Another Lesson in Plotting (AKA let’s fix Killing Eve)

Spoilers below for the final series of Killing Eve and James Bond. Hello. Hi. Hey. Once again, a screen project has fundamentally failed to understand the nature of a tragedy. How many times can this happen in one year? Your guess is as good as mine. As you might be aware, Killing Eve ended thisContinue reading “Another Lesson in Plotting (AKA let’s fix Killing Eve)”

A Lesson in Plotting (AKA how to fix the James Bond movie with 3 new scenes)

So, I saw No Time to Die. And I have a lot of thoughts, not necessarily good, about the script. It made some errors which are so incredibly basic – and so easily fixable! – that I haven’t been able to stop rewriting it in my head. Let’s do some script doctoring. Spoilers below forContinue reading “A Lesson in Plotting (AKA how to fix the James Bond movie with 3 new scenes)”

Best books of 2021 + yearly round up

2020 favourites | 2019 favourites | 2018 favourites | 2017 favourites | 2016 favourites | 2015 favourites | 2014 favourites A Psalm for the Wild-Built by Becky Chambers – set in a future world where humans live alongside nature in green, adaptive cities with vertical farms. Out in the wilderness, the descendants of robots from the ‘factory-age’ live in freedom, after developing sentience. This isContinue reading “Best books of 2021 + yearly round up”

Plant magic & the climate

Laura Lam, author of sci-fi Goldilocks, interviewed me about my new climate thriller Green Rising, out now with Walker Books. Laura: I zipped through Lauren James’ Green Rising when I was offered it for a blurb. It’s a perfect call to arms for teens (and adults) for climate change, while also being a rollicking goodContinue reading “Plant magic & the climate”

Top 5 Uplifting Climate Fiction Novels

I love books which move beyond depressing dystopias set in the near-future, to show a more positive and active approach to the climate crisis. Like my new book Green Rising, all of these books are positive and uplifting, and inspire readers to take action. The future isn’t hopeless, and this fiction represents that. The SummerContinue reading “Top 5 Uplifting Climate Fiction Novels”

Read The Deep Sea Duke for free!

You can currently read The Deep-Sea Duke for free here as a part of the #COP26 Virtual Book Showcase, alongside a range of other eco-themed books. This is a short, romantic novella which you could read over a coffee. The Deep-Sea Duke is a mermaid/android romp at a royal alien court on an underwater planet.Continue reading “Read The Deep Sea Duke for free!”

Can a climate fiction novel be uplifting?

As a former physicist, my writing is always science focussed. I’ve written a book about space travel inspired by special relativity (The Loneliest Girl in the Universe), a post-apocalyptic novel based on extinction and evolution (The Quiet at the End of the World), and multiple other stories with scientists at their heart. From the beginningContinue reading “Can a climate fiction novel be uplifting?”

In Conversation with my editor

Last year to celebrate the launch of The Reckless Afterlife of Harriet Stoker, Emily and I did a chat about writing, editing, and everything that goes on behind-the-scenes of book publishing. I had so much fun getting to quiz her that I asked if we could do it again for Green Rising. I’ve been workingContinue reading “In Conversation with my editor”

Join the climate scavenger hunt

My new book, Green Rising, is a climate thriller inspired by movements like Extinction Rebellion. I wanted to write about teenage activists who have the power to make real, decisive change in the climate crisis. It’s something which makes us all feel incredibly helpless, and climate fiction is often a depressing, dystopian look at ourContinue reading “Join the climate scavenger hunt”