What would I do with a time machine?

This blog post was originally posted at Teen Reader’s Diary.

If I was given access to a time machine for a day, I wouldn’t be able to go to just one place. I’m too greedy. I’d have to go on a tour of history and the future, until I ran out of fuel or caused some kind of horrific future-destroying “kill your grandfather” type accident.

First of all, I would without a moment of doubt have to go and see the dinosaurs. I’ve always loved Jurassic Park and The Land Before Time, so how could anyone turn that down?

On the way, I’d like to stop off for breakfast in seventeenth century France to take Pain Au Chocolat and Espresso with La Maupin, a female fencer and opera singer who had more adventures than one person should be allowed in a lifetime outside of fiction!

Then I’d go to visit Easter Island and find out how those giant statues were moved around once and for all, by watching them being built. I’d visit Machu Picchu for lunch with the Incas and spend the afternoon exploring the Galapagos Islands with Charles Darwin.

I’d go to the Roman Baths for a relaxing spa session, before visiting Henry VIII for a dinner of his famous cockentrice. I couldn’t resist going to see an original Shakespeare play – maybe one of his lost plays, so I could tell everyone at home what happened! Then I’d be off to an Elvis Presley concert.

Finally, I’d finish off the evening by attending a regency ball, so that I could chat about writing with Jane Austen over rum punch. I then wouldn’t be able to resist taking a slightly tipsy visit to the future. I’d go to the first human colony on another planet – but I’d like to arrive a few hours before their spaceship first landed, so I could pretend I’d been there waiting for them all along!


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