How to handle writer’s block

Before we begin, a disclaimer: I don’t really believe in writer’s block. I think that what we call ‘writer’s block’ is really just ‘thinking time’. Everyone needs to leave ideas to ‘ferment’, which can hold you back from writing for a little while. Sometimes writing isn’t always writing actual words on a page. Sometimes it’s just thinking really, really hard. Your brain needs time to develop concepts. Creativity isn’t something that can be forced.

For every book I’ve ever written, I’ve left a gap of sometimes up to a year between writing the first and second halves. Usually when I reach around 25,000 words into a book I lose all confidence I had in it. At that point I’ll lie in bed a lot and whine to anyone who’ll listen, and then I’ll do some of the following things, to try and get back on my feet.

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