who will love your book reads the manuscript. Once they start reading, the book will speak for itself! You just need to hook them.

There are loads of examples out there, but here’s my query letter as an example. I sent it to 6 agents along with the first 2 chapters of The Next Together (then called The Red Earth Rolls). I had one request to read the full manuscript. She accepted me as a client!

Dear [Agent],
The Red Earth Rolls is a completed 120,000 word young adult novel based on the idea of reincarnation, and encompasses genres such as dystopia, regency, romance, science fiction and thriller. An adventure spanning three hundred years, this story has something to interest every reader.
Katherine and Matthew have done this before. They keep being brought back to life and every time they do things seem to be getting worse.
In 1745 Katherine Hallward is spending a little too much time with her coachman, Matthew, when the Jacobites attack the city of Carlisle, on the border of Scotland and England. Somehow the city has to defend itself against the feared Highlanders, and Katherine is determined to help in any way she can, regardless of the consequences.
In 1853 Katy, an orphan girl, is running from the police in disguise when she accidentally gets stuck on board a steamer bound for the battlefield of the Crimean war. Luckily a journalist is there to take her under his wing; although there is the slight problem in that he thinks she is a boy. Together they try and help the war effort as much as possible, despite the hostility of the soldiers.
In 2090 Kate meets a new researcher in her biology lab and discovers that together they bear a startling resemblance to her mysterious great aunt and uncle. Meanwhile, Kate keeps recalling memories that aren’t hers: the siege of a castle, a kiss that never happened on a battlefield from a history book.In each lifetime they are fighting for what is right, but however hard they try to help, will it ever be enough to stop them being brought back once more?
Revealing the power of love regardless of circumstance, this book looks at the determination of two people in the face of growing turmoil.This book should appeal to students; people who grew up speaking the language of the internet, who enjoy science fiction but also have a soft spot for Jane Austen.
The Red Earth Rolls was written by a teenager, for teenagers: I’m currently in the third year of a Chemistry and Physics degree at the University of Nottingham. I wrote this novel after becoming increasingly frustrated by the glamorised science often found in media. This prompted me to write a more accurate story about scientists, and my love of history and genealogy brought forth another element.
I would greatly appreciate any advice you could offer me about my manuscript. Thank you very much for your time and consideration.
I hope this helped a little. Good luck!

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26TH JUN 2015


The Bookseller called me ‘compulsively readable’ today, so I think I’m gonna get that tattooed on my arm.

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19TH JUN 2015

The lovely bookpigs mentioned my book in her latest video! SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS.

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18TH JUN 2015

Get a free signed bookmark!
I will send anyone who preorders a physical paperback copy of my novel The Next Together a fancy signed bookmark.

This is open internationally. The offer will run until the book is published on September 3rd 2015, or until I run out of bookmarks, whichever comes first. You can check whether bookmarks are still available here.

How to enter:

Keep reading

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18TH JUN 2015 152 NOTES

Anonymous asked: Hey Lauren, I can’t wait to read The Next Together! I’m really interested to know what the publication process has been like since you first sent it off to agents – how long did it take between getting an agent and hearing back from publishers? Did you find editing scary or fun? Have final copies of the book been printed yet? xoxoxo

Hello! I’m so glad you’re excited about TNT!

I wrote a blog post about getting my book deal here. It was about 5 months after I signed with my agent before we submitted to publishers (we spent a lot of time editing the book first), and then two weeks before I had offers from publishers!

I found editing weird at first, but I really enjoy it now! I love getting editorial notes back, and feeling yes, that’s exactly what I need to do to make it better. It’s a really satisfying feeling.

They haven’t! We’re still discussing final changes and designing a few bits and bobs on the pages. I think they’ll be ready in July or August.

Thank you for the great questions!

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15TH JUN 2015


I am giving away a signed ARC copy of my YA novel The Next Together, which will be published in September.

How many times can you lose the person you love?

A powerful and epic debut novel for teenagers about reincarnation and the timelessness of first love from a talented young writer.

Teenagers Katherine and Matthew are destined to be born again and again. Each time their presence changes history for the better, and each time, they fall hopelessly in love, only to be tragically separated.

But why do they keep coming back? What else must they achieve before they can be left to live and love in peace? Maybe the next together will be different.

Goodreads | Amazon UK | Waterstones | The Book Depository

Rules and junk:

Open internationally
Reblog this post to enter
Must be following me (lauren-e-james)
Reblog as many times as you like
No giveaway blogs
Winner will be chosen randomly on June 15th
Good luck!

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29TH MAY 2015 1,853 NOTES

punkscully: i love the victorian era aesthetic.. .shitty ass candles and dirty streets, tweeds, carriages, ghost stories, the widespread existential panic due to newly discovered dinosaur bones and the theory of evolution

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27TH MAY 2015

Tumblr tag archive – The Next Together (part 2)

The Next Together (part 1) | The Next Together (part 2)  | The Next Together (part 3)| The Next Together (part 4) | The Last Beginning | Another Together | Another Beginning | The Loneliest Girl in the Universe | The Quiet at the End of the World | Book 5 (ghost house) | Book 6 (loneliest 2) | Book 7 (earth) | Book 8 (fandom) 

Anonymous asked: I think Then & Again is such an awkward mouthful and the endings both have an ‘n’ and it blurs and idk I don’t want to be mean but if I saw that title at the store I work at I wouldn’t read it it just doesn’t grab attention and doesn’t have anything to it #redearthrollsforever

That is true! I’m finding it so hard to get a title that’s unique, conveys the idea of ‘reincarnation’, and isn’t cheesy while also being generally asthetically pleasing. I’m going to write a two page essay to my editor on why i want to keep The Red Earth Rolls. If I started a petition would everyone sign it?

Also, while it’s nice to get anons, you don’t need to be anonymous! It’s in your benefit not to be, because I am totally more likely to send out proofs to people who are liking my posts, and leaving me lovely messages. (If I’m given a few proofs to send out, which i hope I am! I’d like to do some sort of giveaway to reward people who have put up with my ramblings for literally years of their lives. I will BUY COPIES OF MY OWN BOOK IF I HAVE TO.).

No but seriously guys, I know we’re all super attached to TRER because that’s the title it’s always been, but 99.999999% of the people reading it won’t even know it was ever called that, and won’t think there’s anything wrong with whatever title I eventually choose. I’m okay with changing it, because I can see the benefits of it. It will be much more approachable for teenagers (my audience) and while TRER is great, the fact that I even have to shorten it to ‘TRER’ shows that it isn’t ideal. It’s long and hard to say and doesn’t make any sense even after you’ve read the book, it literally only refers to the epigram. It’ll be missed, but I don’t think for long. When the cover is chosen with a shiny fresh title on, we probably won’t even remember the old one. Promise.

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14TH APR 2014

laurenjames: Who knows WHO KNOWS I still don’t have a title

chronicintrovert [Alice Oseman]: LAUREN YOU DON’T HAVE A TITLE YET sigh. have you narrowed it down at all? there were three options, weren’t there?

laurenjames: URGH TALKING ABOUT THIS STRESSES ME OUT. my current ideas are:
Then & again
The next together
Given time
Life and times
The brief many lives

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14TH APR 2014

Trends in YA
I want to talk a bit about trends in books. My novel is about reincarnation, which when I started writing was a very rarely seen concept in fiction- which is why I wrote it. In recent years, however, it has become a lot more common.

It’s a bit frustrating, that something I wrote thinking was unique and original is instead becoming what might be the latest trend. I imagine a lot of writers felt the same way about their dystopian works in progress when the Hunger Games and Divergent became popular, or vampire novels when Twilight was the Big Thing.

When I first started writing I panicked a lot about whether someone was going to beat me to it, write my book first and better. But I’ve become a lot calmer recently (although research for this post did make me hyperventilate a bit. There are so many).

I’m calmer not only because I have a publisher, and my book is definitely going to be published whether it ends up being passé or done before ten times over. Because I’ve come to realise that trends aren’t always a bad thing. People read what they like, and all these other reincarnation books are building up a potential audience of reincarnation fans for me to steal. Maybe they’ll read mine because the other books they’ve read didn’t quite hit the spot the way they liked (the ending of Cloud Atlas left me desperate to know why and needing more, for example), or maybe they just wanted to relive the same kind of story afresh (pun intended).

Either way, the ‘reincarnation’ buzzword can only be a good thing when trying to find a place for my novel. If reincarnation brings good book memories to mind- which with great novels like Life after Life around, it hopefully will- then people are more likely to pick up a copy of mine and give it a chance.

There will, of course, be some people who are bored with the idea, but the people who enjoyed the ‘trope’ of reincarnation will far outweigh this number (I hope).

And even if an idea has been done before, that doesn’t mean that when the right book comes along, it can’t sweep people off their feet. There were hundreds of books before The One wizard/vampire/dystopia book came along. But which one do people immediately think of? I’m not saying my book is going to be that book, but…I don’t need to worry just yet about it. Probably.

It also makes it quite hard to think of titles….all the good ones are taken!

Life after life
The 57 Lives of Alex Wayfare
Cloud Atlas
The River of No Return
The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August
My name is memory
The Gargoyle
Disclaimer: I haven’t read a lot of these, because I’m not entirely sure I can. Maybe once mine is finished I will give them a go, but for now…I’d rather keep my ideas about reincarnation my own. Although The River of No Return looks incredible, and I would love a cover like that for my own!

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12TH APR 2014

chronicintrovert asked: What is Matt and Kate’s ~song~??????????????????

OKAY. So for their wedding first dance it would start with a really romantic waltz, strings and gazing lovingly into each others eyes, and then after a minute it would transition into THIS

Dexy’s Midnight Runners – Come On Eileen

They’d go MENTAL and start dancing like crazies and it would be the best thing ever.

I thought about this too much.

‘At this moment, you mean everything. With you in that dress, my thoughts I confess turn dirty.’

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12TH APR 2014


This took sooooo long but it was the MOST FUN.

First, the 2039 versions from the recent future (recent as in: these are basically just modern clothes) both Kate and Matt are university students. Their clothing choices definitely reflect this.



Then we get the fun, historical get-ups! In 1854, Matthew is a fancypants journalist and Katy is in disguise as a boy.



In 1745, Matthew is a coachman and Katherine is a noble lady. They look like this:



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10TH APR 2014

IMPORTANT UPDATE TO MY FANCASTING: I’ve changed my mind about this. I’ve decided that Tom Galloway is now going to be played by DYLAN O’BRIEN, because a) otherwise I was going to create a whole new character just to fancast him as someone and I DON’T HAVE TIME FOR THAT, b) I can kind of see a family resemblance between a dorky shy ben whishaw and a cool and sassy older bro dylan obrien in exactly the way Matt and Tom are, with more family traits than damien lewis bless his glorious soul, c) this gives me an excuse to reblog more obrien for my book tag and d) the sequel will then contain HOT DAD OBRIEN, DILF OBRIEN WITH A HINT OF GREY, ROLLED UP SLEEVES AND READING GLASSES, ALERT ALERT.
This was an important moment of self discovery for me and I wouldn’t feel right if I didn’t share this moment with you all. Dylan obrien, please rise as the Tom Galloway of all our hearts, may you rule righteously and DILFily.

(Reference: hot hacker )

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10TH APR 2014

catherine-doyle asked: Hey I have an assignment- oh, um, I mean ‘question’ for you – why don’t you write a haiku about your book?

“Kate, don’t do the thing.”
“I’m doing the thing. Suck it.”
“That’s what she said.”

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8TH APR 2014


catherine-doyle asked: OK, so that last ‘ask’ was immature. Sorry. (not sorry). I’ll ask you what I just asked Alice since her answer was so fascinating. How will you cope with the public events you will be doing when your book comes out? Are you generally shy when meeting people or does the idea of book events excite you?

I don’t know yet. I’m not too bothered by the idea of public talking (I have to do regular presentations about my research so it kind of took the stress out of it) but I imagine I will find all the cheerful meet and greeting quite draining.
Mainly I’m worried about remembering peoples names. I usually need to see it written down for it to stick, so I’m scared I’ll be asked to sign a book to Heather and one second later have no idea what name I’m supposed to be writing. Nightmare.

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29TH MAR 2014

I finally have a title!
My novel is going to be called The Next Together!

Thank you all for giving me feedback about titles, and I hope you don’t hate it TOO much!


#the sequel is probably going to be ‘The First Together’ aaaaaaaah #the next together
2ND MAY 2014

chronicintrovert asked: Write a scene from the POV of one of your other characters!

It’s always been my headcanon that Matthew knows a lot more about reincarnation than he lets on. While Kate is blundering through her memories, thinking she’s going mad, Matt has accepted the whole thing years ago. He probably used to have an imaginary friend called Kate when he was a kid (awwwwww).

So here’s my first chapter, from Matt’s POV. This will seem very mysterious and weird if you haven’t read the book so….sorry.

It had been a long week, full of paperwork and phone calls, but he’d finally managed to transfer over to Biology. It hadn’t taken long as a Chemistry undergraduate- one lecture on organic mechanisms and thirty minutes of an inorganic reflux experiment, and one visit to the nurse with a burn and a cut (on the same hand) to be exact- before he’d realised it wasn’t for him. His mum hadn’t been impressed, but his brother Tom had taken two gap years because he kept starting and restarting degrees before he settled on computing, so she had no reason to complain. At least he wasn’t changing universities to get away from an ex-girlfriend, like her other offspring. He didn’t even have any ex-girlfriends.

And now he was starting Biology- a week behind everyone else, without any of the textbooks, or any friends, or having studied any Biology for months, or- he took a deep, calming breath. He could do this. He had moved to England for a reason, and he wasn’t going to mess it up by freaking out before his first lab.

It was all going to be fine, and nothing terrible was going to happen- nothing as bad as spilling acid down his labcoat and then catching the sleeve on his lab partner’s bunsen burner in his panic. Nothing could be as bad as that…right?

Except being late. By the time he’d found the right lab, everyone else had already started working. A tired looking postgraduate demonstrator was sorting pipette fillers, with a disinterest that spoke of poor pay and a distracted mind. He wandered over and cleared his throat.

“Hi,” he said, when she looked up. “I’ve just changed to Biology. This is my first lab.”

“Right, hey. ” She pulled out a folder from under the stores desk. “Matthew Galloway, right?“


“Here’s your folder. It has instructions for all the experiments for the semester. There’s one a week, and you have to hand in the questions on the pre-lab at the start of each session, as well as your report from the previous week. Does that make sense?”

“Er, sure.”

“Great,” she said, and turned back to her pipettes.

He hovered for a moment, and then cleared his throat once again. “So, where do I work?”

“Oh, right.” She blinked. “I think there’s one kid without a partner. You can work with her.”

He thought about objecting to being part of an age group she called kids, but instead followed quietly in her wake. He looked around the lab, trying to predict who he would end up hanging around with for the next three years.

Those indie kids, headphones around their necks and hair in their eyes? The group of hungover guys in low slung jeans, who were chatting up a couple of disinterested blonde girls? Or the group of other international students, who had segregated themselves on the far workbench, away from the English?

Matt wondered why they were studying in England rather than their own countries, whether they had another reason for being here like himself. If all he had cared about was getting an education, he wasn’t sure it would have been worth it. Why commit to spending three years in a country that was on the brink of war with the rest of the world just for a university with better ratings? Why not stay at home, where the danger was so much lower?

“Kate Finchley?” the postgrad suddenly said, and he was pulled out of his thoughts with a rush of adrenaline. Had she really just…?

“Yep,” a girl said and turned around, labcoat, googles, a mass of red hair, and a voice that made the hair stand up on his neck.

That voice. It was her. It was actually her.

Matt tried desperately to keep his face blank, to not show the shock he was feeling. He scanned her face, looking carefully for any sign of recognition. She was fiddling with something in her pocket, and hadn’t even looked at him.

“Here’s your new lab partner; just transferred from Chemistry. You can get him settled, can’t you?”

 Her gaze passed over to him, and he tried not to react, nodded imperceptibly. She stared at him. The postgrad left. She stared at him a little more. He shuffled awkwardly, tried not to act like someone who was hiding a huge, potentially illegal secret.

“Hi,” she said. She sounded suspicious, and he wondered for a second if she had guessed already, and then realised how impossible that was. He nodded again, opened his mouth to speak and realised his mouth was bone dry, closed it again.

“Welcome to my lair. Make yourself at home.”

He nodded a third time, and immediately started hating himself intensely. He was going to have to speak eventually. He really wanted a beer. He could feel himself sweating, his head hurt. He felt like he was going to pass out. He dumped his stuff on the lab bench. She was still staring at him. Why did he ever think that he was cut out for this stuff? He couldn’t even lie to his mum about not emptying the dishwasher.

He pulled on his labcoat, trying to ignore the way his hands were trembling slightly. He couldn’t remember ever feeling this nervous, not even during his university interview. She was going to guess, there wasn’t any way she couldn’t. She was going to work it out and have him arrested before he’d even done anything wrong.

When he turned back around she was watching him, but this time her gaze wasn’t so much bemused as it was…hungry. Matt could feel himself blushing, and hated himself even more. He had absolutely no game, and it was obvious. Oh God, she thought he was a moron, he could tell.

He had to speak. He’d been silent for too long now, she was going to think he was actually incapable of forming vocal sounds soon.

“So, I didn’t actually get a copy of the labbook,” he said eventually, idiotically. “What experiment are we doing today?”

He winced, pushed his copy of the labbook under his bag where it was lying in blatant view on the desk. She frowned at him. He couldn’t blame her.

“You know, I knew exactly what your voice would sound like before you spoke. Weird, don’t you think?”

He stared at her in bemusement. Of all the things he had expected her to accuse him of (terrorism, breaking the law, having terrible dress sense) having a familiar voice wasn’t one of them. Was she trying to distract him, put him off his stride?

She smiled at him, strained and awkward. He realised his mouth was hanging open and closed it, tried to regain his poise.

“Sorry, what was your name?” Matt said, pretending to be calm and collected like he wished he was, like he had absolutely no chance of being.

She must already know, he realised. She must be here for the same reason. She was spying on him.

“Kate,” she said, and he nodded like he was absorbing this totally new information.

“Hi, nice to meet you, welcome to Biology, etc., etc,” she continued. “I know you from somewhere. Have we met before?”

“We haven’t met before,” Matt said, assuredly. Seeing as he’d been looking out for her ever since he’d found out she came to this uni too, it was hardly likely he would have missed her. “I would have remembered.”

As soon as he’d finised speaking he realised how much of a pervert that made him sound.  “I mean, I haven’t even been to this country before. I moved here for university.”

“Hmmm. Why are you transferring over to Biology, anyway?”

“There weren’t as many explosions as I was hoping for in Chemistry,” he joked. God, it had been better when he hadn’t spoken at all. He sounded so weird.

“Well there aren’t nearly half as many giant octopuses as you’d want in Biology either, sorry,” she replied, sending a sly smirk at him. She had great eyes. Bright, with these long eyelashes and, just- really great eyes.

He smiled, and looked away from her reluctantly. She really was pretty. He hadn’t expected that. Even if she had used the wrong plural for octopi.

“Shame. How’s the Physics department here?”

“Six out of ten. There aren’t enough brunets,” Kate said, and gazed off into the middle distance with a genuine air of disappointment.

“What?” he said, caught a little off-guard.

“Oh,” she corrected herself. “I mean, I hear their NMR research rivals Cambridge’s.”

“I’ll look into that, then. If the octopi don’t work out.” He was surprised to find himself playing along with her. Usually he didn’t banter, was never sure what to say. But she was just so- nice.

“I’m sure they will! No sea monsters today, though.” She turned to the neglected lab bench, and Matt stared down in surprise at the abandoned experiment. He’d completely forgotten they were supposed to be doing something. She was very- distracting. “We’re testing fertiliser effects on the development rates of bacteria cultures.”

“Sounds a lot easier than Chemistry labs. I had to bring an acid to boil. On my first day.”

Matt flexed his hand, which was still bandaged. It stung faintly with the memory of the failure.

“Ouch. Well, I’ll look after you today.” She smiled at him, and once again he couldn’t look away. Her hair was like gold. It was great. She was great.

She handed Matt a pair of latex gloves. He took it, brushing her thumb with his, half on purpose. And then everything went blurry, and suddenly he remembered the dreams he hadn’t thought about since he was a kid, playing in the garden with his imaginary friend Kitty. He’d met Kate before.

> First contact established in time-landscape 2036

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28TH APR 2014

melsalisbury asked: Where would your protagonist most like to go on holiday? Why? What would they do there?

Kate would want to go to space I’m pretty sure. She’d see GRAVITY and be all ‘yep, that’s my next holiday booked’. She’s a mental.

Matt would want to go to a ranch and ride horses and herd cattle or something lame like that.

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28TH APR 2014

chronicintrovert asked: What advice would you give your characters if you could talk to them?

Dear Kate,

Stop doing stupid things, you’re hurting Matthew. Everything would be a lot easier if you didn’t keep get yourself into contrived plots and just trusted him a bit.


Dear Matt,

You can trust Kate. Actually, don’t trust Kate. It depends.


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24TH APR 2014


wildparsnip: my mom is on the phone with my dad (a microbiologist) and she told him “go to bed, turn off the computer, and just, just don’t do science. don’t do any science”

#the next together #kate and matt
17TH APR 2014

chronicintrovert asked: Please write me a fanfiction in which 2016 Kate and Matt meet Draco Malfoy, Hermoine Granger and Neville Longbottom (who are all approx 36 by this point). An argument about science probably ensues. GO!

Do other authors write crossover fanfiction of their own books? I don’t know, don’t care.

Katherine saw a flash of green light out of the corner of her eye, and turned back to the lab bench just in time to see her Bunsen burner flare up and wobble, just a little.

”Oh,” a voice said, slightly muffled. “I think we took a wrong turning.”

There was a thump, and then the Bunsen burner fell over. A neatly manicured hand reached out of the flame and firmly grasped onto the edge of the bench.

“Hurry up, Hermione!” a second voice urged, sounding slightly singed. “I think my hair’s on fire!”

The hand clenched at the bench and pulled, the Bunsen burner skittered across the surface, as an arm and then a shoulder somehow pushed free of the tiny flame. The shoulder turned into a curly haired head, another shoulder and a torso, and kept coming, tumbling off the bench onto the floor.

The woman stood up, let out a heavy, exasperated sigh that seemed to convey just how much she was done with this crap, and slapped out a flame that was burning neon green on her sleeve. She reached back into the Bunsen burner, bracing her feet on the side of the bench and pulled with all her strength. The burner birthed another human being, coughing and temporarily on fire.

“Get Draco,” he said, choking.

“He got us into this mess in the first place,” the woman said indignantly. “If someone would only learn to read directions properly!” She addressed the comment pointedly at the Bunsen burner, which rattled angrily in reply.

Another hand, with a slightly better manicure, appeared out of the flame and grabbed at a beaker, knocking it over before finding leverage and pulling. A second man appeared, blond and inflamed.

“Oh, don’t mind me,” he hissed, brushing down his robes. “Just let me burn to death.”

“It’s your bloody fault! We could have died!”

The blond was about to reply when the first man interjected hastily. “Where are we, anyway?”

In unison the three turned around, and noticed Katherine, pale and frozen by the fire extinguisher.

“Oh, hello,” the woman said, and gave Katherine a weak smile. “Sorry to just burst in on you like that.”

“What.” Katherine said, and blinked.

Matthew opened the door, holding a conical flask of toluene and humming a Disney tune. He stared at the group of smoking wizards. “Who’s this, then?”

The brunet cleared his throat. “Right. Muggles.”


Ten minutes later, Matthew was sitting with his head in his hands and Katherine was laughing hysterically.

Hermione, Neville and Draco were standing in an awkward silence. The Bunsen burner was still burning green.

“You’d think there’d be some kind of system in place,” Matthew muttered, “To stop this happening.”

“Why is it even called Floo powder?” Katherine asked. “What a stupid name.”

“It comes from the ‘floo’ plant, actually,” Hermione said. “Interestingly enough-”

Neville shot her a quelling look and she slowly shut her mouth.

“I know this is a lot to take in,” Draco said, awkwardly patting Matthew on the shoulder. “And I appreciate that you are having a hard time dealing with this emotionally, but is it okay if we leave now? We’re kind of in the middle of something.”

“Draco,” Hermione snapped, “It can wait.”


“These poor people have had their lives turned upside down. We’re not abandoning them just so you can beat Harry and Ron at a scavenger hunt. It’s your fault we’re here, deal with the consequences of your actions.”

“In my defence, ’Bunsen burner’ sounds an awful lot like ‘Bunden burns’,” he told Katherine, who stared blankly at him.

“Can I see your wand?” Matthew asked Neville.


“Wait, so there are plants? Tiny little plants? In there?”

Neville was jumping around in excitement, head bobbing as he looked back and forth between the microscope slide and the viewfinder.

“Yeah, sure.” Matthew grinned. “They’re tiny, but they’re on the glass. The lenses magnify them so you can see them.”

“And they aren’t plants, they are bacteria,” Kate added. “They look a bit like plants because of the flagellum.”

“This is amazing,” Neville crowed. “Tiny little PLANTS!”

Matthew and Katherine shared a glance, and sighed.


“So it’s kind of like quidditch, but without the brooms?” Draco said, watching the football on Matthew’s laptop with interest. He prodded at the screen, jumping a little when the cursor moved. Neville was adding packets of sugar to his breakroom coffee with intent fascination.

“Uh, I don’t know what that is?” Matthew said doubtfully. “I guess so.”

“Less balls, Draco,” Hermione added.

“That’s what she said,” Katherine muttered under her breath.

“A pound in the jar, Kate,” Matthew ordered. She sighed, but obediently dropped a pound into a nearly full jam jar labelled ‘INNUENDO FINE’.

“What’s a pound?” Draco asked.

Hermione let out a heavy sigh of her own, and helped herself to more custard creams. “You’d think we’d gone to a different planet instead of the next town over.” She texted Ron, reminding him to pick up the kids from the cinema.


“You should totally come!” Katherine said, pressing an invitation into Hermione’s hand. “I’d love to meet Ginny, she sounds great!”

“We’ll be there,” Hermione promised. “I’ve never been to a Hen party. Wizards don’t really have them.”

“It’s going to be amazing! We’re going rock climbing after the bar crawl!”

“Kate! You never told me about that!” Matthew objected. “Why can’t I come?”


“We have to go,” Neville said, reluctantly admiring the lab one last time. “The scavenger hunt ended hours ago.”

“It was great meeting you! Come back and visit whenever you want.”

They nodded enthusiastically, Draco clutching tightly to a biro he refused to give up. He’d given Matthew 15 galleons for it, despite Hermione’s protests that she could get him thirty for under a sickle if she went to Tescos.

The three wizards twisted on their heels and disappeared, and Matthew and Katherine looked at each other for a long moment, before grinning broadly.

“Do you think we should have told them your brother goes to Hogwarts?”

“I’m sure Professor Longbottom will realise eventually.”

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16TH APR 2014

piptoe asked: I’m aware that i have bugged the crap right out of you today and as we all know i am a huge Red Earth Rolls title fan like that anon earlier but I just wanted to say that the new one, The Brief Many Lives, is really awesome sounding. I work in a barnes and noble (the anon said store well HA I AM IN A BOOK STORE) and I think that title would fit on one of our shelves

It’s okay! I like nothing better than talking about my book, obviously.

I do like The Brief Many Lives! I’ll move it up the list. I think the title needs to be decided by May so it won’t be toooooo much longer now.

yeaimdamnamazing replied to your post: Omgomgomg The time landscape thing So cool

I’m glad you liked it! I have read the first chapter so many times that I hate it, so it’s good to know it’s still intriguing!

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15TH APR 2014

catherine-doyle asked: YOUR TURN. Write TRER examples in the genres you like the least! Including Poetry!

i. crime

The corpse was the most horrifying sight that Inspector Galloway had seen in ten long years on the force, and that was saying a lot. It lay in a pool of the author’s lost self respect.

“Lauren James, according to her ID. Former writer of credibility and high standing,” DC Finchley said. “Until she got mixed in with this lot, it seems.”

She slid the victim’s purse to an evidence bag with a sensual grace that belied their totally gross surroundings.

Galloway held out his hand, and she passed him the evidence. A spark of chemistry jumped between the cops as their fingers brushed, but they ignored it, as they would for another six seasons. It wasn’t time yet.

“We’ll catch them soon,” Galloway said reassuringly, gazing deep into Finchley’s eyes. “Claire’s coven won’t be in operation for much longer.”

“I’m not sure how much longer this city can survive,” Finchley said, gazing pensively at the degraded and maligned corpse. The camera slowly zoomed in on her face, sad music playing.


ii. chick lit

“I’m warning you,” he ordered, hand tightly gripping my upper arm and wrinkling the sleeve of my purple v-neck with long sleeves and lace detail (from ASOS®). “Don’t come messing round here again, or you’ll be sorry. Extremely sorry.” He said it mysteriously yet seductively, angrily yet broodingly, eloquently yet growlingly. It was incredible. My inner goddess swooned.

He released my arm and I stumbled onto the pavement, the door slamming shut behind me. Outraged, I smoothed back my hair and shouted after him, “YOU’RE REALLY OUT OF CHARACTER IN THIS SCENE, MATTHEW.”

He didn’t reply, but smirked at me over his shoulder in an infuriatingly attractive way. I huffed, adjusted the strap of my Mulberry knockoff and posted a cryptic facebook status about the incident. Ignoring the four ‘inbox me babe x’ comments that appeared, I planned my next move.


iii. high fantasy

Kate clutched fearfully at the helm of her sword, but outwardly retained her calm exterior with all the poise and grace that generations of ancestral nobility had invested in her. The man was scarce but a twig, swaddled in layer upon layer of furs and tartan kilt with only the bridge of his nose visible, and with her years of training she could have defeated him easily- were it not for the wolf growling at his feet, froth bubbling at the jaw and pounds of raw strength braced to attack in its muscles.

“Where do ye think you’re headed, sassenach?” he intoned, gruffly. “This isnae England anymore.”

“Do you even know who I am?” she asked indignantly.

“I know who ye are. And ye ain’t welcome here, Lady Finchley of Carlisle.”

She took a breath, and centred herself using her ancient Buddhist training. “You seem to have me at a disadvantage, Sir.”

“Aye, I do at that,” he replied, with a touch of amusement, and nodded to the wolf. It relaxed on its haunches, the lump of dried meat the Highlander fed it disappearing in seconds. “Now how about you tell me what you’re about, Lady Finchley. Before Saxon here gets hungry.”

(I really wanted to make this an Objectified Scotsman AU, but I couldn’t write Matthew with bulging muscles. I just couldn’t.)

iv. middle grade

Kate Finchley was only ten, but she knew three things for certain. One: boys were gross, and she was never ever going to kiss one. Ever. Two: When you added universal indicator to an acid it turned red. Three: Matthew Galloway was the weirdest person she’d ever met in her entire life and it was fascinating.

(Matt was an awkward child, we all know this to be true in our hearts. He was the weird kid who collected snail shells and silently stared at them with a magnifying glass while he ate his cucumber sandwiches and sliced grapes, the one who always drew exactly the same picture of a bacteria in art class and refused to discuss it.)

v. poetry




they reached for one another

twisting together in an eternal embrace

love after love

time after time

death after death

life, after?


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15TH APR 2014

Hi guys!

I was just talking about how much I want to give you all copies of my book, so here’s a present. I’ve put up the first chapter of TRER here. I might panic and take it down later so read it now if you wish to at all! And let me know if you do.


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14TH APR 2014

cchronicintrovert replied to your post:
yeah there’s no use asking you that question because TRER basically covers all of them anyway GOD LAUREN WHY ARE YOU SO GENRE DEFYING

chronicintrovert asked: I ALSO MISS THOSE DAYS. describe matt and kate’s christmas.

Kate would wake Matt up early by bouncing on the bed. She would then make him hot chocolate and croissants in bed while she claimed to be giving him a lie in, but she would singing so raucously the whole time he would give in and get up to help.

Matt would be really into christmas jumpers. Like, not in an ironic way. He really likes them. He wears them straight through to February. Kate wears baubles in her hair.

They would go to Kate’s family’s house on xmas day and drive up to Scotland to see Matt’s family for boxing day. Kate would be hungover and sleep the whole journey. Matt would listen to Stephen King audiobooks very quietly as he drove, with a huge thermos of coffee.

Kate would buy Matt more jumpers a year’s rent on an allotment so he can ~be a farmer~ like he always wants to quit his job to do, and Matt would buy Kate something wedding related that she’d asked for. Kate would alway let him know well in advance what she wanted and probably just buy it for him and ask for the money.

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25TH JUN 2014

leave a ✫ in my inbox + a character/pairing and i’ll generate a random number and write you a drabble


1. New Neighbors!AU
2. Runaway Royalty!AU
3. High School!AU
4. Superhero!AU
5. Childhood!AU
6. Rule 63!AU
7. Magic!AU
8. Vampire!AU
9. Werewolf!AU
10. Zombie!AU
11. Barista!AU
12. Hooker!AU
13. Royalty!AU
14. Prison!AU
15. College!AU
16. Hair/Makeup Stylist and Actor/Model!AU
17. Pretend Couple!AU
18. Camp Counselors!AU
19. Met In Detention!AU
20. Pen Pals!AU
21. Ghosts In Love!AU
22. God and Counterpart From Another Pantheon!AU
23. Brand New Step-Sibling!AU
24. Mundane/Domestic!AU

Sarah: i’m probably not going to bother with generator thingie, so character/pairing + number works (otherwise assume i’ll choose the number myself)

# also lauren write some matt/kate for every AU

Why thanks for the homework relicanth. Here you are.

1. New Neighbors!AU

Kate gawped through her living room window at the man who had moved into the empty (haunted, she was convinced) house next door. He was organising his kitchen. He was organising his kitchen, and he was naked. Or- at least topless. There was a counter in the way, unfortunately.

“Oh no, he’s hot,” she whispered to the cat. He flicked his tail at her, unimpressed.

The hot, naked neighbour began walking towards his window, and she ducked down below the windowsill, wincing. She crawled across the floor until she reached the doorway. She couldn’t let him see her yet. She needed to get a haircut.

“That butt,” she sighed, dreamily.

2. Runaway Royalty!AU

“You’re the Prince,” she said, pulling off his hat and sunglasses.

The Prince sighed, and stepped away from the gaggle of tourists. “Yeah.”

“You’ve tried four times this week, what makes you think you’ll manage to sneak past me this time?”

“I’ve found The Duckling,” she said into her earpiece, and then turned back to the Prince. “That one was rubbish. It’s like you’re trying to get caught now.”

He let out another heavy, sulky sigh. “Firstly, can I please, please get a better code name? And secondly, maybe I am trying to get caught.”

He stared at her meaningfully. She raised an eyebrow.

“I’ve told you before. Not until you’re eighteen.”

3. High School!AU

Mr Galloway and Miss Finchley leant against the door jamb of the staffroom, staring at the arriving students.

“How are the summer holidays over already?”

They both sighed in unison.

4. Superhero!AU

“Captain America and Iron Man are engaged,” Matthew commented, scrolling through the news on his phone.

“Surprise, surprise,” Kate said, spitting toothpaste into the sink. “Where’s my engagement ring?”

She turned to stare at Matthew, but he had disappeared.

“You’d best hurry up,” she called down the stairs. “If Bruce Banner asks me first I’m gonna say yes!”

“You would never marry a physicist,” he called back.

5. Childhood!AU

Matthew burst into tears. “Katyyyyy, give it back! It’s my turn!”

6. Rule 63!AU

“Hey there, cutie,” Kit said, his hands flat on the desk and leaning over her. “You doing anything after class?”

Mattie blushed, sat back in her chair and adjusted her glasses. “I’m free.”

Kit grinned and reached out to brush a strand of hair out of her eyes. “Have you seen Xmen yet?”

7. Magic!AU


8. Vampire!AU

“I hate blood donation day,” Kate sighed, as Matthew poked the needle into her arm.

“Except for the biscuits, right?”

“Except for the biscuits.”

9. Werewolf!AU

“Full moon again,” Matt said, “No wonder you’re so grouchy.”

“Did you get the steak?”

“Of course I got the steak. Put down that pigeon.”

10. Zombie!AU


“Kate, I’m not crying. It’s just a stupid zombie game.” He threw down the controller, not at all petulantly.

11. Barista!AU

“Here he comes, my true love,” Kate hissed at a surprised looking customer as she handed over a frappe creme. “The Cute Professor. No, not that one. The one with glasses.”

“Nice,” the guy said. “You forgot my cream.”

“Cream is unimportant! This is true love!”

“Hey, Cute Professor! Give this girl your number!” the customer called across the coffee shop. Kate drew in a sharp, betrayed gasp.

“I trusted you!”

The Cute Professor stopped in his tracks, staring at them in surprise. Kate smiled weakly, waved.

The Cute Professor waved back.

12. Hooker!AU

Matt stared at the g-string in horror. “Kate, your fantasies are getting more and more specific.”

13. Royalty!AU

“It’s my birthday tomorrow,” the Prince said, holding out a bouquet of sunflowers.

Kate smiled. “My shift ends at six. Wear something nice.”

14. Prison!AU

“That new guard is cuuuuute,” Katy said. “I think I need a haircut.”

She winked at the guard. He nudged up his glasses, looked away.

15. College!AU

“Cute Professor is my teacher!” Kate told another surprised customer. “I only just got his number! Like, yesterday! And now we ‘can’t date’ because ‘it’s inappropriate’ and ‘we can’t make out again’!!! Um????”

“Sucks to be you,” the customer intoned. “Can I have that without cinammon?”

16. Hair/Makeup Stylist and Actor/Model!AU

“Don’t touch my hair,” she said sharply. “I have a special guy for that.”


“Matthew will be here soon. Just do my makeup.”

17. Pretend Couple!AU

“Quick, kiss me!” Kate yelped.

Matt looked at her askance. “Um, why?”

“We’ll think of a reason afterwards!”

18. Camp Counselors!AU

“Bagsy I get the afternoon shift,” Kate said quickly.

“Dammit,” Matt muttered. “You got the lie-ins last year.”

“I deserve the lie-ins.”

19. Met In Detention!AU

“Heeeey there,” she said, leaning back in her seat and looking the boy entering the classroom up and down. “What’chu in for, cutie?”

He stared at her dubiously. “I’m the teacher overseeing the detention.”

She sat up in her chair abruptly. “Right.” She looked down at her desk, and let out a heavy breath. “Shit.”

When she looked up the teacher was trying to hide a smirk.

20. Pen Pals!AU

Dear Kate,

Thank you for the picture! Your dog is really cute. (You are too. I like your hair.) In answer to your question, my tour ends in a month and then I’ll be back in the UK. I can’t wait to get out of this uniform!

And there is one other person who writes letters to my regiment, a boy practising his English. It’s really kind of you to take the time to write to soldiers. I’m not sure I’d think of doing it if it was the other way around.

Do you think you’d like to get a drink when I’m back in London, maybe?

M. G.

21. Ghosts In Love!AU

“Back off,” she hissed. “He’s mine.”

She clutched the ghost kitten to her chest. It meowed pitifully. She cooed at it.

“You know they only hang around for a few hours, Kate,” Matt whined. “Lemme stroke it!!”

22. God and Counterpart From Another Pantheon!AU

“Science isn’t a God,” he said, folding his arms. “You don’t even have a trident.”

She snorted. “I can do as many miracles as you, mate.”

23. Brand New Step-Sibling!AU

“No,” Matt said, shaking his head frantically. “No way. Mum, no.”

“Hey, aren’t you in my year at school?” Kate asked, smiling welcomingly. “Dad, you never said!”

Matt’s mum looked at Matt’s blushing face. “Hang on… is this Kate you were telling me about…? The one you want to ask to prom?”

Matt let out a mortified groan and hit his head against the door.

Kate beamed at him.

24. Mundane/Domestic!AU

“Kate, you forgot to buy milk!”

“You forgot to kiss my arse!”

(via thelategreatrelicanth)

#writing #the next together #i love this meme because these could call technically be considered canon as REINCARNATION
25TH JUN 2014

Yesterday I went to Carlisle, a location in my book! I chose Carlisle as a location because it was the last castle to be sieged in England, during the 1745 Jacobite uprising. My book takes place during the siege, so the castle is an important location in the story. I wanted to visit to see what it was like today.

It was so weird, because I’ve spent so much time writing about this place I kind of felt like I’d made it up in my head. It was really valuble for my writing, not only because I can add more accuracy in terms of the layout and distance of the city, but there’s lots of little details that inspired me for extra things that can happen!

Here are some photos I took, of a house near the cathedral which is how I imagine Katherine’s home.

The castle as it is now.

The battlements where Things Happen, and the view where the Jacobites attacked, which is now a children’s playground.

A room in the castle where meetings and traumatic Things Happen, with A Queen sampersands on her throne.

Me at the town square sitting on steps where Matthew and Katherine sit and more Things Happen. Bagpipes were playing there and it was so nice.

We also went to the biggest secondhand bookshop I have ever seen, it was four stories and spread through a huge basement system and it was incredible.

It was a great day!

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22ND JUN 2014


“ “The probability of separate worlds meeting is very small. The lure of it is immense. We send starships. We fall in love.”
– Jeanette Winterson

#the next together

19TH JUN 2014


mcavoyclub: “I take a lot of pride in being myself. I’m comfortable with who I am.”

#matt #the next together
19TH JUN 2014

tumblr_n6vmj33CSt1s49g11o1_500 (1).pngposeidhn: Hugh Dancy as older James Potter


#the next together
16TH JUN 2014

One of my editor’s comments on this draft was ‘perhaps a few too many sex references’


i think

says it all

#the next together #writing #i’m over halfway through my edits!!

13TH JUN 2014

Today in my edits I had to cut out one of my favourite scenes, so I’m posting it here, for posterity or something.

They wandered out of the library, and Kate took a deep breath. “So, Matt. Can I ask you something?” She wanted to ask him out for a drink. She wasn’t one of those people to sit back and wait for a guy to come to her. She was proud of it, even when she was rejected. She was a strong, independent, modern woman and all that.

He took a deep breath, looking resigned. “I guess,” he mumbled, which wasn’t encouraging.

She forced her voice to behave and not embarrass her with a tremor. Lightly she smiled at him. “Do you maybe, want to go out for a drink now? Like- a date?” When she plucked up the courage to look, he seemed a little blindsided.

“Oh, er-” He frowned at her, silent a moment. “Really?”

She stared at him. Well. That was direct. He seemed to realise how that sounded, because he quickly corrected himself. “I mean, I’m, er- I’m not interested, sorry.”

“Oh. Well, that’s fine,” she said breezily, brushing it off. She tried and failed to keep up her calm and unperturbed composure without any noticeable falseness. “Lots of work to do at the minute anyway, it’s probably not the time.”

He watched her carefully. He kind of looked like she couldn’t have surprised him more if she’d burst into song and dance.

“It’s fine, Matt. Chill out. I’m not going to force you to date me if you don’t want to- consent is important and all that. No means No.” She faked a laugh. “Anyway, with all this going on it’s probably safer not to do anything.”

His reply was sullen. “Sure. Thanks.”

They were silent as they walked, Kate overcome with embarrassment she was trying desperately to hide and Matthew quiet with some unidentifiable emotion.

“You don’t need to do this,” he said suddenly, viciously. “That was just mean.”

She took a moment to process that, wondering if she’d misheard, or just drifted off to sleep and missed half the conversation. “Do… all of what?”

“I know you’re spying on me.” He sounded tortured, angry.

“Spying on you,” she repeated with blank incomprehension. “Why would I be spying on you?”

He stared at her. “You aren’t?”

“Why would I be?”

“But- all of this stuff about the Galloways. Isn’t that just a way to find out? I thought you-” He cut himself off, looking at a loss. He ran a hand through his hair, sending it sticking upright.

She let out a noise of frustration. “Find out what? Matt, what’s going on?”

“Nothing,” he said shortly. “I’ll see you in labs.”

Kate watched him leave incredulously. What was that?

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13TH JUN 2014

chronicintrovert answered your question:NO WHY DID THIS GET CUT NO NO NO

I kNOW. I tried as hard as I could to find a way to keep it in, but it won’t work anymore!! Because (cut for…old spoilers? i guess?)

chronicintrovert replied to your post: ahh I SEE! yes that does make sense. though i’d totally read a book about kate and matt picking out dinner sets.

I did spend quite a while trying to come up with a reason for Matt to possibly say no to Kate, but….I’m pretty sure that would never happen in any universe. She could be a serial killer and he’d still be writing dreamy poetry about her.

In the old version, Matt says no because he thinks Kate is spying on him, but he doesn’t think that in the new version, so if she asked him out he would probably say yes. Straight away! In chapter two! It would have been over immediately. The rest of the book would have been about them picking dinner sets or something.

(I also had to cut out some GREAT scenes about the mistaken spying:

“You- you think my whole family are spies?” she said with dawning horror. “What is wrong with you?”

“I overreacted! I don’t know, it seemed legitimate at the time,” he said petulant and slightly sulky.

Oh, Matt.)

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13TH JUN 2014

write a novel guys, it’s so much fun!!!!!!!

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9TH JUN 2014

melsalisbury asked: Say it’s possible for characters/universes from books to cross over and bleed into each other. What characters/stories would you be interested to see mixed in with yours in a kind of bizarre story mash-up? What would the impact be? Without spoiling, what would change?


I would love love love a magic universe, so i’m going to say Harry Potter, like that time I wrote fanfiction of my own book .

But assuming that’s out of bounds because I’ve already done it, I’m going to say that the coolest crossover would be with His Dark Materials. I want my characters to have daemons (a representation of your soul in the form of an animal that can’t leave your side) and be able to travel between universes.

I want talking bears and witches and alethiometers.

Kate’s daemon would be a bouncy, ridiculous ginger fox. Matt would have a shy little vole that hides in his sleeve and Kate has never even seen until they’ve known each other six months.

It is totally intentional that Kate’s daemon would eat Matt’s alive.

I think apart from the daemons, not much would change. There would still be time travel and reincarnation and banter.

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4TH JUN 2014

catherine-doyle asked: How do you feel about the editing process, particularly the possibility of content-changing decisions?

When I first got my agent, (this time last year (!) ) she told me I had to change roughly a third of my book. (long story short: one storyline was an apocalypse and they don’t i needed to make it pre-apocalypse at best) At first it was SUPER HARD to let go. I guess eventually I started seeing a difference between the words I’d saved on my computer and the story I was trying to tell. I use my writing to tell a story, and I want the story to be as good as possible. So I don’t mind changing things up if the story will eventually improve because of it. I have a vision of the story as a whole in the sense of it’s themes, style and overall emotions, but I don’t have a personal attachment to any particular plot point. If anything, I really enjoyed changing things up because it let me add layers and complexities and improve my writing in a way I probably wouldn’t have been challenged to do otherwise. My writing is always improving, and I think editing helped improve it more than anything else, because you really think about the writing and words and sentences rather than focusing on but what would Kate say to that? How is Matt standing right now?

At the same time, I would not be okay with intrinsic character changes- sexuality, personality, even hair colour or whatever. I would fight that hand and claw. If I do get asked to do anything like that (I’m meeting my editor on Wednesday to get my edit suggestions, aaaaah! Wish me luck!) then I’m not sure how I’ll deal with it…

I’m just starting my next round of edits, and I thought I’d review my opinion a bit. I’ve been thinking about edits for about 4 months now while I finished my degree, without being able to write anything. Instead of being reluctant to change things, I’ve seen the light of edits.

I’m really looking forward to them now! It’s a great opportunity to go back over what I’ve written and improve on it. Every time I read another book I feel like I know a bit more about storytelling, so I have so many things I can add to an old work. It isn’t really changing a story so much as enhancing it, even if some of the plot changes a bit. It makes it more streamlined and logical, and the real essence of a book is what people remember months after reading it. They aren’t going to care about the tiny little changes that I might have been desperate to avoid, but are more likely to remember the overall style and themes that edits really bring out.

So yeah, I am very strongly in favour of constructive criticisms. Bring on the comments!

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4TH JUN 2014

#Emma Thompson is my dreamcasting for nancy #the next together #THIS IS A NEW CHARACTER NO ONE ELSE HAS MET YET!!! #queen

chronicintrovert: so i did a couple of drawings while i was in scotland… and the first is the three leading ladies of mine, catherine-doyle and lauren-e-james’s books!!!! from left to right: Sophie from Vendetta, Kate from The Next Together, and Tori from Solitaire all on a day out together sigh

…and of course i could not resist also drawing our three main guys, our three favourite brunettes heheh… from left to right, Nic from catherine-doyle’s Vendetta, Matt from lauren-e-james‘s The Next Together, and Michael from my book, Solitaire

#Dying #DYING #I can’t BREATHE #the next together #matt/michael otp 4 lyfe #awwwwwww #alice is incredible

30TH AUG 2014

pun-rocker: You know why I love AUs? Because the whole point of them is that everything is changed, and yet these two people are still going to meet and fall in love- that they’re so set in stone and so meant to be that you can change literally everything in a hundred universes and they’ll fall in love over and over again.

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20TH AUG 2014


chronicintrovert:  lauren-e-james ASKED ME TO DRAW HER TWO PROTAGONISTS, SO I DID


Alice drew my characters and she got them SPOT ON.

Kate’s hair and the little love heart and Matt’s nervous step back!

Matt’s blush! His jumper!

I’m going to stare at it forever


chronicintrovert: so i promised laurenjames that i’d do the 19th century matt and kate so HERE WE ARE. also i’m starting an art tumblr soon so i’ll stop spamming people with art all the time. anyway this was really hard but it turned out great!

in The Next Together by Lauren James, two people – Matthew and Katherine – keep meeting again and again and again in different time periods and in different reincarnations with no recollection of having met before… except for a vague feeling drawing them together. these two are from the mid-19th century where Kate is disguised as a boy and going by the name of Kit to be an assistant to journalist Matthew in the Crimean War.

laurenjames: YESSSSSSS. I don’t know what I did to deserve Alice but I’m never letting her go. She’s mine, back off.

I love how much you can read into the story in their stances- at this point Matthew has found out that Kit is actually a Katherine, and is SUPER MAD ABOUT IT. Mainly because now he has to deal with Feelings and stuff. Katy is feeling guilty about this (and other stuff…) and is too scared to look at him.

I love that Kit is wearing the jumper that Matt is wearing in the 2039 picture that Alice did:

And that he has the same glasses! They came back into fashion a couple of centuries later. 🙂

I love how Alice has done period accurate art styles, too. Look at how twenties the Victorian picture is, compared to the modern modern picture!! It’s so perfect ❤ ❤

Summary: Alice is the best and I’m going to have to bake her many, many cakes and kidnap a Michael Cera to make up for this art. I am the happiest hamster.

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13TH AUG 2014

chronicintrovert asked: What would your dream cover look like? If you could choose exactly what you wanted?


Probably something like this, I would imagine.

(Also I always imagined it would say THE NEXT TOGETHER something like this:


Except, you know, good.

I like the idea of concentric circles getting bigger and more important to represent their different lives!)

#chronicintrovert #the next together #alice’s art is my new fave thing
12TH AUG 2014

So I was just clearing out some old books from the loft and found a copy of Operation Red Jericho. I read it when I was 12ish and absolutely loved it because it’s full of maps and notes and pictures.
I loved the idea so much that when I wrote my book I did the same thing.
And… I just found out that Operation Red Jericho is also published by Walker, and I’ve actually met the editor behind it.
And now I’m freaking out a bit because that means I’m being published by the publishers who published the book that inspired my book….and in all likelihood they chose my book because it reminded them of Operation red Jericho. Which is amazing. I can’t believe that really happened.
(Also, the typesetting and design of all the maps and notes is absolutely beautiful and I’m really excited to see what the team does with mine now!!)

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10TH AUG 2014

chronicintrovert asked:  What would you say has inspired you the most?

Books. If I read a good book or line I’m always intensely jealous/inspired. If I read a bad one I want to write it Better. If a book makes me laugh, I want to work out why, and how I can do that. Writing’s all a big competition.

chronicintrovert asked: Would you like your books to be turned into TV shows, movies, video games, or none?

TV SHOW. BBC miniseries, preferably. I don’t know how it would work as a video game but that would be cool.

Here’s how the trailer would go:

Simple piano music plays as a regency couple stare at each other. They take a step towards each other and the scene changes. The same couple are dressed in 19th century clothing, and the music gets a bit faster, a violin comes in.

They take another step closer, and the scene changes again to the couple in early 20th century clothing, gas masks around their necks. A guitar joins the music, which starts to sound like swing.

They take another step, and it cuts again so they are dressed in jeans and a t-shirt, the music picks up some drums and gets a bit rock n’ roll.

They take a final step, in modern clothes, a whole band playing, and then they touch hands-

Cut to black.

This Christmas, don’t miss out on….


Coming to the small screen near you.

And then BBC iplayer.

You can watch it whenever, really.

No rush.

chronicintrovert asked: Which is your favourite original character, and why?

Clove! She’s my darling at the moment. She’s the perfect mix of shy and brave and I just want to give her a hug and tell her everything’s going to be okay.

Thanks for the questions!

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25TH JUL 2014

adrieldaniel: “There are only patterns, patterns on top of patterns, patterns that affect other patterns. Patterns hidden by patterns. Patterns within patterns. If you watch close, history does nothing but repeat itself. What we call chaos is just patterns we haven’t recognized. What we call random is just patterns we can’t decipher. what we can’t understand we call nonsense. What we can’t read we call gibberish. There is no free will. There are no variables.” – Chuck Palahniuk, Survivor

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24TH JUL 2014

Lynx’s new advert is a perfect trailer for my book. Thanks Lynx!

#lynx #the next together #relicanth
7TH JUL 2014

I should be getting a (first draft) cover within a month or so!!
When it’s decided on we’ll be doing a cover reveal scavenger hunt around some book blogs!
The designer of the cover described my book as ‘science porn’ which is extremely accurate
he recently did this cover which is SO COOL
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3RD JUL 2014

redsethorizon asked: How do you write a believable query letter. Could you share some tips on how to write a really good one? Please, share your experience. Thank you!
chronicintrovert: Address it directly to the agent by name. (DO NOT start it ‘Dear Sir/Madam’. It should be Dear Mr / Mrs / Miss / Ms … )
Don’t go over 500 words.
The easiest way to do it is a 3-part structure:
PART 1: Tell that agent specifically why you chose to submit to them. Tell them what your book is (e.g. I would like to offer my 76,000 word YA/crossover novel, SOLITAIRE, for your consideration.)
PART 2: A brief summary of your book. This must be amazing, exciting, enthralling, and must leave the agent dying to read your book. Try to write it as uniquely and interestingly as you can, but make sure that it is CLEAR and not difficult to read.
PART 3: A very brief biography. This isn’t so important, but you should include any writing accolades you have and/or why your own life shows that you are good at writing books. E.g. in mine I wrote that I was a teenager.
Tell them you look forward to hearing from them! Be really polite!
DO NOT imply that you’ve written the best book ever that they HAVE to take on. be modest.
there are LOADS of resources online on how to write a query letter. here’s a few that i have bookmarked from ages ago:

hope this is helpful, and good luck!

This great advice! As an example, here’s my query letter. I sent it to 6 agents along with the first 2 chapters, and I had one request to read the full manuscript. She accepted me as a client!

Dear [Agent],

The Red Earth Rolls is a completed 120,000 word young adult novel based on the idea of reincarnation, and encompasses genres such as dystopia, regency, romance, science fiction and thriller. An adventure spanning three hundred years, this story has something to interest every reader.

Katherine and Matthew have done this before. They keep being brought back to life and every time they do things seem to be getting worse.

In 1745 Katherine Hallward is spending a little too much time with her coachman, Matthew, when the Jacobites attack the city of Carlisle, on the border of Scotland and England. Somehow the city has to defend itself against the feared Highlanders, and Katherine is determined to help in any way she can, regardless of the consequences.

In 1853 Katy, an orphan girl, is running from the police in disguise when she accidentally gets stuck on board a steamer bound for the battlefield of the Crimean war. Luckily a journalist is there to take her under his wing; although there is the slight problem in that he thinks she is a boy. Together they try and help the war effort as much as possible, despite the hostility of the soldiers.

In 2090 Kate meets a new researcher in her biology lab and discovers that together they bear a startling resemblance to her mysterious great aunt and uncle, who may have been more involved in the cause of the apocalypse- a destructive virus released during the third world war- than the government are willing to admit. Although they know that investigating a classified case means risking their own careers in a world still on the edge of survival, they can’t help but delve into the intriguing past hidden in their ancestor’s possessions: an ancient laptop and a coded diary. Meanwhile, Kate keeps recalling memories that aren’t hers: the siege of a castle, a kiss that never happened on a battlefield from a history book.

In each lifetime they are fighting for what is right, but however hard they try to help, will it ever be enough to stop them being brought back once more? Revealing the power of love regardless of circumstance, this book looks at the determination of two people in the face of growing turmoil.

This book should appeal to students; people who grew up speaking the language of the internet, who enjoy science fiction but also have a soft spot for Jane Austen. The Red Earth Rolls was written by a teenager, for teenagers: I’m currently in the third year of a Chemistry and Physics degree at the University of Nottingham. I wrote this novel after becoming increasingly frustrated by the glamorised science often found in media. This prompted me to write a more accurate story about scientists, and my love of history and genealogy brought forth another element.

I would greatly appreciate any advice you could offer me about my manuscript. Thank you very much for your time and consideration.

#The Next Together #writing #book
28TH JUN 2014

splattingdragons asked: So what’s your “How I became a writer” story, I bet it’s more interesting than mine 😉

My origin story is super dull. In my first year of uni I just decided to do NaNoWriMo because loads of my friends were doing it. I didn’t get very far, because of…uni. I think I only wrote 15,000 words or something lame. Then in the summer I decided to carry on with the book, and here we are! I birthed a novel and then all these things started happening with it.

I still feel like a bit of an imposter.

It’s been a long road to get here, but now I’ve finished all the hard work the fun starts!
I think everyone has a chance at getting published if they are determined, and willing to keep writing and rewriting, and rewriting, and rewriting……
You don’t need any formal training or anything. I never did. You just have to have enthusiasm, because that shines through even the inevitable grammar and spelling mistakes (no one is perfect. Thats what copyeditors are for.).
I would say writing is 50% reading other people’s books, 20% talent and 30% hard work.

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4TH NOV 2014

I can’t show you the cover yet, but look at the pretty samplers that were made for Frankfurt book fair! Loook!! ♡

#the next together
15TH OCT 2014
Things are getting official….


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1ST OCT 2014


Cat and I immediately demanded that @AliceOseman draw for us, so here is me with my character Kate on my shoulders! Epic.

catherine-doyle: It’s my signed copy of Solitaire by Alice Oseman! Whoop whoop! It has some awesome drawings of Lauren James, me and Alice, with our characters, Kate (The Next Together), Sophie (Vendetta) and Tori Spring (Solitaire), and I LAAAAAVE IT.

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27TH SEP 2014

Marry someone you want to annoy for the rest of your life.
— My mum (via everybodysgotadarkside97)

#kate #the next together
25TH SEP 2014

How I got published
Now my book is on goodreads (add it!) I realised I never properly posted a blog of how I got my book deal on here. So here you go! How to get published.

This was written a month after I got my deal, and rereading it now I sound MENTAL. The stress/excitement really got to me. I probably could have dealt with it all better, and being cut off from my entire family at uni for the whole process didn’t help.

So I keep meaning to write this entry, but I wanted to wait until it had sunk in a little more than just miscellaneous squealing, and somehow that delay turned into a month and I still haven’t even told you what happened with my novel, let alone written a summary of the process. Long story short: I got a two book deal, with Walker books, with publication set for late 2015. I’m so, so delighted, obviously, and initially was in complete disbelief, and confusion. But I’m a little more steadied now, and for the first time in months I can relax. Rather than continuously questioning and worrying, I can actually settle down and think about what is going to happen to me, and what I am going to do over the next year to make sure to works out. All my dreams have come true, obviously, but more than that- I’ve suddenly got a set plan for my life after I graduate. I now know exactly what I am going to be doing in a month, six months, two years, and that is incredible, and terrifying. In a little more detail, here’s how it all went down. I thought there might be some people who find it useful, and apart from that I just want a record for myself of how it happened, so I don’t ever forget the excitement of it, and how lucky I am. Sitting down to write this made me realise what a blur the whole thing is in my memory, so a lot of this was written with the help of emails, to remind me what happened! That sounds silly, that I can’t remember something that is basically the biggest deal to ever happen to me, but I genuinely can’t. It’s all a stressful, delightful blur. So on Monday November 18th, 2013 my agent C rang up 16 UK editors of YA fiction, and gave them a brief introduction to the book, and then sent a copy by email, along with the following pitch:

THE RED EARTH ROLLS (YA, 87000 words)

Katherine Finchley and Matthew Galloway are destined to be together. In 1745, during the siege of Carlisle, in 1854 on the way to the Crimea, in 2016 and 2036 as first scientists and then students uncovering and rediscovering a dangerous plot, and in multiple alternative timescales between. Again and again they are thrown together, with no memory of having met one another before, only an irresistible instinct that they must be with one another against all odds – even while the epic events unfolding all around seem sure to tear them apart.

Recounting through a series of intertwining love stories Katherine and Matthew’s increasingly urgent attempts to divert history, THE RED EARTH ROLLS is a romance that combines unique warmth and humour with an ambitious journey through reincarnation, time travel and war.

Lauren James is a student studying Chemistry and Physics at the university of Nottingham. She is 21 years old and this is her first novel.

She told them that the deadline was the following Friday, but said that might be extended if anyone wanted more time to decide. Then there was a week where we just waited. I had labs every day, so I basically worked in a distracted but diligent haze, and then came home and fell onto my bed in exhaustion. I didn’t really relax from the time I woke up until to past 6pm, when I knew there was going to be no more news.

I couldn’t sleep, except when I could, when I slept like the dead and could barely bring myself to wake up. I always had one finger on my phone, clicking the standby button to check for new emails. Whenever the little symbol for a message appeared in the top bar my heart skipped a beat, and I grew to hate the words ‘Unitemps’, ‘Prospects’, ‘Target Jobs’, because they were all signs it was just another false alarm, just another newsletter coming through instead of an email from my agent. (Meanwhile ‘C’, ‘Nottingham’ and ‘TRER’ are all still buzzwords that still make the breath catch in my throat because this time, maybe, just maybe this time….)

There was a weekend, during which I used up almost an entire month’s worth of minutes, lying in bed on the phone to my mum. (I didn’t see my parents until a fortnight after the deal was closed, and having to do the whole thing alone without them was probably the only part of the experience I would want to change). I ordered takeaways three times in one week, felt immensely guilty about the amount of washing up I just couldn’t bring myself to focus on, didn’t do any work for lectures (did I even go to them? I’m pretty sure I missed all my lectures that week, mentally if not physically).

One night my housemate had to actually intervene, because I came in and tried to make a meal of fish fingers, cheese on toast and rice pudding in a complete stupor. Then the next Tuesday I walked onto campus, listening to my WAKE UP, IT’S MORNING playlist (Campus- Vampire Weekend, Chloe- Grouplove, Lady Percy- King Charles, 22- Taylor Swift) and didn’t check my phone for emails the entire journey. I didn’t even check it when I got into labs, instead messing around in my bag for my goggles, determining which labcoat was mine by the faint chemical marks on the left sleeve, dumped my stuff under the bench. It was my day to make cakes for the lab group, so I had an ice cream carton full of chocolate chip cookies in my bag. I’d made them in a distraction the night before, and was a little embarrassed of them. They hadn’t risen right because I’d added raisins. But it wasn’t time for coffee yet, and half the post-docs weren’t even around, so I sat down at the desk that I had commandeered since I started working there, shook the mouse to wake up the ancient computer, which is only still used because it’s hooked up for Gas Chromatography analysis. It still uses Internet Explorer.

So I clicked onto Internet Explorer, waited the necessary seventy-eight seconds for it to load, realised I hadn’t checked my emails in almost half an hour, good god, and logged into my university email account.

There was a new message from C, dated fifteen minutes before. A forwarded email. I skim read the words ‘enjoyed enormously’, ‘Walker’, ‘encouraging’ and then suddenly all the tension I hadn’t really realised I was carrying left my body and I sagged back into the seat.

I had never really believed before then that anyone other than C and I would enjoy it, and suddenly I had this reassurance my book was worth all this hassle, which was all I’d been craving really, just a sign someone liked it. It was a forwarded email from an editor at Walker, and I could probably still pick out the exact blue colour of the font, and the yellow of the footer in her signature, I have read that email so many times. I don’t think I even stopped to read the whole thing, I just called my mum, the first time I’d ever used my phone in labs to make a call (I did this multiple times over the next few weeks, because I always seemed to be there when I got news. I never stopped feeling like I was crossing some grave moral or ethical line). She didn’t answer; I remembered she was at work and called her mobile. She didn’t answer again; I called her work phone. She picked up. I tried to say hello, but it came out a breathless, giddy kind of choked giggle.

I avoided the eyes of some students who were watching my breakdown from across the lab, and ran into the corridor. I told my mum; she was delighted. I didn’t stop to discuss at all, hung up quickly because I suddenly realised that I hadn’t actually even read the whole email. I ran back into the lab, leant over the desk and read the whole thing.

This is encouraging! I’ve let her know we can probably extend things a little if she keeps me posted.


Sent: 26 November 2013 10:16

Subject: RE: The Red Earth Rolls by Lauren James

Hi C,

Hope you are well? I enjoyed The Red Earth Rolls enormously – what an original concept and such strong characters. I am sharing with the team, but annoyingly a few people are away this week (how inconsiderate!). Is there any chance of extending the deadline? I will do my best to come back by Friday but want to give us a bit more wriggle room depending on how things progress.

Very best,


I span in a little circle, let out a giggle in delight. The girls were watching me, so I quickly mumbled an explanation. It was someone who hadn’t even known about the book, so I probably said something like ‘I wrote a book, and I just got interest from a publisher!!’ Which publisher? Huh. I opened a new tab, typed walker into the bar, realised I was using Internet Explorer and typed instead. Found their website, saw the logo- a bear with a candle- realised I recognised it- not only was this a publisher, a real book publisher who had read my book and liked it- it was a good publisher, one who had published books I loved, who was incredible and well known and respectable. I was overwhelmed.

Suddenly I realised I hadn’t told my Dad yet, so I ran into the hall again, rang him. He’d already spoken to Mum, and he sounded like he was in tears on the phone. I think my Dad was more emotional about the whole process that either of us, actually. While we were gleefully exclaiming together, a phd student in my group walked past. I remember I was saying ‘I’m going to die’ in delighted hyperbole at the time, and he looked at me strangely, lingered in the corridor waiting for me to hang up.

He wandered over, asked what I had made for Cake Monday. I stared at him, and then blurted out my embarrassing little explanation: ‘I just got an email from a publisher. Sorry- I wrote a book. My book- it has an interested publisher.’ He stared at me. Suddenly about ten, fifteen people came out of the next lab. Coffee time.

“We’re dying for cake,” one of them called to me. I looked at her, wide-eyed.

“Oh, that’s a guilty look,” she said, “Does that mean you forgot?”

“I’m not guilty, I’m happy,” I blurted, and then suddenly I was explaining to a whole audience what had happened. I was dragged along to coffee, dished out cookies, realised how ridiculous it was that I hadn’t even told my brother yet, any of my family, and a whole tearoom full of scientists already knew, and were fighting over my cookies.

Someone was teasing me about physics- I was the only physicist in the group, even though I’m really more of a Chemist now- but I just stood up, went into the corridor and leant against the printer for a bit. I closed my eyes, rang my brother. I don’t know what I did for the rest of that day. Sent out a few embarrassingly incoherent emails, (hopefully) did some labwork. I just remember telling my brother, and running out of the tearoom. In fact, from then on everything is a blur. I had to go through my emails to work out the order of what happened.

That was Tuesday.

On Friday we got expressions of interest from two another publishers, and more importantly I talked to A, the editor at Walker, on the phone. I can’t remember anything except the panic of it, of sitting on my bed staring at my phone and waiting for it to ring. C called me first, calmed me down, talked me through what I could and couldn’t say (don’t mention how many other publishers are interested; don’t go into great detail about what edits were done to it before submission).

She reassured me that A was pretty much probably the nicest person in the publishing industry, and we’d get along great. And then the phone rang again, and she wasn’t scary at all, just a normal, lovely person. She told me how much she liked the book, how she could barely talk about it without crying because the ending was so sad. She asked whether the sequel would have a love story, and whether she’d guessed rightly about what would happen (she was on the right track).

She loved how I’d included real historical figures in the story, and she’d done a bit of research into the Jacobite uprising and Crimean war to find out what happened in reality. She asked how I’d chosen my time periods, and I rather sheepishly admitted that while originally I’d wanted to include moments in history that weren’t immediately obviously gamechanging events, when it came down to the final choice it was just points where I could find primary sources for free on Google Books. She said that was a perfectly reasonable reason for choosing them, and said that she’d want to add more historical detail- really bring out all the different worlds so they felt real- so I’d better be prepared to get back to Google Books!

She asked how I’d got the idea, and I explained I loved the idea of nature versus nurture in how people’s personalities developed, and how interesting it would be to see whether two people would still have a connection if they were raised in different times, different places; whether their love was related to circumstance or was really soul-deep. Eventually we finished talking, and I was surprised that our conversation had only been half an hour.

I also spoke to another editor on the phone, who was just as lovely. Interestingly, she suggested the opposite type of changes- she wanted to cut back some of the historical storylines, make it more modern. She wanted to bring in a lot of the sequel into the first book in little excerpts, so that at the end there was a satisfying explanation of the machinations in the background, but I thought that it might ruin the impact of the sequel if it was all explained in the first one.

She had some really great questions about the main theme of the book- whether it was all about changing history, or about the couple getting together. She really challenged me actually, pulling out all the questionable vagueities of my sequel outline, and forcing me to decide what was really important. I’m so glad that I got the chance to hear two points of view (even if they were opposing and confused me a bit) because it has really helped see what the core of the book is that people enjoy- what I should focus on, what needs to be less confusing. I had two full expressions of interest, and two delays from other publishers who wanted more time to consider, and then we just had to wait for everyone else to come in with their decision. There was another weekend, which I tried to spend doing stuff- Christmas fairs, lab reports- rather than just lying around panicking.

The next Monday, a fortnight after submission, a solid offer came through from Walker.

Dear C,

Hope you are well and had a good weekend. It was so lovely talking to Lauren last week. Everyone here is very excited about her original and epic romance. We feel it has lots of potential, and its central themes – of love, loss and courage – are ones that will resonate with young readers everywhere.

It also offers lots of fun opportunities for marketing and promotion, and I am already dreaming of a gorgeous cover look! Lauren shows so much talent for one so young. Having spoken to her last week, I feel like she is someone with whom it would be a real pleasure to work. During our phone call, Lauren and I touched briefly upon ways to make this novel even stronger.

I feel that by building out the different time periods that Matthew and Katherine inhabit while finessing some of the historical detailing, the book will become even more compelling and so tug more firmly on readers’ heart strings. This work would build on the extensive research that Lauren has already obviously done.

As you know, Walker is a company that invests in its authors in the long term. We have a proven track record for working closely with authors to launch their careers around the world, most recently with Timmy Failure, a property we bought jointly with our sister company in the US. As well as a dedicated and passionate UK sales and marketing team, we also have a passionate foreign rights team, with an excellent track record of securing deals, often at auction.

As such, we believe that we are in an excellent position to provide a global home for Lauren and her books, and we sincerely hope that Lauren will choose us! Thank you again for sharing Lauren’s terrific novel with us! I will be sat excitedly (and probably biting my nails!) as I wait to hear from you.

An identical offer came in from another publisher on Wednesday. C got to work trying to improve the terms- she wanted to keep the film/merchandise rights, etc. I’d already decided I wanted to go with Walker, regardless of the offer, because my vision of the book matched A’s more closely, and she was so keen and excited about the book- although I did like how the other editor had challenged me, and how enthusiastic she was about elements of the sequel that I hadn’t really discussed with A. We waited anyway, to see whether they would improve their offers, and they both came back with increased offers that Friday. Walker’s was better. The offer came in at 10am, and by 6pm C had closed the deal. It was done, I had a publisher!

I sent C several excited gushing emails of thanks, tweeted 140 exclamation marks at A, and went home from labs (of course all this had happened in labs, under the amused eyes of the French postdocs, of course it had). I slept so well that night, oh my god. I slept that whole weekend, I think. It’s been a bit hard to come to terms with, especially because several days after the deal was closed my agent went on maternity leave, and then everything stopped for Christmas!

But it happened! I actually got a publisher, which is ridiculous.

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24TH SEP 2014


heatherwpetty: Novel-length kissing scene: CHALLENGE ACCEPTED.

#the next together #this is my book
24TH SEP 2014

My book is up on goodreads!
The Next Together
#the next together
24TH SEP 2014

I just got my line edits back.Things my characters do a lot:

-bite their lips


-be thrilled/delighted

-gaze at each other


Not really a surprise

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19TH SEP 2014

I just saw my cover guys it’s WONDERFUL

#The Next Together #this is the best day
12TH SEP 2014

chronicintrovert asked: FIC CHALLENGE: I want a Matt and Tom childhood fic please. They could possibly run into a character/characters from Solitaire. That is all.
This is long and wordy, ENJOY chronicintrovert.

“You go.”

“No, you,” the older boy hissed.

They both stared longingly at the little boy and girl, playing with a pair of handtrux further down the beach. They had dug a hole so deep that the sand had turned into pebbles, which were large enough that it took both of them to lift them out of the hole. The boys had never seen anything so impressive in their entire lives- and they’d been to Legoland.

“Rock paper scissors not to.” Tom said eventually to his younger brother.

Matt nodded frantically. “Okay.”

“One, two, three… YESSSSS” Tom cheered, raising his scissored hand in the air. “You go.”

Matt pouted. “Fine. But I know you cheated.”

Tom folded his arms, exuding smugness. “Nope. Go.”

Matt trudged over to the other children, head ducked down shyly.

“Hi,” he said, quiet as a mouse. The brother and sister with the coolest hole on the beach were too busy arguing depth logistics, and didn’t hear him. “Hello,” he said again, a little louder.

They froze, and looked up at him from the bottom of their cool hole. Matt waved. “Can we play with you?” he asked.

“No,” said the girl. “Go away.”

She was wearing a neon green baseball cap that said BRIGHTON in orange letters, ponytail through the hole at the back. She had left enough hair free of the ponytail that it still managed to cover half her face. She bent down and prised up a rock from under her feet with a loud squelch.

“Tori!” the boy said, who was younger than the girl, about Matt’s age. “They can play.”

He smiled widely at Matt, dimples appearing in his cheeks. The girl rolled her eyes.

“Fine,“ she said. “Do you have a bucket?”

Matt nodded frantically. “Yes! I’ll go and get it.”

He sprinted off down the beach. “They said yes!!!” he yelled to Tom, who let out a whoop and ran to the cool hole, jumping straight inside. There was a muffled yelp from the depths of the hole.

“Get off me,” someone screeched.

Matt grabbed his bucket and stared at the rock pool shrimp trapped inside, caught in indecision. Finally he regretfully tipped it back into the sea.

“Be free, Gregory,” he murmured, and then ran back to the hole. By the time he got there Tom had taken complete control of the operation, and was giving orders to his subordinates.

“Tori, you bail out seawater. Charlie, you reinforce the sides with rocks to stop collapse. I’m going to dig.”

Charlie gazed up at Tom in awe, wide eyed. “Okay,” he said, handing him the handtrux. “Good plan.”

Matt whined deep in his throat. “Toooooom, I wanted to use the digger hands.”

“I’m the oldest,” Tom said, decisive. “Tori is only twelve. That means I get to dig.”

Tori rolled her eyes again, and took the bucket off Matt. “Shut up and get on with it then.”

“I’m going to get some shells to decorate the edge,” Matt decided. “Maybe a crab.”

“Good idea,” Tom said, and began to dig. Tori began scooping seawater out of the hole with the bucket. Charlie stopped staring at Tom and started pushing rocks into the sand. Matt wandered off somewhere.

The operation proceeded smoothly, until they all decided that the cool hole was finished and they wanted ice cream.

“Can we be penpals?” Tori asked Matt, licked her ninety nine.

“Sure,” said Matt. “I’ve got some Batman stickers.”


“I like your hair,” Charlie said quietly to Tom. Tom beamed at him.

“Thanks, kid.”

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9TH SEP 2014 22 NOTES


Exciting news!
As well as by Walker in the UK, THE NEXT TOGETHER is going to be published by Egmont US in America!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m obviously so excited and grateful that my little book is being published in America, wow. I’m so happy.

#the next together #egmont #walker
8TH SEP 2014 12 NOTES


spacezeros: and i also drew michael and kate getting very excited about baby otters at the zoo. i am so weird

#my favourite thing ever #solitaire #the next together
30TH AUG 2014

chronicintrovert asked: Dear Lauren. Please write a story in which Kate and Michael get very excited about otters. Thank you very much.

The double date was going reasonably well. Tori and Kate had only got into one argument, which was better than expected, and Matt and Michael were worryingly close to eloping together, they got on so well.

Though by far the best friendship to appear from the afternoon at the zoo was Kate and Michael.

Kate and Michael both lived their lives in a kind of perpetual, over the top excitement as it was, but when they got together their personalities exploded into toddler-on-a-sugar-rush levels of squealing and giggling. It was the worst thing Tori had ever seen, and even Matt was desperate for a cup of tea and a sit down.

“Shall we go and get a coffee?” Matt asked, staring in horror at Michael and Kate, who were currently holding hands and jumping up and down, d’awwwing at the sight of a hyena ripping to shreds some kind of rodent corpse.

Tori, who had been snapchatting Lucas pictures of giraffe’s bums, shot a disgusted glance at their respective significant others, and nodded.

They slowly slunk around the elephant pen, and once they were out of sight, sprinted for the cafe.

“Good idea,” Tori said, buying a coke and the biggest bag of quavers she could find. “I was about to throw them in with the lions.”

“MICHAEL, BABY OTTERS!” came a high pitched squeal from outside the cafe. Matt and Tori both winced. Then there was a thud, as something fell over.

“I’m so sorry!!” Michael said, “Are you okay?”

Matt and Tori stared at each other in horror. “I don’t even want to know,” Matt said, and drank the rest of his tea in one gulp like it was whiskey.


– What will your duties be?

– Sword fighting, obviously, administering rum and swabbing.

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28TH DEC 2014



Exciting news!!! My book is now on amazon!!!!
It doesn’t have a cover yet, because that isn’t finalised, but it’s now available for preorder. My book is now a real thing! (If things that are available on amazon are considered Real, which I think in…
Exciting news!!! My book is now on amazon!!!!

It doesn’t have a cover yet, because that isn’t finalised, but it’s now available for preorder. My book is now a real thing! (If things that are available on amazon are considered Real, which I think in this case they do.)

MY BOOK IS ON AMAZON.…/…/ref=sr_1_1…

I would be very very very grateful if you could preorder (PREORDER!!) my book (MY BOOK!!!!!!!!). It’s not out until September, which I know is a very long way off, but the more preorders I get then the more exciting things happen! My publishers will do more fun things with marketing and publicity if people are interested. You don’t have to! But I would LOVE it if you did!!!



Now that my BOOK IS ON AMAZON, all the exciting things are going to start happening, like cover reveals, and launch parties, and more pretty fanart by chronicintrovert probably, so……..I made a mailing list!

I’m only going to post very very infrequently, but if you want to sign up for updates about my book THE NEXT TOGETHER, then you can do so here. There will probably be rude jokes and links to cool youtube videos. Just saying.

While we’re at it, you can add the book on Goodreads here.

Thank you!

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16TH DEC 2014


Character pictures
I just had to make up reference images of my characters in THE NEXT TOGETHER for my publisher, for cover related reasons, so I thought I’d post them here too!

Kate Finchley

Sassy, ginger, lewd sense of humour

Matt Galloway – Cautious, glasses, sweet.

So those are my babies!

#the next together #book
8TH DEC 2014

Anonymous asked: random q, but how different is your 2039 world from today? any major technological developments? or will i have to wait for the next together to find out? ;D

Hello nonny! I presume this is in relation to my interview with Kate here.

I’m not a huge fan of future books where the technology is constantly mentioned because its ~so different~ and ~fancy~ so I’ve tried to limit the number of those kind of references. The characters have tablets, which I imagine as being paper thin and kind of opaque. I don’t think that’s ever mentioned though.

The big changes in my 2039 are all political! England is getting into some trouble with the rest of the world, but I can’t say too much about it without spoiling anything……but Things will go down. It won’t be good.

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25TH NOV 2014

chronicintrovert asked: Assignment time! Interview one of your new characters.
Okay, I’m a couple of chapters from the end of book 2 (!) and I’m avoiding writing it because I’m sad to finish it. So here’s a question from the archives!

I can’t do this for book 2 without major book 1 spoilers, so here’s an interview with THE NEXT TOGETHER’s one and only Katherine Finchley. This is set pre-book, so no spoilers for anyone!

Hey Kate, how are you feeling about starting uni?

Hi! I’m really really excited about uni, especially because it means I’ll be moving closer to my grannies (I have married grandmothers, it’s 2039, get over it.). I can’t wait to go and steal all their baking!! I’m going to eat so many pies.

What are you studying?

Biology. AKA THE BEST SUBJECT, OBVIOUSLY. I have major plans to take over the world one day. Wait, what?

Have you made any friends at uni yet?

Not yet!

And is there anyone you’re going to be sad to leave behind? A boyfriend?

Nope! I’m single and ready to mingle. I have high hopes for fresher’s week. If you are/see any shy, brunet boys with glasses, hit me up, okay?

What are your hobbies?

Uh…..does stalking cute boys count as a hobby? Because I’m an expert at that.

Oh, fandom! I’m big into fandom. Have you heard of that famous blogger, Spartacus? No? Well, he does social activism stuff. He’s a little bit illegal, and a little bit hilarious, and a whole lot of cute. I’m a big fan, as you can tell from my AO3 page.

Wait, now I think about it, that’s just stalking cute boys as well. Dammit.

Well, I hope you meet the boy of your dreams at university. Any words of advice for any fellow freshers?

Nobody has any idea what they are doing. Just fake confidence and everyone will be so impressed and intimidated by you that you won’t have to worry about anything else.

And don’t go mad on the canteen food. You’re better than that.

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23RD NOV 2014


Tumblr tag archive – The Next Together (part 1)

Everything is going a bit nuts over on Tumblr, and it’s made me think a bit more carefully about what I have on that site and what I would like to keep if it shut down. The main thing I have there is a history of each of my books in tags for each project, with inspirational pictures and progress updates. So I’m going to go through each tag in chronological order and upload them here as individual posts for each book. This is the one for The Next Together. You can find the others here:

(links to come) The Next Together (part 1) | The Next Together (part 2)  | The Next Together (part 3)| The Next Together (part 4) | The Last Beginning | Another Together | Another Beginning | The Loneliest Girl in the Universe | The Quiet at the End of the World | Book 5 (ghost house) | Book 6 (loneliest 2) | Book 7 (earth) | Book 8 (fandom) 

These are going to get loooong – there are 32 pages in The Next Together’s tag alone. But hopefully it’ll be quite interesting. I imported all my Livejournal posts to this blog too, a few years ago, so it should now be a complete(ish) record of all my internet writing activities. And it’s good to have a record in a place I can trust it will be accessible for longer than the next week.

Today I have written about 2000 words of crap about statistics, done a lab and got full marks, and painted a lion. I deserve a night off I think. Going to see RED now!

#the next together

15TH FEB 2011

laurenjames: Sarah and I had a writing competition. I wrote 2,323 words, she wrote about 400. I AM SO MUCH THE WINNER ITS NOT EVEN A PROPER VICTORY.

I have to go to bed now because I have to get up for pancakes tomorrow.


relicanth [Sarah Barnard]: all my creys

I am a lazy writer okay. I will draw your picture tomorrow





#the next together

8TH MAR 2011

This is what I’ve written since 11 last night. I’m so proud of myself for getting back into it. Most of it is dreadful run on sentences and too much dialougue, but it’s getting the plot down thats the hardest. I love editing and fixing it afterwards, so this is great ❤

#the next together

8TH MAR 2011


relicanth [Sarah Barnard]: LAUREN

You can’t see it very well, but you didn’t specify what kind of urchin you wanted so I drew a street urchin holding a sea urchin. The carriage is in the background.

laurenjames: egdfjsdljsldghowrehfero OMG this is wicked. I’m writing about a street urchin WHO SAILS IN A BOAT. so they may well be holding a sea urchin at some point


#the next together

10TH MAR 2011


phantomry-blog [Sarah Barnard] asked: BUT WHAT SHOULD I DRAW FOR YOUR BOOK

…I’m keeping that typo.

laurenjames: Ok here is a detailed list

1) a really awkward cute guy in a lab using a labcoat as a bag with apples/pens etc in it, wearing a waistcoat and docs

2) a girl dressed as a boy

3) people in space suits looking through a loft full of christmas trees and boxes etc


4) a girl cutting all her curly red hair off in a ship’s kitchen and chucking it out of a porthole

LOL I reread that and was like, wow, my novel sounds mental

#the next together
27TH MAR 2011


sherlockholmes-: Look guys my iPod offers Helvetica as a font for my Notes AM I HIPSTER YET.

Ignore my notes they’re really odd aha.

laurenjames: I think it should be a Thing that people post their notes contents page, it reveals so much about a person. Mine say stuff like

  • the adventure of the t-rex
  • arthur had only known merlin
  • value your thesis
  • a stephen king dream
  • matthew is a reporter in coach

#the next together

3RD MAY 2011

ive nearly reached 10,000 words and my brain has switched off




#the next together
17TH JUN 2011

tumblr_ln8ksc7ePo1qzfnw6o1_540aosakana: Village Girl

this is my characterrrrr *saves as inspiration*

#the next together
27TH JUN 2011

why do authors never mention how fun it is casting actors as your characters?

picspams of your original fiction are the most fun you can have

#the next together
27TH JUN 2011

Today I have:

-put a shitton of crap on ebay

-wrote notes on a primary source about the crimean war FOR FUN*

-made a picspam of my characters**

-ate trifle

-forgot to brush my hair and only realised when my mum came home from work and called it a birds nest

*for research for my book

**if you want to see i may be persuaded to post it. just saying.

#the next together
28TH JUN 2011

My characters!



VICTORIAN MODE (yeah ignore the fact that she’s underwater or whatever, thats her LOOK:



What do you think? There aren’t enough redheaded pictures out there so the girl is varied but the boy is Cillain Murphy through and through. He even has tiny little freckles on his nose! Exactly as I’ve described him. He’s a bit brooding though, my character is more cheerful.

28TH JUN 2011



yes but he has stubble and….hair, and stuff. AND MY EDITING NEEDED ANOTHER PHOTO THERE

the one with the glasses or the one where shes leaning? YES I CAN DESCRIBE THINGS

#the next together
28TH JUN 2011

abigailpatrick asked: THE ONE WHERE SHE’S LEANING. =]


It is a terrible thing that googling ‘redhead scientist lady’ doesn’t give any results whereas ‘cute guy cheekbones glasses’ gives lots. That must be sexist in some way but I’m not sure how.

I had to make do with a girl in a suit. SIGH

#the next together

28TH JUN 2011

i have now used up every possible method of writing avoidance. Abbii, get round here so I can bug you to write as a form of procrastination.

#the next together
28TH JUN 2011

I just hit ~*~thirty thousand words~*~!!!

Some of it is notes, but still 30,000!! Thats over half of NaNoWriMo!


Also I now have plotted out every chapter to the very end, and I know exactly how it’s going to end (its a killer because I am a tease and love upsetting endings).


now if only i could make myself write more often.

#the next together
28TH JUN 2011

I think I’ve found the title for my book – The Red Earth Rolls

Jesus fucking Christ that’s a terrifying thought

I can’t do this.

(at the minute it’s from this because its so appropriate for my story

They will come back – come back again, as long as the red Earth rolls.
He never wasted a leaf or a tree. Do you think He would squander souls? – Rudyard Kipling)

#the next together

29TH JUN 2011

a romance novel written by a scientist:
when a girl looks at her crush’s PhD thesis instead of his facebook page

i’m enjoying writing this so much

#the next together

8TH JUL 2011


Siege of Carlisle (November 1745) From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The siege and capture of Carlisle was an important event of the 1745–1746 Jacobite rising. Jacobite forces loyal to Prince Charles Edward Stuart captured the city of Carlisle and Carlisle Castle on 14–15 November 1745.

#the next together

22ND JUL 2011

tumblr_loyq8649bt1qdessbo1_250relicanth [Sarah Barnard]: LAUREN I DONE YOU A PRESENT

cos I have neglected you

laurenjames: opsgjfdoslikjsdl;kcs;lfksdgkpf;jgpjgsp;sdfl


#look at the pretty #sarah is the best #the next together
26TH JUL 2011


my note making is getting progressively more and more chavvy the more i write
this is a sign i should go to bed
my note making is getting progressively more and more chavvy the more i write

this is a sign i should go to bed


#this post contains a ridiculous amount of swearing considering i don’t swear #the next together
28TH JUL 2011

timetravellingtortoise [Louis Osbourne] asked: How’s the book coming along?

i’m nearly at 50,000 words which is like novel length which is pretty scary

so far it has cross dressing, war, ships, apocalypse, finding hidden treasure, space suits, SCIENCE, russians, periods, pet seagulls (and owls) and cocky freshers


#the next together
30TH JUL 2011

timetravellingtortoise [Louis Osbourne] asked: What would you do if you were trapped on a steamship for a fortnight?

[This is a reference to knowing I was writing a book about being trapped on a steamship!]
ah, its my turn is it? bring it on


i would like to say i would invent a better system of government based on ant society, but i would probably just sleep

#the next together
30TH JUL 2011



#the next together
29TH JUL 2011


So I’ve moved onto the siege of Carlisle in my endless hobby of Research Everything Ever For This Story
Part of the 2nd Jacobite uprising, in 1745 Carlisle was attacked. It surrendered after about a week of pointlessly aiming canons over the city…
So I’ve moved onto the siege of Carlisle in my endless hobby of Research Everything Ever For This Story

Part of the 2nd Jacobite uprising, in 1745 Carlisle was attacked. It surrendered after about a week of pointlessly aiming canons over the city walls. The Jacobites put their helmets on spades and waved them at the city walls to tease the city garrison.

#the next together

30TH JUL 2011



lets celebrate my nervous breakdown over this terrifying milestone shall we

#the next together
1ST AUG 2011



60,000 words. Well, fuck.

#the next together
25TH AUG 2011


A short love story.
The boy was looking at her again. I nudged her, and she shot him a glance and then looked away quickly.

“What is his problem?” she murmured under her breath to me, barely audible under the sound of the music.

“He likes you,” I said, “Go and talk to him.”

“If he liked me he’d come over and talk to me,” she replied, returning her attention to the people dancing, a mass of multicoloured limbs in the darkness. She was looking out for her on- again, off- again boyfriend. They were currently off-again, and Clare had spent a significant part of the evening declaring her deep-seated hatred for him, whilst watching his every move.

“Maybe he’s shy,” I said, sympathising. He was cute, in a skinny kind of way, clutching a pint and listening to a friend chatting in his ear, eyes fixed on Clare.

Clare’s phone beeped and she checked it absently, visibly perking up as she did so. She turned vaguely to me, saying, “Matt wants to talk. I’ll be back soon.”

I nodded, but she didn’t see, already getting up to meet her boyfriend on the dance floor. I sipped my drink quietly, watching the boy who was watching Clare.

#the next together #writing
28TH AUG 2011

Prince Charles Edward Louis John Casimir Sylvester Severino Maria Stuart

what a name

what a man

i hope his friends called him maria

oh no wait they called him bonnie

nobody noticed my joke

i make a rant about torchwood and it gets like 5 notes

i make a humorous historical pun and it is ignored

why is life so unfair

#i feel like noone understands me #maybe its that i don’t understand myself #i turn into an emo when tired #the next together
2ND SEP 2011

death scenes are the most fun to write

i dont care if that is mean but it is so true

sex scenes are good but just embarrasing because im like OMG, MY MUM WILL DEFINITELY READ THIS ONE DAY SOON

and exposition is good but im all ‘what adjective should i use to describe the speech here’

but death scenes are so, so great

you dont need to worry about any of that

because the more out of control the writing is the better

and there is a challenge of can i make myself cry when writing this (yes) and if so you win all the awards and its just brilliant ok


#the next together
4TH SEP 2011

phantomry-blog [Sarah Barnard] asked: hello Lauren I like you so I just read through what I had missed on your tumblr. It made me laugh, lots of it!! One day I will illustrate your novel and they will be gr8 illustrations but not as gr8 as your novel!! Yes! This ask is written ridiculously. I think because it’s late. Hey there’s a maximum word count now isn’t there? Well I’m going to try and get to that. Did you like Doctor Who? I’m going to France soon. Scary times! I keep fighting with my mum about it 😦 26 caracteres restants eh?


the pic you already did for my book is my wallpaper on my ipod i love it ❤

france ahhhhhhhhhhh

i’m going to nottingham soon AHHHHHH

oh, wait.

#the next together #nice people
18TH SEP 2011

I’m currently having a massive moment of doubt at whether anyone would even want to read a romance type novel set in 3 different war zones except me

i hope so, otherwise these 70,000 words are going to waste.

oh dear

#the next together
17TH SEP 2011

that awkward moment when you use the description ‘like a rabbit caught in the headlights’ when it’s set in 1745 and headlights didn’t exist

#the next together
18TH SEP 2011


Why the convoluted sentences, people of the past?
“If only we knew what was happening, this is bullshit.”

#the next sentence is even longer #not a word of a lie #the next together
18TH SEP 2011

Trying really, really hard not to make a ‘rim me, hardy’ joke [reference to this comedy sketch] in this scene about Nelson, but I don’t think I’m strong enough. I’m abusing my powers as an author here, guys. Help.


hi, i’m a mature adult, nice to meet you

#the next together
14TH JUL 2012

Hey, clever people.

Is it ‘he fell towards her’ or ‘he fell toward her’?

I feel like one is an Americanism but I don’t know which.

#the next together
13TH JUL 2012

i’ve written like 23 chapters of continuous plot whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat

#look at that word count #how did this happen #the next together
6TH JUL 2012

and so we start another day of doing everything possible to avoid doing any writing, including but not limited to organising all of my c drive in minute detail

procrastination update: made mars bar cookies

#the next together
28TH JUN 2012

i want to draw my characters and have a general fanart session with pretty dresses and curly hair and plotty things but i can’t art waaaaaaahh

#the next together
25TH JUN 2012

andalites [Sarah Barnard]: omg go away congrats on ur words though

laurenjames: thanks!!

i think i am getting better at writing completely PG porn though

“This is a stupid idea,” he eventually muttered, mouth pinched. “This is going to end so badly.”

“Will you help?” she said eagerly, ignoring his pessimism. He let out a long suffering sigh and nodded.

“I will. But you have to be mature about this. We are going to have to be really careful.”

“It will be fine,” she said breezily. He stared at her, and she rolled her eyes. “I promise to be really careful and do everything you say, or you can do something really bad as punishment.”

“A warning isn’t at all threatening when it’s as vague as that, but yes, I will do something really scary if you behave like an idiot,” he replied, so she relaxed slightly. If he was joking with her he wasn’t about to panic and run just yet.

After a minute of silence, Matthew sulking and Katherine squirming in excitement, she added, “Well, look on the bright side. If it ends badly, I’m sure you can write a wonderful novel about how much you hated the whole experience.”

He snorted. “Sure,” he said dryly. “It will go down in history as the gospel truth on ‘Why Not to Trust Katherine Hallward Ever, Under any Circumstances’.”

She laughed giddily and relaxed in a boneless sprawl against his arm, already wondering how she could convince Matthew to lend her some of his clothes. He nudged her shoulder with his own, smiled down at her. She held his gaze, feeling the buzz of it under her skin, and he kept eye contact, until he had to look back to the road.

“So,” she asked after a content silence, “Can I borrow a shirt? Maybe a pair of trousers?”

He hummed sceptically. “I think my clothes would overwhelm you.”

She sat upright and stretched out her arms alongside his to measure the difference. Her fingertips reached the base of his thumb and she casually left her hand on his wrist as she pressed against his side. He was warm and she softly rubbed the bone of his wrist with her thumb. He didn’t mention it, but as he guided the reins his hand twisted. Her fingers curled into the palm of his hand, and she rubbed small circles into his skin.

“I don’t know, I think I’ll fit just fine.”

He pressed his hand tighter around hers.

“It might work, I suppose.”

 #the next together
21ST JUN 2012


#lauren does words #all of them are terrible #i have a ‘lauren drinks sherry’ tag is that really neccessary #the next together
21ST JUN 2012

Doing the writing
“Will you go on a date with me?” Matt asks, and Kate mutters “I guess so,” in the general direction of the floor. She’s pretty sure her face is telling him that what she really means is ‘Yes, yes I will, can we go right now before I explode with glee’ because when she plucks up the courage to look up he’s grinning smugly to himself.

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10TH JUN 2012

History repeats itself. Somebody says this.
History throws its shadow over the beginning, over the desktop, over the sock drawer with its socks, its hidden letters.
History is a little man in a brown suit trying to define a room he is standing outside of.
I know history. There are many names in history
but none of them are ours.
— “Little Beast” by Richard Siken from Crush

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19TH JAN 2012

for like life in general idk

  • finish my story
  • never going to happen but
  • i can dream
  • do my quantum coursework
  • learn to beat matlab
  • at everything
  • make a soufflé they look cool
  • go a day without buying someone a present on amazon
  • no cancel that
  • do laundry
  • like proper laundry with ironing and everything
  • start sleeping normal hours
  • that can wait til next year actually who needs to be sensible
  • revise point groups
  • goddamn things i hate them so much
  • get them away from me
  • then bring them back when they make sense
  • see The View live
  • get my birds tattoo

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25TH NOV 2011

sarah is reading over something i wrote

her only comments are on the food

“mmm i had pasta today” “pancakes oooh”

shes a great beta

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22ND NOV 2011

So this is mainly a refernce for Sarah if she’s ever doing another drawing of my characters (not that I’m asking, derp) but Katherines hair looks just like this in my head!

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20TH OCT 2011

Today I’ve written 700 words. Depressingly, thats more than I’ve written in about the last month.

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21ST SEP 2011

laurenjames: it kind of ruins the romance of a victorian sex scene when you go into a detailed description of the undressing process, doesn’t it?


unapologeticfangirl: Dude. I would have lost my desire after about ten minutes of trying to get a corset off!

laurenjames: at least the possibility of sex before marriage would be greatly decreased just because its too much effort.

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20TH SEP 2011


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7TH NOV 2012

o well i guess this scene is ok

He shifted on the spot, his shoulder brushing against hers. She watched him as he looked out across the fog covered landscape, the shape of his nose, the curl of hair against his forehead. His Adam’s apple- moving as he swallowed. He turned his head, catching her eye, but she didn’t drop her gaze.

“Katherine,” he said thickly, voice low and with the slight hint of a warning. She could feel her eyes flick to his lips, so close to her own, and he blinked slowly in surprise, eyes darkening.

“Matthew…” The sound was barely more than a breath in the air, but it seemed to physically touch him. He swayed slightly, stepping back then rocking forward, closer toward her.

She could see each eyelash in perfect detail, fluttering as he blinked, his gaze darting over her face to rest on her mouth. She wet her lips, watched his pupils widen. Katherine felt unsteady, lit up from the inside like a beacon. She pressed closer until she could feel his rough breath against her, could see nothing but his face.

He closed his eyes, cleared his throat, and stepped abruptly away from her as if it were a physical ache. He ducked his head and turned, disappearing into the crowd without her seeing his face. She looked after him silently, gasping air like she’d been running, and pressed her palms against her hot cheeks to cover her blush.

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5TH OCT 2012


redstrawberryginger: “ Redhead by ~onesummerago

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25TH JUL 2012


question that may or not be related to writing (spoilers: it is)
What would be the least sexy thing to wear on a date? Like, as a prank?

(must be funny)

(also not offensive)


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24TH JUL 2012


First Look At Ben Whishaw As The New ‘Q’ In SKYFALL





laurenjames: YES





also i made a #the red earth rolls tag so now the entire world can see how bad at writing i am

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16TH JUL 2012

In the last half an hour I have googled radiation sickness, full highland dress, bloodletting and maid’s sleeping quarters. That was to write about a paragraph.

I’m either doing something really wrong in my research, or really right.

Also: my novel wouldn’t exist without wikipedia.

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16TH JUL 2012


tumblr_lxyxl7K45o1qkjkwao1_1280Abbii: Lauren. Him. But Slightly lighter. In fact quite a lot light. And either less stubble or more. No in between stubble like this pic. Not as skinny though.

Laurenjames: hmm, wrong haircolour, and his face is a bit too thin. but he has the right build! also, ben winshaw is perf

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15TH JUL 2012



laurenjames: hey abbii

you weren’t around earlier so i’m totally asking again

what does matthew look like in your head cause in mine he is this guy and i ONLY JUST REALISED

Abbii: Hmm…sort of. I see him with that hair but not that face shape. Also this guy wouldn’t suit a cowboy shirt and corduroy trousers. Matthew makes it work for him. In my head he does anyway.

laurenjames: yeahhhh maybe. he has the right eyes though

Abbii: And eyebrows. I dunno, I think Matthew has a less…triangular(?) face. I wish I could draw him for you. Fuck, how do you art?

laurenjames: i haven’t found a good katherine yet. i don’t really know how i see her features.

also i’m about a chapter away from being completely DONE!! i’m planning to read through it/have a quick edit and then i want to print off a copy, get everyone to read it and note down any corrections etc, pass it around so i can fix it all in one go. i’ve been looking for a good place to print it off and the minimum cost i can find is £12 for 250 pages 😦

i’m so excited to have people read it, everytime i write a good bit i’m like ‘JUST SHOW THEM NOW DO IT DO IT’ and i have to actively stop myself so i can read it through myself first and check for stupid mistakes. I’m so excited!!!!

Sarah: THAT WAY I COULD ACTUALLY READ IT. If you actually trust me enough to give me a copy, that is.

laurenjames: yeah of course you can read it!! i want EVERYONE to read it, which probably isn’t the best way to go about it. people can only read it for the first time once, so i should maybe save some people to read it after i’ve redrafted it to see if it reads better? if that makes sense. ANYWAY I’M TOO EXCITED IT’S UNFAIR

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15TH JUL 2012


A possible Katherine. She needs to have the kind of face that would work as a boys in disguise, so I’m struggling to find a good match, but Amy Nuttall is pretty close.
A possible Katherine. She needs to have the kind of face that would work as a boys in disguise, so I’m struggling to find a good match, but Amy Nuttall is pretty close.

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30TH JUL 2012

yes she’s perfect

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30TH JUL 2012


nameless-passerby: – I’m your new quartermaster. ~ Ben Whishaw as Q – Skyfall


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29TH JUL 2012


what do i do with my life from this point on

i finished

all the words



I…..wrote a novel.

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25TH JUL 2012


I’m been staring at this picture awestruck for about ten minutes because this is my character, Matthew. It’s like my brain made this picture.
I’m been staring at this picture awestruck for about ten minutes because this is my character, Matthew. It’s like my brain made this picture.

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1ST JAN 2013


laurenjames: Going through my inbox and just found the first EVER review of my book, which apparently passed the minimum requirement for published fiction. Let’s hope this leads the way for reviews to come.

Sarah: # i’m my favourite person# (that’s not true but shh)# lauren i’ve been going through your novel tag# i liked the hugh dancy posts and amy nuttall and the disney princess exchange# but i’m reblogging my own jokes instead

laurenjames: I think about Hugh Dancy too much.

The Disney princess is good, but I think the leg flick is my all time favourite novel IM convo now.

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1ST JAN 2013

Hey guys!

I went to Germany, which was amazing. Whilst I was there I also had some amazing news: an agent is interested in my YA novel! She read it and liked it and described me as often funny,which I keep telling everyone as if it’s some kind of official review of my personality. LAUGH AT MY JOKES, I’M OFTEN FUNNY. She’s going to help me work on the plot, which needs a lot of love before we can take it to any publishers, but fingers crossed soon (by which I mean, in the next year or so….when do I have time for writing on top of school?) I’ll have some exciting news!

Alright, ~Lauren OUT

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22ND JAN 2013

Sometimes I go through my novel tag and weep at how carefree and innocent I was.
When now I’m actually getting stuff happening with it and it’s all STRESS and REWRITES and PAIN, SO MUCH PAIN.
can I go back to the days all I did was reblog pictures of Ben Whishaw and write makeout scenes

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23RD JAN 2013

My agent is literally just feeding my ego email by email:
I am completely bowled over by the fact that you wrote this at such a young age, not to mention the fact that you are a scientist too, on the side! This is an incredibly exciting demonstration of talent in a what you refer to as a first practice attempt – I can only imagine what fantastic books lie ahead of you, and am so pleased to be in touch. The below feedback might feel a barrage of criticism, but please know that I have spent so much time thinking about this because I’m genuinely excited about what you can do. It’s very rare to come across such an exciting new voice.





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23RD JAN 2013



hey there, kate

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31ST JAN 2013


I may have introduced my agent to Dinosaur comics. I may have the best agent ever.


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6TH FEB 2013

I’m waiting for some important news (TUNE IN SOON FOR HOPEFULLY EXCITING NEWS, GUYS) too which is making me antsy.

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19TH DEC 2012

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29TH JUN 2013


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27TH JUN 2013

A The Red Earth Rolls reincarnation playlist for procrastination reasons


It’s strange how soon you forget

That you’re like stars

They only show up when it’s dark

The past, it knocks on your door

And throws stones at your window at 4 in the morning

Well maybe he thinks it’s romantic

He’s crazy but you knew that before

Isn’t it time you got over

How fragile you are

We’re all wait- Waiting on your supernova

Cause that’s who you are

And you’ve only just begun to shine

Shine, Anna Nalick

I’m so tired

Tired of waiting

Tired of waiting for you

I was a lonely soul

I had nobody till I met you

But you keep-a me waiting

All of the time

What can I do?

Its your life

And you can do what you want

Do what you like

But please don’t keep-a me waiting

Tired of waiting,The Kinks

Well I came home

Like a stone

And I fell heavy into your arms

These days of dust

Which we have known

Will blow away with this new sun

But I’ll kneel down

Wait for now

And I’ll kneel down

Know my ground

And I will wait,

I will wait for you

I will wait, MUMFORD & SONS

I cut my hands

And break my back

Draggin’ this bag of stones

Till they bury me down, beneath the ground

With the dust and rattlin’ bones

Rattlin Bones, Kasey Chambers

Time is racing toward us

till the Huns arrive

Heed my every order and you might survive

You’re unsuited for the rage of war

So pack up, go home you’re through

I’ll make a man out of you, Mulan

New life decides we never had a clue

The two of us deciding what to do

Though my hands are all but tied

I rebound so I can say at least I tried

If I only just begin to understand it that’s because

Every time I time I start to change my mind again

It gets me back to where I was

And long as I’m allowed I’ll change my mind

That’s what it’s for I’m getting older but I’m still the same

I’m just thinking anymore

Back to where I was, Eric Hutchinson

I was left to my own devices

Many days fell away with nothing to show

And the walls kept tumbling down

In the city that we love

Grey clouds roll over the hills

Bringing darkness from above

But if you close your eyes,

Does it almost feel like

Nothing changed at all?

And if you close your eyes,

Does it almost feel like

You’ve been here before?

How am I gonna be an optimist about this?

Pompeii, Bastille (I can’t get over how perfect for Book it is (if you close your eyes does it almost feel like we’re been here before) (the walls kept tumbling down in the city that we loved))

A terrible autonomy

Has grafted onto you and me

Our trust put in the government

They told their lies as heaven-sent

‘Til the war came

And the war came with a curse and a caterwaul

And the war came with all the poise of a cannonball

And they’re picking out our eyes by coal and candlelight

When the war came, the war came hard

When the war came, The Decemberists

I lose my page in the book then the plot then I swear

She makes the most of her time by loving me plenty

She knows there’ll come a day when we won’t be getting any

Stain of the sepia of the butcher Crimea

Through the rack of a brass band I thought I could see her

In a cake walk she came through the dead and the lame

Just a little bird floating on a hurricane

To the dogs or whoever, Josh Ritter (courtesy of Sarah)

Feel the beat; music and rhyme

While there is time.

We all go round and round

Partners of lost and found

Le meme Histoire, Feist (courtesy of Sarah)

Every time she rises up the ocean sinks

Her memory drags a drape of a thousand angry stings

Set adrift into her swarm-man o war

Caught up in her dangling sting-off the shore

Of a foreign brown sand beach as blue as bottles cover you

Many messengers and rebels have come and gone without a trace

And many more will come tomorrow and many more will be erased

They tap the lines to hear the sounds that start the songs the rebels sing

And drag a net to seine the bottom for the purse the bastards bring

And like a lion don’t mind if a lamb takes her time

A beast doesn’t care if you surrender tonight

Cause a beast knows she’ll get what she wants in good time

What she wants all in good time

Man o War, Eric Bachmann

I fell asleep beneath you

In the tall blades of grass

When I woke the world was new

I never had to ask

Most kind of stories

Save the best part for last

Most stories have a hero who finds

You make your past your passed

It’s a brand new day

The sun is shinning

It’s a brand new day

For the first time

In such a long long time

I know I’ll be ok

This cycle never ends

You gotta fall in order to mend

And it’s a brand new day

Brand New Day, Joshua Radin

And a preview of the sequel:

Run, whirlwind run

Further and further away

Into the sun

In, 20 minutes

Everyone will remember you when you’re gone

And your heart, is a stone

Buried underneath your pretty clothes

Don’t you know people write songs about girls like you?

How would you cope if the world decided to

Make you suffer for all that you were?

Girls like you, The Naked and the Famous

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25TH JUN 2013

dreamsandink replied to your post: Love Bastille! I can totally see it!

lonelycarp replied to your post: the bastille song in the context of your book is actually really clever wow

laurenjames: the first time i heard that song i was v suspicious about where they got their ideas from, it was that accurate


fuckyourwritinghabits: Why Your Characters Never Poop (And Other Unnecessary Information)

Writing an interesting novel is all about your ability to cut needless or boring information. When I was