A collection of AUs

A while ago I did a load of short sentences about Kate and Matt for a tumblr meme based on short prompts people sent me. As most of them turned into little stories, I thought I’d post them here too.

Warning: don’t take these too seriously. At all.

Prompt: one of the pairing is a spoiled, rich kid

“I’m sorry,” Matthew said, peering over his Chanel-brand glasses at Katy. “But you’re leaning against my Merc.”

Katy didn’t move, but folded her arms and settled in against the driver’s door, chewing her gum thoughtfully. “You’re seventeen and you’ve got a car? And it’s a mercedes?”

Matthew’s cheeks flushed the slightest shade of pink. “Don’t be a snob. It’s my dad’s.”

Katy grinned at him. “I won’t be a snob if you take me for a spin. You’re Mattie, right? Upper sixth?”

Matthew’s eyebrows rose. “I’d prefer if you called me Matthew.”

“Alright, Matthew,” she leered, delighting in the way his blush increased. “I’m ‘Katherine’. Let’s go to Shakeaway. We can get the millionaire’s milkshakes, with gold flakes.”

Prompt: bored on a stakeout

“I’m bored,” Kate said. She arched her back, arms above her head and stifling a yawn. “And cold.”

“Yeah?” Mat’s voice was low and soft, his eyes dark. He lifted up one arm so Kate could curl into his side. She pressed herself against him with a sigh. Matt wrapped his arm around her, tangling his fingers in the hair at the base of her neck.
Kate rubbed the hem of his shirt between her thumb and forefinger, relaxing into the warmth of him. “Much better,” she murmured, rubbing her cheek against the five – o’clock shadow on the underside of his jaw.

Matt’s chest rose and fell in contentment. He pressed a kiss to her forehead, then went stiff. “They’re making the drop.”

Kate dived for the door, pulling out her gun.



Prompt: siding with pirates to save a loved one

“No way,” Matt said firmly. “Absolutely no way.”

“Come on,” Kate said, patting him reassuringly on the bicep and readjusting her false moustache. “It’ll be fun.”

“In what possible way is mutinying against the captain fun?” Matt threw up his arms, and then paused as the captain pulled out a thumbscrew and approached a tied up Tom with it. “On second thoughts …”

Prompt: street racing gang

“So where is he?” Kate whispered to the burly Harley-Davidson rider standing next to her. “The brutal gang leader who everyone is terrified of? Galloway something?”

Don’t say his name,” the biker hissed, looking around nervously. “He has spieseverywhere.” He gestured towards the cluster of motorbikes surrounding a pimped out green camaro, tattoos on his forearm flexing. “That’s his ride.”

Kate balanced on her toes, peering over bald heads to try and make out the fearsome Matthew Galloway. She caught a glimpse of lean limbs, fluffy brown hair curling up the wind of the underpass, and a set of long fingers pushing up the rim of his glasses.

“That’s him?” she snorted. “He looks like a primary school teacher.”

“Trust me,” the biker said, still looking around for eavesdroppers. “He’s scarier than he looks. I feel sorry for whoever he’s racing tonight – that engine is unstoppable.”

Kate grinned toothily. “Don’t worry. He’s racing me.”


Prompt: unexpected baby/accidentally pregnant + immortal pair finding each other after years and years apart

“Tom, I can’t babysit,” Kate said, folding her arms and raising her chin. “I just … I just found my true love.”

“That is the worst excuse I’ve ever heard,” Tom said, and thrust a bag of nappies and baby food at her. “I’ll be back tomorrow.”

“TOMORROW?” Kate screeched. “THAT’S HOURS AWAY!”

“You’re lucky she’s not learnt to walk yet,” Tom said grimly, and passed over the (already whimpering) toddler in his arms. “Besides, my brother Matt is going to come around later and help you out. You’ve not met him before, right?”

“He better be hot,” Kate grumbled, affectionately bopping the baby on the nose and making her gurgle happily.

Prompt: roommates

Kate slumped over her desk, banging her head against her textbooks. “Matt,” she groaned.



More silence.


A heavy sigh. “What, Kate? I’m napping.”

Kate twisted around on the chair. “It’s eleven a.m. You’re sleeping.”

“I got up earlier.”

“You drank my tea and went back to bed.”

“That counts.” Matt pulled his pillow over his head, letting out a half-inaudible groan.

“I need your help with the homework. Get up!” Kate prodded his shoulder with her big toe, scooting across the room on the chair.

He heaved another large sigh. “In a bit.”

“Okay. Fine. Shift over, then.”

Matt lifted up the corner of the duvet and let Kate slide into the bed next to him.

“We’ll study after lunch,” Kate said contentedly, pulling his arm around her waist.

“I love being a student,” Matt said, and pressed his face into the back of her neck.

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