Can you read my writing and give me feedback?

I’m sorry but I can’t! If authors read everyone else’s work then if they ever wrote anything a little bit similar themselves they could get accused of plagiarism. However, if you go to a website like wattpad there’ll be loads of people who can give you constructive criticism. I’m happy to answer any specific questions you have though.

Where can I buy your book if I don’t live in the UK?

You can get a copy with free international shipping through the Book Depository. The Next Together will also be published in hardback in the US by Sky Pony Press in Spring 2017, and translated into German, Turkish, Russian and Brazilian Portuguese over the next year or so, so watch this space!

How did you get published?

I wrote a blog post about getting my book deal here.

Can you come and do an event at my school?

I’m always happy to do events! School or library visits can be arranged through  Authors Aloud by emailing info@authorsalouduk.co.uk or phoning 01727 893992.

For other events, please contact my publicist at Walker Books, Sarah Bennett at sarah.bennett@walker.co.uk.

Are you going to write more books?

OF COURSE. I’ve already written the sequel to The Next Together, The Last Beginning, which will come out in 2016. And I’m halfway through my third novel, which is a sci fi thriller. I have….several other books in the works too, which I’m not going to say anything about yet!

Can you recommend some good books to me?

Never fear, I got ya back.

Can you sign my book?

You can call my local independent bookshop Kenilworth Books on 01926 855784 to order a signed copy of The Next Together. You can also check out my events page to see where you can meet me, or get a digital signature for your ebook here.

Photo by University of Nottingham