Top ten favourite book covers

Hi guys! Happy Tuesday. Today I’m doing the Broke and the Bookish Top Ten meme (my first one!). This week’s topic was a free choice. So here are my favourite book covers, that I own physical copies of.


10. Native Speaker by Chang-rae Lee (Drop Caps edition) (Illustrated by Jessica Hische)

All of the drop caps books are honestly gorgeous, but I have a soft spot for this one because it’s L for Lauren. I’m easily entertained.


9. To be or not to be by Ryan North (Illustrated by  Noelle Stevenson)

I’m a gigantic Ryan North fangirl, and I love Nimona, so this cover is just a match made in heaven for me, really.


8. The Ghosts of Heaven by Marcus Sedgwick

The theme of this book is spirals, so this beautiful metallic cover is relevant to the plot and gorgeous.


7. Fairy Tales by Berlie Doherty (Illustrated by Jane Ray)

I’ve had this book for years and years, and it’s one of my favourite ever books. It’s stunning – covered in gold gilt and detailing. The insides are even more pretty.

97818440881956. Tipping the Velvet by Sarah Waters (VMC edition)

Look at those pink oysters! And the luminescent pearl! God!!! It’s so perfect! It’s a lovely thick hardback too, which makes it even more satisfying in real life.

5. Bone Gap by Laura Ruby


Okay, is this not the coolest cover ever? Look at those bone honeycombs! I’m kind of obsessed with bees anyway, but this is just deliciously gruesome.


4. Everything Leads to you by Nina La Cour

I just… I could stare at this cover all day, I think.


3. His Dark Materials by Phillip Pullman (Everyman’s library edition)

I found this edition in a charity shop for £1, and it was honestly the best bargain of my life. Look at it! It’s all gilt and sketched and lovely – and there are bonus appendices in this edition, which is an added bonus.

97814088596432. The Sleeper and the Spindle by Neil Gaiman (Illustrated by Chris Riddell)

Gold! And black and white! Honestly, this is so beautiful I can’t look at for too long without getting heart eyes. The cover has a transparent dustjacket which just adds to the magic.


1. The Next Together by Lauren James 

I tried not to include my own book. I honestly did. But . . . I can’t do it. I just love it so much. [happy sigh]


So there are my most beautiful books! What are yours?

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