The Next Together is a real book!

Today I got to hold my book for the first time as a real physical thing. I’m feeling very emotional and a little tearful about it right now, so please indulge me for this post. Here’s the story of The Next Together, and why this is such a huge huge deal to me. Two weeksContinue reading “The Next Together is a real book!”

Is women’s writing only considered literary fiction if it’s about men?

Recently I’ve been trying to read prize winning novels, and I’ve noticed a disappointing similarity between most of the books. Critically acclaimed books by women are usually about men.  Out of the last 7 Man Booker prizes awarded to women, 5 have had male protagonists*. Out of the last 7 Baileys/Orange Women’s prize for fiction winners,Continue reading “Is women’s writing only considered literary fiction if it’s about men?”

Researching history

I recently posted about the historical events and locations in The Next Together, so I thought I’d explain how I did my historical research. If you asked my editor and copyeditor, they’d likely admit that I’m not the best at historical accuracy. I’m not a historian. I’m never going to be as good as authorsContinue reading “Researching history”

The locations in The Next Together

Last time I posted, I had just found out that my American publishers, Egmont US, have closed down. I tried to sound positive but it had got me down quite a bit. However, I’ve got lots of wonderful people looking after me, and being very positive, so I’m a lot less upset about the wholeContinue reading “The locations in The Next Together”

Writing an LGBT protagonist

I have something that I guess is an announcement, but I don’t really think of it like that. It’s just something I’ve not mentioned online before. Ever. My second book, the sequel to The Next Together, which doesn’t have a firm title yet, has an LGBT protagonist. The main character is a lesbian. I’m notContinue reading “Writing an LGBT protagonist”

The agonies and delights of obtaining a book deal

This post is about the process of getting my book deal. It was written a month after I got my deal, and rereading it now I sound MENTAL. The stress/excitement really got to me. I probably could have dealt with it all better, and being cut off from my entire family at uni for theContinue reading “The agonies and delights of obtaining a book deal”

Exploring my book’s location

Firstly, a special announcement: I’m starting a book club with some fellow authors Alice Oseman, Catherine Doyle, Louise O’Neill and Sara Barnard!  Not just any old book club. A book club for our favourite books. The books that changed our lives. The books that made us. Each of us has picked the three books that are the most important toContinue reading “Exploring my book’s location”

Young Adult Literature Convention thoughts

(BACKDATED POST) In July I went to the London Comiccon, which hosted the first YA convention. It was brilliant, and I met lots of people, quite a few of whom had read my book and knew who I was?? It was a bit surreal and I felt like a huge imposter. I got to go toContinue reading “Young Adult Literature Convention thoughts”

The difference between writing YA as a teenager and an adult

When I started writing my first novel I had no idea it would be a Young Adult book. I was eighteen, and I just wanted to write a story. I wrote it about people my age, about characters who were like me, with jokes that I thought were funny and ideas that caught my interest.Continue reading “The difference between writing YA as a teenager and an adult”