Bad news.

I found out today that my American publisher, Egmont US, are closing. They won’t be publishing my book.

This was a huge shock, especially as I wasn’t told and only found out when the closure hit the news.

It’s very upsetting that my book won’t be published in the USA in Spring 2016 as planned, but it doesn’t mean it will never be. There’s still the chance that another publisher might be interested! It just means that I’m back on submission with American publishers.

And The Next Together will still be published in September in the UK by Walker books as planned.

I’m upset, but I have high hopes that The Next Together will find another home in America.


If you would like to support the other Egmont authors, some of whom aren’t as lucky as me and have no other publisher, the hashtag #BuyAnEgmontBook is a great place to start.

I appreciate everyone’s support in this disappointing time.


9 thoughts on “Bad news.

  1. Tori

    Oh, wow, I’m so sorry to hear that. I’m sure it will find another publisher but it’s still totally disappointing.


  2. Alison J. McKenzie

    That’s awful! I’m sorry. I can only imagine how upset you are. Here’s hoping this disappointment is just paving the way for an even better opportunity.


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