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Things I liked in December | And then there were none | Oscar Isaac | Podcasts

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It’s mid-January! I’m very late with this post! Let’s get on with it!


Podcast – Fiction Addiction

My friend Sarah records this, and it’s really thoughtful and broad, and I’m very into it. Recently, she and her co-host have discussed Jessica Jones, Code Name Verity, Hannibal and Bakkhai. Good work, Sarah.

Book – Juniper Lane by Kady Morrison

9780990484431.jpgAfter a breakup she’d rather not talk–or think–about ever again, Mim Robinson has nowhere to go: distanced from her friends, estranged from most of her family, she finds herself against all odds on Juniper Lane, surrounded by an eccentric aunt and her wealthy, uptight neighbors. Among the catty gossip and quiet rhythms of the suburbs, Mim finds herself striking up a strange, unexpected friendship with the intimidating Nadia Bahjat, the only other twenty-something on the street. Nadia, a professional chef and perennial disappointment to her parents, had to leave a promising career in the city to return home when her father grew sick–but she’ll soon realize that her parents may not be as perfect as she’d always imagined. A queer romance that encompasses both a cutting satire of suburban American life and a nuanced depiction of the aftermath of abuse, Juniper Lane is above all an ode to the freedom that comes from embracing the uncertainty of adulthood.

I’m a huge (HUGE) fan of Big Bang Press’s A Hero at the end of the world, so as soon as their second release landed on my kindle I devoured it whole.  It’s lovely and romantic in a hazy summer kind of way. Intensely character focused, with a great critique of suburban America. I really enjoyed this one. This isn’t released until April, but it’s up for preorder here.

TV series-  And Then There Were None
tumblr_o08pd4MkMz1ruxfazo1_250.giftumblr_o08pd4MkMz1ruxfazo2_250.gifThis sinister BBC adaptation of the Agatha Christie
mystery was my favourite part of Christmas tv, tbh. It was ominous and slick and perfect – and Aidan Turner is in it, with a lot of Female Gaze cinematography going on. It reminded me a LOT of my fave tv show Hannibal, in terms of elegant murder, dinner parties and fashion. Watch it.

I also really enjoyed this interview with the Production Designer discussing the design of the figurines, this analysis of the Murder Order of the cast at The Toast and this fannish character analysis. Clearly I follow the best people on social media because everyone was Big Into this 3-episode series.


Quiz – Will You Make A Suitable Bride For Oscar Isaac?

As you may be aware, since Star Wars came out, Oscar Isaac has become tumblr’s new boyfriend (exes include: Tom Hiddleston, Dylan O’Brien, Benedict Cumberbatch, Natalie Dormer etc. etc.). My fave satire website was quick to jump on this internet-wide crush and make a quiz about him. I have read novels with less production quality. Let me hire this person to write for me.



Even though I have yet to see Star Wars (I know! What am I doing!), I approve. Wholeheartedly.


In other news: I’ve added all of the extra scenes and short stories that I’ve written about Kate and Matt to Wattpad. You can now read Chapter 1 from Matt’s POV, a medieval short story, some deleted scenes and a ton of drabbles.

In a very fun blog interview recently, I got to choose my favourite quotes, characters and more from The Next Together.

I reviewed Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge for a series on Bollywood that the lovely Sofia is running.