Books for fans of The Last Beginning

The Last Beginning comes out in America today! I’d really appreciate you buying it, or asking your local bookshop/library to stock it, if you’re in the USA. Word of mouth can make a massive difference, and it’s really important to get LGBT YA books in the reach of teenagers. I know a lot of youContinue reading “Books for fans of The Last Beginning”

Valentine’s Day extract + Clove and Ella get engaged!

Last year on Valentine’s day I posted a romantic extract from The Next Together. Let’s do the same thing this year, from The Last Beginning! Here are Clove and Ella being flirty cuties in love. (You can also read it on Wattpad) C a r l i s l e , E n g lContinue reading “Valentine’s Day extract + Clove and Ella get engaged!”

Easter eggs you might have missed in The Last Beginning

There are lots of references in my books – adding them in is one of my favourite parts of writing! Some of which are obvious, like Kate and Matt’s flashbacks to past lives. Others, you might have missed, especially if you were reading fast! So here are five tiny references in The Last Beginning. 1)Continue reading “Easter eggs you might have missed in The Last Beginning”

Special edition of The Last Beginning!

Exciting news! Scholastic Book Clubs have commissioned a special edition of The Last Beginning, which includes the short story set at Bletchley Park ‘Another Together‘ at the end. Hello, feels! The gorgeous finale to The Next Together, with an exclusive new short story! Romance plus reincarnation: who said undying love is a myth…? Sixteen yearsContinue reading “Special edition of The Last Beginning!”

FREE EBOOK + other bits & bobs

This week The Next Together is free on iTunes as their Book of the Week. It’s also free on Kobo and Amazon Kindle. (UK only, I believe, but maybe Australia too? I’m not sure.) Amazon UK | Kobo | iBooks  It’s currently #400 in the Kindle charts – let’s see how high we can get it!! Some moreContinue reading “FREE EBOOK + other bits & bobs”


LESS THAN TWENTY-FOUR HOURS TO GO. DO YOU ALREADY HAVE YOUR COPY?! ARE YOU ALL FREAKING OUT AS MUCH AS I AM? You might remember my very detailed and enthusiastic fancasting of the characters of The Next Together. It’s the obvious one-day-to-go choice, none of you are surprised. So here’s the updated version for TLB.Continue reading “THE LAST BEGINNING IS RELEASED TOMORROW!! – Fancasting the characters”

Countdown to The Last Beginning: 2 days to go! – PLAYLIST TIME

TWO DAYS TO GO. TWO! DAYS! TO! GO! WILL I BE ABLE TO MAINTAIN THIS EXCITEMENT LEVEL FOR ANOTHER 48 HOURS? LETS FIND OUT TOGETHER. So. My favourite way to procrastinate: make playlists for my books. I love how they evolve as I write/edit/change my taste in music. I love hearing a new song onContinue reading “Countdown to The Last Beginning: 2 days to go! – PLAYLIST TIME”

Countdown to The Last Beginning: 3 days to go! – TITANIC CROSSOVER

Yesterday, I wrote a Disney crossover of my new book. Clove was walking through the market square one day, running errands for her master, the evil Lord of Tring (who not only paid her minimum wage but also made her fetch all the groceries and sleep with only one eiderdown pillow). “Do you think I’llContinue reading “Countdown to The Last Beginning: 3 days to go! – TITANIC CROSSOVER”