A couple of Etsy shop updates!

In case you didn’t know, I have an etsy shop where I sell book-ish merch. It started off as an experiment. but it gets a lot of positive feedback, so it’s definitely something I’m going to keep running.

I have about 20 enamel pins left.


Once these are gone, they’re gone, but I am going to do a second design for The Quiet at the End of the World – with a robot for Lowrie and Shen’s pal Mitch. That’s up for preorder here.

I may also maybe eventually a UKYA themed crest in the style of a Cambridge college? (Any ideas welcome)


SPEAKING OF THE QUIET, preorders for signed copies of The Quiet at the End of the World are now up. These come with an exclusive designed bookmark:


I’ve also got Alice’s beautiful art prints, which are going to be in the shop basically forever because I have loads, so there’s no rush on getting those. I love these and want everyone to have the chance to get one if they want one.


And other signed books can be found at your perusal here.

And, if you’ve made it this far: DISCOUNT20.

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