Editing a scene from start to finish – The Quiet at the End of the World

When The Next Together and The Last Beginning were released, I posted the different versions of a scene in the book as it went through editing from first draft to final published book. You can read The Next Together’s here, and The Last Beginning here. I thought I’d do it again for The Quiet at the EndContinue reading “Editing a scene from start to finish – The Quiet at the End of the World”

A belated writing progress update – eight months later

Hi gang, On this blog I used to do writing progress updates, and enough has been happening recently that I thought it was about time to dust off the old blog and give you an update. This series is specifically about a speculative, un-contracted manuscript I’m writing under the codename #ghosthouse. You can read partsContinue reading “A belated writing progress update – eight months later”

My …. writing process. Whatever that means.

So I was sent this ask on tumblr. I’m about due a blog post, so I thought I’d answer it here. (I owe you a June Favourites too – it’s coming, I promise.) I don’t think I’d do a vlog like Alice (she’s is a lot better at that stuff than me) but I do giveContinue reading “My …. writing process. Whatever that means.”

Mining the depths of the internet

Inspired by Lucy Powrie’s video on Internet books, I thought I’d talk about books featuring the internet too. For me personally, books about internet culture are something I want so much and am never satisfied by. I am 23, and I can’t remember a time without the internet. I’m sure there probably was a timeContinue reading “Mining the depths of the internet”

Write about zombie cats & other writing tips

Over the last few months I’ve done a lot of events, and I always get asked for my top writing tips. I don’t really believe in “writing” tips, because as long as a story is compelling, you can break any rule and it’ll work (there is nothing wrong with adverbs, for example). Most of theContinue reading “Write about zombie cats & other writing tips”

Article for The Guardian: Scientific inaccuracies your favourite historical characters definitely believed

From smoking being good for you, to it being possible to turn metal into gold, have you ever wondered what Mr Darcy, Dr Frankenstein and Miss Marple would have accepted as plain fact? Lauren James reveals all here! Mr Darcy (seen here played by Colin Firth in the film of Pride and Prejudice) would haveContinue reading “Article for The Guardian: Scientific inaccuracies your favourite historical characters definitely believed”

Why I chose to write in an epistolary format

The Next Together follows the various lives of Katherine and Matthew as they meet and fall in love throughout history. There are timelines in the recent future and distant past, and each time a mysterious being is tracking Kate and Matt’s relationship, and making sure they fall in love and save the world in everyContinue reading “Why I chose to write in an epistolary format”

What’s my writing process?

A lot like this, mainly. With probably more eye rolling. I don’t have a routine, but I’m very picky about my working environment. The slightest excuse not to write and I won’t get anything done! I need chewing gum, a spreadsheet of my daily word counts on myWriteClub (to keep me accountable!) and lots and lots of music.Continue reading “What’s my writing process?”

How to handle writer’s block

  Before we begin, a disclaimer: I don’t really believe in writer’s block. I think that what we call ‘writer’s block’ is really just ‘thinking time’. Everyone needs to leave ideas to ‘ferment’, which can hold you back from writing for a little while. Sometimes writing isn’t always writing actual words on a page. SometimesContinue reading “How to handle writer’s block”