Upcoming events in Edinburgh & Birmingham, Chapter 18 of my free online novel

Hi guys!

A few updates on various authorly goings-on:


27th Feb: Alice Oseman in conversation with Lauren James – Portobello Bookshop, Edinburgh, details here

26th March: Chairing An Evening With Natasha Pulley and Zen Cho – Waterstones Birmingham, details here

10-13 April: Eastercon 2020, Birmingham Hilton Metropole Hotel

18 April: Panel with Tom Pollock at Pleasance, Edinburgh Science Festival – tickets here

An Unauthorised Fan Treatise up to chapter 18 (20 if you’re following along on my Patreon), and it’s a great time to dive in, if you haven’t started reading yet! There are going to be around 30 updates in total, running until May.

ch 18


Chapter 1 – The Undeniable Facts

Chapter 2 – Evidence of Nathan’s Sexuality

Chapter 3 – Rob’s Social Media Presence

Chapter 4 – Manipulation in Media Narrative by Management

Chapter 5 – The Beginning of the End for Silentwakes

Chapter 6 –  Net Worth and Property

Chapter 7 – New Evidence Uncovered by this Essay

Chapter 8 – A Warning to the Commenters

Chapter 9 – The Unravelling of the Sockpuppets

Chapter 10 – I NEED HELP

Chapter 11 – Plagiarism and Pirating

Chapter 12 – An Explanation for the Drama

Chapter 13 – Silentwakes’ Last Stand

Chapter 14 – Laptop Analysis

Chapter 15 – Mistaken Unverified Claims

Chapter 16 – IP Addresses Of Essay Commenters (or, The Spy Among Us)

Chapter 17 – Rob’s Online Activity (cont.)

Chapter 18 – Acquisition Hypothesis

In other news:

I announced that I’m writing a sequel to The Starlight Watchmaker, which will be released in August 2020 (Goodreads). I’m just finishing up the structural edits on it right now, and I love Hugo and Dorian so so much.

Recent favourite reads –

Things We Say in the Dark by Kirsty Logan –  a collection of horror short stories, containing a lot of scottish mythology. Truly delicious

The Mitfords: Letters Between Six Sisters by Charlotte Mosley – I’ve decided to cultivate an obsession with the Mitfords in 2020, and after reading The Pursuit of Love and Love in a Cold Climate, this was my first port of call. Absolutely the right move – I couldn’t stop reading, and fell headfirst into their insane world of celebrity friendships, political squabbles and betrayals and deaths. I now want five sisters to become penpals with.

Educated by Tara Westover – A wild ride through the deep South of the USA, this was a real insight into the mindset that drives people to join cults/isolate their families. I cringed so much at some of the things Tara went through, which is the sign of a really good memoir writer.


A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder by Holly Jackson – An intricate, unpredictable and truly modern murder mystery – Gottie would love this one.

Crowded by Christopher Sebela – a graphic novel series about a crowdfunded assassination target running for her life with her hired bodyguard, and getting into lots of trouble along the way.

The Lost Future of Pepperharrow (The Watchmaker of Filigree Street #2) by Natasha Pulley – Plotted as intricately as clockwork, this weaves together historical political warfare with electromagnetic science research and magical clairvoyance. (#gifted)


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