If you want to meet me, here are a few events I’m going to be appearing at:

August 28th : ‘To the end of time’ panel with Philip Reeve,  Edinburgh Book Festival, 1.30pm – Tickets available to (primarily Scottish students) here.

Lauren James and Philip Reeve take you on an incredible journey of imagination involving extraordinary beings, complex characters, thrills and thoughtful moments. Both authors have created stunning sci-fi novels that explore time, space, love, loneliness and the end of the universe. Join them on an intergalactic adventure exploring everyday human emotions.

October 8th: Bath Literature Festival panel with Lucy Ivison and Tom Ellen, chaired by Lucy Powrie, 12:45 PM, £6, tickets available here.

Love is a many splendored thing. Love, lifts us up where we belong. All you need is love. So say authors Lauren James (The Next Together) and Tom Ellen & Lucy Ivison (Lobsters) – or do they? There’s more to their new books than a love story. Find out here!

13th & 14th October: Deptcon3, Easons, Dublin – Tickets available here

School or library visits can be arranged here.  For other events, please contact my publicist at Walker Books, Rosi Crawley at

Photo by University of Nottingham

“Lauren speaks with humour and knowledge. I would recommend booking her for an event without hesitation.” – Emily Tristram – Kenilworth School Literacy Coordinator

“Lauren is a talented presenter and she connected really well with the audience at the event. She also happens to be a very lovely person and quick to respond to my emails about the event details. I’d definitely recommend her for running or taking part in other events.” – Anne Smart, Digital Communications Manager, The University of Nottingham

“Lauren talks so well and was definitely one of the best author visits that we have had at the library.” –  Sorrelle Clements, Coventry Libraries and Information Services