Special edition of The Last Beginning!

Exciting news! Scholastic Book Clubs have commissioned a special edition of The Last Beginning, which includes the short story set at Bletchley Park ‘Another Together‘ at the end. Hello, feels! The gorgeous finale to The Next Together, with an exclusive new short story! Romance plus reincarnation: who said undying love is a myth…? Sixteen yearsContinue reading “Special edition of The Last Beginning!”

Free e-novella ANOTHER TOGETHER released + a money chat

Happy Thursday! And happy Another Together publication day! This is a complete 10,000 word (50 page) short story, released on Kindle and eBook. It can be read without having read The Next Together – and it’s free, so you’ve got no excuse not to dive in! The prologue of The Last Beginning is also includedContinue reading “Free e-novella ANOTHER TOGETHER released + a money chat”