My Top 5 Writing Tools

Today I’m sharing some of the tools I use to write (apart from, you know, a laptop and Microsoft Word). I used to think that I didn’t need any extra things to write, and that just over-complicates things – but these really streamline the process and keep things organised. Some of these were recommended by AvaContinue reading “My Top 5 Writing Tools”

August favourites | WorkFlowy | Crazy Ex Girlfriend | As I Descended

Wow, it feels like a while since I did a proper one of these! I had to cut down this list so much because it was just getting ridiculous….why do I like so many things, really Lauren really. Musical: The Lion King I’ve been putting off going to see this for yeaaaars because tickets areContinue reading “August favourites | WorkFlowy | Crazy Ex Girlfriend | As I Descended”