I finished editing my book for publisher submission

[This post is imported from my old Livejournal account, where I blogged from 2007-2015.]

I’m sitting at the airport waiting for my flight to spain to visit Steph. It’s boiling hot in the uk so I’m basically looking forward mainly to the pool and seeing her ahhh.
Yesterday I finished my 2nd draft and I’m consequently freaking out rather a lot about it, i keep having nightmares about my agent realising how awful it is and blocking my emails and calling my parents for a chat about how disappointed in me she is, full on wake-up-sad nightmares.
Its nice to have it done though, I feel like I can think about the sequel and I really hope I don’t have to make more changes because I’m kind of done with this book, I feel like it I rewrite it anymore it’s going to be really jampacked and overloaded to read, even if what it’s overloaded with is well written witty banter and jokes. Idk, I know the plot so well now I can’t even reread it without skimming like yeah, yeah, got it.
So yeah I like it as it is, its the perfect mix of humour and angst and romance and drama and it’s pretty funny too.
Other news: having family trouble with my aunt, she sucks. Turn 21 soon, I’m getting a barbour jacket and a mustard yellow zatchel bag because I’m just that ridiculous. Been hanging out with people lots and trying not to think about how much I miss everyone who lives in other countries because missing them isn’t going to make a difference to when I see them again.

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