Day course at University of Cambridge

Popping in for a quick announcement! I’m going to be teaching a day course at University of Cambridge this November called ‘Write the one percent: creating diverse, inclusive fiction’. More info here.  If you work in a UK state school you can get a 50% bursary on the tuition fee!

During the course of this day-school, we’ll explore the key concepts of diversity in writing and consider why it’s important for writers of all kinds to make their work inclusive. We’ll define some of the most under-represented identities and uncover the common pitfalls in writing about them. How can we avoid stereotypes and inaccurate representation? Thoroughly researching an identity before writing is key, and together we’ll look at how to do that. Through a creative writing exercise, you’ll come to realise to what extent a new perspective and identity can bring real depth and richness to your writing.

Course Programme
10:00 The basics of diverse fiction

11:15 Coffee

11:45 Writing outside of your own experience

13:00 Lunch

14:00 Respectfully writing about sexuality and race in prose

15:15 Tea

15:30 Discussing political and social issues in fiction

16:45 Day school ends


Also, The Quiet at the End of the World was in this week’s  Waterstones Weekly newsletter, which I was DELIGHTED by!

And for any speedy readers who have already finished reading The Quiet at the End of the World, I just posted a deleted scene where Lowrie and Shen steal an antique carriage.


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