Everything You Believe Is Wrong (or, why I thought I couldn’t be a writer)

So, I used to love writing as a kid. I wrote stories about my dogs (something I think every author does, as a kid. Right?). I wrote stories about my local park’s war memorial actually being a time machine space ship for vampire shapeshifter alien snakes (that old cliché, urgh). But when I was aboutContinue reading “Everything You Believe Is Wrong (or, why I thought I couldn’t be a writer)”

Writing the dreaded Second Novel

My next novel, THE LAST BEGINNING, is a sequel to THE NEXT TOGETHER, and comes out in Autumn 2016.  I never even knew that THE NEXT TOGETHER would have a sequel until I wrote the last chapter. Then I suddenly realised that there was this whole other story I hadn’t told. I couldn’t bear toContinue reading “Writing the dreaded Second Novel”

Let’s talk about ‘strong female characters’.

I’m currently writing a book with a very emotionally vulnerable female character. She’s powerless, easily influenced, subject to frequent panic attacks, sensitive and lacks self confidence. She’s weak in almost every way you can name: emotionally, mentally and physically. Despite that, she’s the strongest female character I’ve ever written. Why? Because I believe that she’s theContinue reading “Let’s talk about ‘strong female characters’.”

Behind the Book: Editor Annalie Grainger

More in this series: Agent | Ghostwriter | Editor | Library Assistant  | Publicity Assistant | Typesetter | Cover Designer | Foreign Rights Manager | Blogger |Scout |Translators | Book charity | Copyeditor I am very, very excited today to be talking to my editor at Walker Books! Annalie is one of the most genuinely nice people I’ve ever met, as well as being anContinue reading “Behind the Book: Editor Annalie Grainger”

I wrote an article for The Toast!

I’m a huge fan of the feminist humour website The Toast, and my super secret personal goal for 2015 was to write an article for them. I’m happy to say that I managed it! Here is my first ever freelance article, written on the topic of (of course) Harry Potter. I also put my chemistry degree to (debatably) goodContinue reading “I wrote an article for The Toast!”

Should there be diverse, explicit sex scenes in YA?

Yesterday the wonderful Lucy, Queen of UKYA, hosted another #UKYAchat on twitter. This time the topic was LGBT representation in Young Adult novels, and it was a really interesting discussion including a lot of authors and publishing professionals who I really admire. It’s worth taking a look through the hashtag here. There were several partsContinue reading “Should there be diverse, explicit sex scenes in YA?”