Tumblr tag archive – The Next Together (part 1)

Everything is going a bit nuts over on Tumblr, and it’s made me think a bit more carefully about what I have on that site and what I would like to keep if it shut down. The main thing I have there is a history of each of my books in tags for each project, with inspirational pictures and progress updates. So I’m going to go through each tag in chronological order and upload them here as individual posts for each book. This is the one for The Next Together. You can find the others here:

(links to come) The Next Together (part 1) | The Next Together (part 2)  | The Next Together (part 3)| The Next Together (part 4) | The Last Beginning | Another Together | Another Beginning | The Loneliest Girl in the Universe | The Quiet at the End of the World | Book 5 (ghost house) | Book 6 (loneliest 2) | Book 7 (earth) | Book 8 (fandom) 

These are going to get loooong – there are 32 pages in The Next Together’s tag alone. But hopefully it’ll be quite interesting. I imported all my Livejournal posts to this blog too, a few years ago, so it should now be a complete(ish) record of all my internet writing activities. And it’s good to have a record in a place I can trust it will be accessible for longer than the next week.

Today I have written about 2000 words of crap about statistics, done a lab and got full marks, and painted a lion. I deserve a night off I think. Going to see RED now!

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15TH FEB 2011

laurenjames: Sarah and I had a writing competition. I wrote 2,323 words, she wrote about 400. I AM SO MUCH THE WINNER ITS NOT EVEN A PROPER VICTORY.

I have to go to bed now because I have to get up for pancakes tomorrow.


relicanth [Sarah Barnard]: all my creys

I am a lazy writer okay. I will draw your picture tomorrow





#the next together

8TH MAR 2011

This is what I’ve written since 11 last night. I’m so proud of myself for getting back into it. Most of it is dreadful run on sentences and too much dialougue, but it’s getting the plot down thats the hardest. I love editing and fixing it afterwards, so this is great ❤

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8TH MAR 2011


relicanth [Sarah Barnard]: LAUREN

You can’t see it very well, but you didn’t specify what kind of urchin you wanted so I drew a street urchin holding a sea urchin. The carriage is in the background.

laurenjames: egdfjsdljsldghowrehfero OMG this is wicked. I’m writing about a street urchin WHO SAILS IN A BOAT. so they may well be holding a sea urchin at some point


#the next together

10TH MAR 2011


phantomry-blog [Sarah Barnard] asked: BUT WHAT SHOULD I DRAW FOR YOUR BOOK

…I’m keeping that typo.

laurenjames: Ok here is a detailed list

1) a really awkward cute guy in a lab using a labcoat as a bag with apples/pens etc in it, wearing a waistcoat and docs

2) a girl dressed as a boy

3) people in space suits looking through a loft full of christmas trees and boxes etc


4) a girl cutting all her curly red hair off in a ship’s kitchen and chucking it out of a porthole

LOL I reread that and was like, wow, my novel sounds mental

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27TH MAR 2011


sherlockholmes-: Look guys my iPod offers Helvetica as a font for my Notes AM I HIPSTER YET.

Ignore my notes they’re really odd aha.

laurenjames: I think it should be a Thing that people post their notes contents page, it reveals so much about a person. Mine say stuff like

  • the adventure of the t-rex
  • arthur had only known merlin
  • value your thesis
  • a stephen king dream
  • matthew is a reporter in coach

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3RD MAY 2011

ive nearly reached 10,000 words and my brain has switched off




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17TH JUN 2011

tumblr_ln8ksc7ePo1qzfnw6o1_540aosakana: Village Girl

this is my characterrrrr *saves as inspiration*

#the next together
27TH JUN 2011

why do authors never mention how fun it is casting actors as your characters?

picspams of your original fiction are the most fun you can have

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27TH JUN 2011

Today I have:

-put a shitton of crap on ebay

-wrote notes on a primary source about the crimean war FOR FUN*

-made a picspam of my characters**

-ate trifle

-forgot to brush my hair and only realised when my mum came home from work and called it a birds nest

*for research for my book

**if you want to see i may be persuaded to post it. just saying.

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28TH JUN 2011

My characters!



VICTORIAN MODE (yeah ignore the fact that she’s underwater or whatever, thats her LOOK:



What do you think? There aren’t enough redheaded pictures out there so the girl is varied but the boy is Cillain Murphy through and through. He even has tiny little freckles on his nose! Exactly as I’ve described him. He’s a bit brooding though, my character is more cheerful.

28TH JUN 2011



yes but he has stubble and….hair, and stuff. AND MY EDITING NEEDED ANOTHER PHOTO THERE

the one with the glasses or the one where shes leaning? YES I CAN DESCRIBE THINGS

#the next together
28TH JUN 2011

abigailpatrick asked: THE ONE WHERE SHE’S LEANING. =]


It is a terrible thing that googling ‘redhead scientist lady’ doesn’t give any results whereas ‘cute guy cheekbones glasses’ gives lots. That must be sexist in some way but I’m not sure how.

I had to make do with a girl in a suit. SIGH

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28TH JUN 2011

i have now used up every possible method of writing avoidance. Abbii, get round here so I can bug you to write as a form of procrastination.

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28TH JUN 2011

I just hit ~*~thirty thousand words~*~!!!

Some of it is notes, but still 30,000!! Thats over half of NaNoWriMo!


Also I now have plotted out every chapter to the very end, and I know exactly how it’s going to end (its a killer because I am a tease and love upsetting endings).


now if only i could make myself write more often.

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28TH JUN 2011

I think I’ve found the title for my book – The Red Earth Rolls

Jesus fucking Christ that’s a terrifying thought

I can’t do this.

(at the minute it’s from this because its so appropriate for my story

They will come back – come back again, as long as the red Earth rolls.
He never wasted a leaf or a tree. Do you think He would squander souls? – Rudyard Kipling)

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29TH JUN 2011

a romance novel written by a scientist:
when a girl looks at her crush’s PhD thesis instead of his facebook page

i’m enjoying writing this so much

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8TH JUL 2011


Siege of Carlisle (November 1745) From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The siege and capture of Carlisle was an important event of the 1745–1746 Jacobite rising. Jacobite forces loyal to Prince Charles Edward Stuart captured the city of Carlisle and Carlisle Castle on 14–15 November 1745.

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22ND JUL 2011

tumblr_loyq8649bt1qdessbo1_250relicanth [Sarah Barnard]: LAUREN I DONE YOU A PRESENT

cos I have neglected you

laurenjames: opsgjfdoslikjsdl;kcs;lfksdgkpf;jgpjgsp;sdfl


#look at the pretty #sarah is the best #the next together
26TH JUL 2011


my note making is getting progressively more and more chavvy the more i write
this is a sign i should go to bed
my note making is getting progressively more and more chavvy the more i write

this is a sign i should go to bed


#this post contains a ridiculous amount of swearing considering i don’t swear #the next together
28TH JUL 2011

timetravellingtortoise [Louis Osbourne] asked: How’s the book coming along?

i’m nearly at 50,000 words which is like novel length which is pretty scary

so far it has cross dressing, war, ships, apocalypse, finding hidden treasure, space suits, SCIENCE, russians, periods, pet seagulls (and owls) and cocky freshers


#the next together
30TH JUL 2011

timetravellingtortoise [Louis Osbourne] asked: What would you do if you were trapped on a steamship for a fortnight?

[This is a reference to knowing I was writing a book about being trapped on a steamship!]
ah, its my turn is it? bring it on


i would like to say i would invent a better system of government based on ant society, but i would probably just sleep

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30TH JUL 2011



#the next together
29TH JUL 2011


So I’ve moved onto the siege of Carlisle in my endless hobby of Research Everything Ever For This Story
Part of the 2nd Jacobite uprising, in 1745 Carlisle was attacked. It surrendered after about a week of pointlessly aiming canons over the city…
So I’ve moved onto the siege of Carlisle in my endless hobby of Research Everything Ever For This Story

Part of the 2nd Jacobite uprising, in 1745 Carlisle was attacked. It surrendered after about a week of pointlessly aiming canons over the city walls. The Jacobites put their helmets on spades and waved them at the city walls to tease the city garrison.

#the next together

30TH JUL 2011



lets celebrate my nervous breakdown over this terrifying milestone shall we

#the next together
1ST AUG 2011



60,000 words. Well, fuck.

#the next together
25TH AUG 2011


A short love story.
The boy was looking at her again. I nudged her, and she shot him a glance and then looked away quickly.

“What is his problem?” she murmured under her breath to me, barely audible under the sound of the music.

“He likes you,” I said, “Go and talk to him.”

“If he liked me he’d come over and talk to me,” she replied, returning her attention to the people dancing, a mass of multicoloured limbs in the darkness. She was looking out for her on- again, off- again boyfriend. They were currently off-again, and Clare had spent a significant part of the evening declaring her deep-seated hatred for him, whilst watching his every move.

“Maybe he’s shy,” I said, sympathising. He was cute, in a skinny kind of way, clutching a pint and listening to a friend chatting in his ear, eyes fixed on Clare.

Clare’s phone beeped and she checked it absently, visibly perking up as she did so. She turned vaguely to me, saying, “Matt wants to talk. I’ll be back soon.”

I nodded, but she didn’t see, already getting up to meet her boyfriend on the dance floor. I sipped my drink quietly, watching the boy who was watching Clare.

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28TH AUG 2011

Prince Charles Edward Louis John Casimir Sylvester Severino Maria Stuart

what a name

what a man

i hope his friends called him maria

oh no wait they called him bonnie

nobody noticed my joke

i make a rant about torchwood and it gets like 5 notes

i make a humorous historical pun and it is ignored

why is life so unfair

#i feel like noone understands me #maybe its that i don’t understand myself #i turn into an emo when tired #the next together
2ND SEP 2011

death scenes are the most fun to write

i dont care if that is mean but it is so true

sex scenes are good but just embarrasing because im like OMG, MY MUM WILL DEFINITELY READ THIS ONE DAY SOON

and exposition is good but im all ‘what adjective should i use to describe the speech here’

but death scenes are so, so great

you dont need to worry about any of that

because the more out of control the writing is the better

and there is a challenge of can i make myself cry when writing this (yes) and if so you win all the awards and its just brilliant ok


#the next together
4TH SEP 2011

phantomry-blog [Sarah Barnard] asked: hello Lauren I like you so I just read through what I had missed on your tumblr. It made me laugh, lots of it!! One day I will illustrate your novel and they will be gr8 illustrations but not as gr8 as your novel!! Yes! This ask is written ridiculously. I think because it’s late. Hey there’s a maximum word count now isn’t there? Well I’m going to try and get to that. Did you like Doctor Who? I’m going to France soon. Scary times! I keep fighting with my mum about it 😦 26 caracteres restants eh?


the pic you already did for my book is my wallpaper on my ipod i love it ❤

france ahhhhhhhhhhh

i’m going to nottingham soon AHHHHHH

oh, wait.

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18TH SEP 2011

I’m currently having a massive moment of doubt at whether anyone would even want to read a romance type novel set in 3 different war zones except me

i hope so, otherwise these 70,000 words are going to waste.

oh dear

#the next together
17TH SEP 2011

that awkward moment when you use the description ‘like a rabbit caught in the headlights’ when it’s set in 1745 and headlights didn’t exist

#the next together
18TH SEP 2011


Why the convoluted sentences, people of the past?
“If only we knew what was happening, this is bullshit.”

#the next sentence is even longer #not a word of a lie #the next together
18TH SEP 2011

Trying really, really hard not to make a ‘rim me, hardy’ joke [reference to this comedy sketch] in this scene about Nelson, but I don’t think I’m strong enough. I’m abusing my powers as an author here, guys. Help.


hi, i’m a mature adult, nice to meet you

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14TH JUL 2012

Hey, clever people.

Is it ‘he fell towards her’ or ‘he fell toward her’?

I feel like one is an Americanism but I don’t know which.

#the next together
13TH JUL 2012

i’ve written like 23 chapters of continuous plot whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat

#look at that word count #how did this happen #the next together
6TH JUL 2012

and so we start another day of doing everything possible to avoid doing any writing, including but not limited to organising all of my c drive in minute detail

procrastination update: made mars bar cookies

#the next together
28TH JUN 2012

i want to draw my characters and have a general fanart session with pretty dresses and curly hair and plotty things but i can’t art waaaaaaahh

#the next together
25TH JUN 2012

andalites [Sarah Barnard]: omg go away congrats on ur words though

laurenjames: thanks!!

i think i am getting better at writing completely PG porn though

“This is a stupid idea,” he eventually muttered, mouth pinched. “This is going to end so badly.”

“Will you help?” she said eagerly, ignoring his pessimism. He let out a long suffering sigh and nodded.

“I will. But you have to be mature about this. We are going to have to be really careful.”

“It will be fine,” she said breezily. He stared at her, and she rolled her eyes. “I promise to be really careful and do everything you say, or you can do something really bad as punishment.”

“A warning isn’t at all threatening when it’s as vague as that, but yes, I will do something really scary if you behave like an idiot,” he replied, so she relaxed slightly. If he was joking with her he wasn’t about to panic and run just yet.

After a minute of silence, Matthew sulking and Katherine squirming in excitement, she added, “Well, look on the bright side. If it ends badly, I’m sure you can write a wonderful novel about how much you hated the whole experience.”

He snorted. “Sure,” he said dryly. “It will go down in history as the gospel truth on ‘Why Not to Trust Katherine Hallward Ever, Under any Circumstances’.”

She laughed giddily and relaxed in a boneless sprawl against his arm, already wondering how she could convince Matthew to lend her some of his clothes. He nudged her shoulder with his own, smiled down at her. She held his gaze, feeling the buzz of it under her skin, and he kept eye contact, until he had to look back to the road.

“So,” she asked after a content silence, “Can I borrow a shirt? Maybe a pair of trousers?”

He hummed sceptically. “I think my clothes would overwhelm you.”

She sat upright and stretched out her arms alongside his to measure the difference. Her fingertips reached the base of his thumb and she casually left her hand on his wrist as she pressed against his side. He was warm and she softly rubbed the bone of his wrist with her thumb. He didn’t mention it, but as he guided the reins his hand twisted. Her fingers curled into the palm of his hand, and she rubbed small circles into his skin.

“I don’t know, I think I’ll fit just fine.”

He pressed his hand tighter around hers.

“It might work, I suppose.”

 #the next together
21ST JUN 2012


#lauren does words #all of them are terrible #i have a ‘lauren drinks sherry’ tag is that really neccessary #the next together
21ST JUN 2012

Doing the writing
“Will you go on a date with me?” Matt asks, and Kate mutters “I guess so,” in the general direction of the floor. She’s pretty sure her face is telling him that what she really means is ‘Yes, yes I will, can we go right now before I explode with glee’ because when she plucks up the courage to look up he’s grinning smugly to himself.

#I’d forgotten how much fun it is #the next together
10TH JUN 2012

History repeats itself. Somebody says this.
History throws its shadow over the beginning, over the desktop, over the sock drawer with its socks, its hidden letters.
History is a little man in a brown suit trying to define a room he is standing outside of.
I know history. There are many names in history
but none of them are ours.
— “Little Beast” by Richard Siken from Crush

#my story #my heart #the next together
19TH JAN 2012

for like life in general idk

  • finish my story
  • never going to happen but
  • i can dream
  • do my quantum coursework
  • learn to beat matlab
  • at everything
  • make a soufflé they look cool
  • go a day without buying someone a present on amazon
  • no cancel that
  • do laundry
  • like proper laundry with ironing and everything
  • start sleeping normal hours
  • that can wait til next year actually who needs to be sensible
  • revise point groups
  • goddamn things i hate them so much
  • get them away from me
  • then bring them back when they make sense
  • see The View live
  • get my birds tattoo

#the next together
25TH NOV 2011

sarah is reading over something i wrote

her only comments are on the food

“mmm i had pasta today” “pancakes oooh”

shes a great beta

#the next together
22ND NOV 2011

So this is mainly a refernce for Sarah if she’s ever doing another drawing of my characters (not that I’m asking, derp) but Katherines hair looks just like this in my head!

#the next together
20TH OCT 2011

Today I’ve written 700 words. Depressingly, thats more than I’ve written in about the last month.

#the next together
21ST SEP 2011

laurenjames: it kind of ruins the romance of a victorian sex scene when you go into a detailed description of the undressing process, doesn’t it?



unapologeticfangirl: Dude. I would have lost my desire after about ten minutes of trying to get a corset off!

laurenjames: at least the possibility of sex before marriage would be greatly decreased just because its too much effort.

#the next together
20TH SEP 2011


#trapped in the ben wyatt tag #he’s my matthew #the next together
7TH NOV 2012

o well i guess this scene is ok

He shifted on the spot, his shoulder brushing against hers. She watched him as he looked out across the fog covered landscape, the shape of his nose, the curl of hair against his forehead. His Adam’s apple- moving as he swallowed. He turned his head, catching her eye, but she didn’t drop her gaze.

“Katherine,” he said thickly, voice low and with the slight hint of a warning. She could feel her eyes flick to his lips, so close to her own, and he blinked slowly in surprise, eyes darkening.

“Matthew…” The sound was barely more than a breath in the air, but it seemed to physically touch him. He swayed slightly, stepping back then rocking forward, closer toward her.

She could see each eyelash in perfect detail, fluttering as he blinked, his gaze darting over her face to rest on her mouth. She wet her lips, watched his pupils widen. Katherine felt unsteady, lit up from the inside like a beacon. She pressed closer until she could feel his rough breath against her, could see nothing but his face.

He closed his eyes, cleared his throat, and stepped abruptly away from her as if it were a physical ache. He ducked his head and turned, disappearing into the crowd without her seeing his face. She looked after him silently, gasping air like she’d been running, and pressed her palms against her hot cheeks to cover her blush.

#the next together #i keep getting caught up in the obvious UST and forgetting to edit
5TH OCT 2012


redstrawberryginger: “ Redhead by ~onesummerago

#the next together
25TH JUL 2012


question that may or not be related to writing (spoilers: it is)
What would be the least sexy thing to wear on a date? Like, as a prank?

(must be funny)

(also not offensive)


#the next together
24TH JUL 2012


First Look At Ben Whishaw As The New ‘Q’ In SKYFALL





laurenjames: YES





also i made a #the red earth rolls tag so now the entire world can see how bad at writing i am

#the next together
16TH JUL 2012

In the last half an hour I have googled radiation sickness, full highland dress, bloodletting and maid’s sleeping quarters. That was to write about a paragraph.

I’m either doing something really wrong in my research, or really right.

Also: my novel wouldn’t exist without wikipedia.

#the next together
16TH JUL 2012


tumblr_lxyxl7K45o1qkjkwao1_1280Abbii: Lauren. Him. But Slightly lighter. In fact quite a lot light. And either less stubble or more. No in between stubble like this pic. Not as skinny though.

Laurenjames: hmm, wrong haircolour, and his face is a bit too thin. but he has the right build! also, ben winshaw is perf

#the next together
15TH JUL 2012



laurenjames: hey abbii

you weren’t around earlier so i’m totally asking again

what does matthew look like in your head cause in mine he is this guy and i ONLY JUST REALISED

Abbii: Hmm…sort of. I see him with that hair but not that face shape. Also this guy wouldn’t suit a cowboy shirt and corduroy trousers. Matthew makes it work for him. In my head he does anyway.

laurenjames: yeahhhh maybe. he has the right eyes though

Abbii: And eyebrows. I dunno, I think Matthew has a less…triangular(?) face. I wish I could draw him for you. Fuck, how do you art?

laurenjames: i haven’t found a good katherine yet. i don’t really know how i see her features.

also i’m about a chapter away from being completely DONE!! i’m planning to read through it/have a quick edit and then i want to print off a copy, get everyone to read it and note down any corrections etc, pass it around so i can fix it all in one go. i’ve been looking for a good place to print it off and the minimum cost i can find is £12 for 250 pages 😦

i’m so excited to have people read it, everytime i write a good bit i’m like ‘JUST SHOW THEM NOW DO IT DO IT’ and i have to actively stop myself so i can read it through myself first and check for stupid mistakes. I’m so excited!!!!

Sarah: THAT WAY I COULD ACTUALLY READ IT. If you actually trust me enough to give me a copy, that is.

laurenjames: yeah of course you can read it!! i want EVERYONE to read it, which probably isn’t the best way to go about it. people can only read it for the first time once, so i should maybe save some people to read it after i’ve redrafted it to see if it reads better? if that makes sense. ANYWAY I’M TOO EXCITED IT’S UNFAIR

#the next together #stuck on a plot point in the last chapter #trying to avoid fudging it in my excitement to finish because it’s kind of important #the next together

15TH JUL 2012


A possible Katherine. She needs to have the kind of face that would work as a boys in disguise, so I’m struggling to find a good match, but Amy Nuttall is pretty close.
A possible Katherine. She needs to have the kind of face that would work as a boys in disguise, so I’m struggling to find a good match, but Amy Nuttall is pretty close.

#amy-nuttall #the next together
30TH JUL 2012

yes she’s perfect

#the next together
30TH JUL 2012


nameless-passerby: – I’m your new quartermaster. ~ Ben Whishaw as Q – Skyfall


#the next together
29TH JUL 2012


what do i do with my life from this point on

i finished

all the words



I…..wrote a novel.

#draft zero complete #the next together
25TH JUL 2012


I’m been staring at this picture awestruck for about ten minutes because this is my character, Matthew. It’s like my brain made this picture.
I’m been staring at this picture awestruck for about ten minutes because this is my character, Matthew. It’s like my brain made this picture.

#cloud atlas #ben whishaw #the next together #lauren’s stupid novel
1ST JAN 2013


laurenjames: Going through my inbox and just found the first EVER review of my book, which apparently passed the minimum requirement for published fiction. Let’s hope this leads the way for reviews to come.

Sarah: # i’m my favourite person# (that’s not true but shh)# lauren i’ve been going through your novel tag# i liked the hugh dancy posts and amy nuttall and the disney princess exchange# but i’m reblogging my own jokes instead

laurenjames: I think about Hugh Dancy too much.

The Disney princess is good, but I think the leg flick is my all time favourite novel IM convo now.

#better that 50 shades #the next together
1ST JAN 2013

Hey guys!

I went to Germany, which was amazing. Whilst I was there I also had some amazing news: an agent is interested in my YA novel! She read it and liked it and described me as often funny,which I keep telling everyone as if it’s some kind of official review of my personality. LAUGH AT MY JOKES, I’M OFTEN FUNNY. She’s going to help me work on the plot, which needs a lot of love before we can take it to any publishers, but fingers crossed soon (by which I mean, in the next year or so….when do I have time for writing on top of school?) I’ll have some exciting news!

Alright, ~Lauren OUT

#america #the next together #to all my professors now: I deserve an A on that essay #an agent said I was ‘extremely talented’ #you don’t know what you are talking about
22ND JAN 2013

Sometimes I go through my novel tag and weep at how carefree and innocent I was.
When now I’m actually getting stuff happening with it and it’s all STRESS and REWRITES and PAIN, SO MUCH PAIN.
can I go back to the days all I did was reblog pictures of Ben Whishaw and write makeout scenes

#the next together
23RD JAN 2013

My agent is literally just feeding my ego email by email:
I am completely bowled over by the fact that you wrote this at such a young age, not to mention the fact that you are a scientist too, on the side! This is an incredibly exciting demonstration of talent in a what you refer to as a first practice attempt – I can only imagine what fantastic books lie ahead of you, and am so pleased to be in touch. The below feedback might feel a barrage of criticism, but please know that I have spent so much time thinking about this because I’m genuinely excited about what you can do. It’s very rare to come across such an exciting new voice.





#the next together #when you can only express your emotions through anthropomorphised animals
23RD JAN 2013



hey there, kate

#the next together #CHARACTER!!1!
31ST JAN 2013


I may have introduced my agent to Dinosaur comics. I may have the best agent ever.


#ryan north #dinosaur comics #the next together
6TH FEB 2013

I’m waiting for some important news (TUNE IN SOON FOR HOPEFULLY EXCITING NEWS, GUYS) too which is making me antsy.

#the next together

19TH DEC 2012

#why does everything give me book feels
29TH JUN 2013


#his jumper #his glasses #urgh #the next together
27TH JUN 2013

A The Red Earth Rolls reincarnation playlist for procrastination reasons


It’s strange how soon you forget

That you’re like stars

They only show up when it’s dark

The past, it knocks on your door

And throws stones at your window at 4 in the morning

Well maybe he thinks it’s romantic

He’s crazy but you knew that before

Isn’t it time you got over

How fragile you are

We’re all wait- Waiting on your supernova

Cause that’s who you are

And you’ve only just begun to shine

Shine, Anna Nalick

I’m so tired

Tired of waiting

Tired of waiting for you

I was a lonely soul

I had nobody till I met you

But you keep-a me waiting

All of the time

What can I do?

Its your life

And you can do what you want

Do what you like

But please don’t keep-a me waiting

Tired of waiting,The Kinks

Well I came home

Like a stone

And I fell heavy into your arms

These days of dust

Which we have known

Will blow away with this new sun

But I’ll kneel down

Wait for now

And I’ll kneel down

Know my ground

And I will wait,

I will wait for you

I will wait, MUMFORD & SONS

I cut my hands

And break my back

Draggin’ this bag of stones

Till they bury me down, beneath the ground

With the dust and rattlin’ bones

Rattlin Bones, Kasey Chambers

Time is racing toward us

till the Huns arrive

Heed my every order and you might survive

You’re unsuited for the rage of war

So pack up, go home you’re through

I’ll make a man out of you, Mulan

New life decides we never had a clue

The two of us deciding what to do

Though my hands are all but tied

I rebound so I can say at least I tried

If I only just begin to understand it that’s because

Every time I time I start to change my mind again

It gets me back to where I was

And long as I’m allowed I’ll change my mind

That’s what it’s for I’m getting older but I’m still the same

I’m just thinking anymore

Back to where I was, Eric Hutchinson

I was left to my own devices

Many days fell away with nothing to show

And the walls kept tumbling down

In the city that we love

Grey clouds roll over the hills

Bringing darkness from above

But if you close your eyes,

Does it almost feel like

Nothing changed at all?

And if you close your eyes,

Does it almost feel like

You’ve been here before?

How am I gonna be an optimist about this?

Pompeii, Bastille (I can’t get over how perfect for Book it is (if you close your eyes does it almost feel like we’re been here before) (the walls kept tumbling down in the city that we loved))

A terrible autonomy

Has grafted onto you and me

Our trust put in the government

They told their lies as heaven-sent

‘Til the war came

And the war came with a curse and a caterwaul

And the war came with all the poise of a cannonball

And they’re picking out our eyes by coal and candlelight

When the war came, the war came hard

When the war came, The Decemberists

I lose my page in the book then the plot then I swear

She makes the most of her time by loving me plenty

She knows there’ll come a day when we won’t be getting any

Stain of the sepia of the butcher Crimea

Through the rack of a brass band I thought I could see her

In a cake walk she came through the dead and the lame

Just a little bird floating on a hurricane

To the dogs or whoever, Josh Ritter (courtesy of Sarah)

Feel the beat; music and rhyme

While there is time.

We all go round and round

Partners of lost and found

Le meme Histoire, Feist (courtesy of Sarah)

Every time she rises up the ocean sinks

Her memory drags a drape of a thousand angry stings

Set adrift into her swarm-man o war

Caught up in her dangling sting-off the shore

Of a foreign brown sand beach as blue as bottles cover you

Many messengers and rebels have come and gone without a trace

And many more will come tomorrow and many more will be erased

They tap the lines to hear the sounds that start the songs the rebels sing

And drag a net to seine the bottom for the purse the bastards bring

And like a lion don’t mind if a lamb takes her time

A beast doesn’t care if you surrender tonight

Cause a beast knows she’ll get what she wants in good time

What she wants all in good time

Man o War, Eric Bachmann

I fell asleep beneath you

In the tall blades of grass

When I woke the world was new

I never had to ask

Most kind of stories

Save the best part for last

Most stories have a hero who finds

You make your past your passed

It’s a brand new day

The sun is shinning

It’s a brand new day

For the first time

In such a long long time

I know I’ll be ok

This cycle never ends

You gotta fall in order to mend

And it’s a brand new day

Brand New Day, Joshua Radin

And a preview of the sequel:

Run, whirlwind run

Further and further away

Into the sun

In, 20 minutes

Everyone will remember you when you’re gone

And your heart, is a stone

Buried underneath your pretty clothes

Don’t you know people write songs about girls like you?

How would you cope if the world decided to

Make you suffer for all that you were?

Girls like you, The Naked and the Famous

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25TH JUN 2013

dreamsandink replied to your post: Love Bastille! I can totally see it!

lonelycarp replied to your post: the bastille song in the context of your book is actually really clever wow

laurenjames: the first time i heard that song i was v suspicious about where they got their ideas from, it was that accurate


fuckyourwritinghabits: Why Your Characters Never Poop (And Other Unnecessary Information)

Writing an interesting novel is all about your ability to cut needless or boring information. When I was younger I often found myself thinking about why characters never go to the bathroom or do any mundane activities in books. I thought, “When I write a novel, MY characters will take bathroom breaks.” This is a weird thing to think about when you’re in middle school, but it’s safe to say I was a weirdo (I still am, don’t worry). As I got older, however, I realized why these things should NEVER happen.

• No one wants to read about your character doing things we do every day that ARE UNINTERESTING. The only time your characters should be in the bathroom is when they are staring at themselves in the mirror and thinking about life (avoid writing this scene because it’s overdone, but I know it happens). Maybe they’re checking their appearance or maybe they’re in high school and they’re hiding out from the school bully. The point is…WE DO NOT WANT TO KNOW WHETHER THEY ARE POOPING OR PEEING. Especially in novels with a lot of action, we don’t want them to suddenly step away from your well-crafted scene and say “well, I gotta go take a wiz.” THAT’S why it doesn’t happen.

• Everything in your novel should drive the plot forward, not bring it to a screeching halt. When we take the time to describe over and over again what our characters are wearing or how they look or what they’re going to eat, we take away precious time we could be spending with more important character development. Explaining how your character dresses once is usually enough. Obviously there are circumstances where you need to continually explain what your character is wearing, but that isn’t normally the case. We want to hear about the love interest’s bulging muscles over and over again, especially if they have no depth whatsoever.

• I read because it takes me away from the normal world and transports me somewhere more interesting. I’m not saying my life isn’t interesting, but reading IS a form of escape. I don’t want to read about characters doing the same stupid crap I do all the time. I don’t want to hear about them taking a shower every chapter or how they lace up their shoes. CUT THIS INFORMATION. CUT IT NOW.

• You don’t want to waste everyone’s time. If someone reading your novel keeps waiting and waiting for your narrative to go somewhere, they’re going to get bored. You want it to be exciting so that people stay interesting. Anything unnecessary will only turn people off from your work. You need to be very careful about what you decide to include. The boring stuff is always unnecessary.

This post is mainly a way for me to yell at my middle school aged self for being so stupid…in case I get a time machine.Thank you for your time.

-Kris Noel

I actually made a character getting her period the big pivotal point in my novel in one draft because I really wanted to make a point of this, of having bodily functions be not only mentioned but important.

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18TH MAY 2013

I lasted the grand total of one day on holiday before I began writing again. I’ve missed it so muchhhhh

K: I want you to do the leg flick
M: What? I’m not doing the leg flick.
M: What’s the leg flick?
K: Like in films. The girl flicks her leg and waves it in the air and that shows how good a kiss it was. Next time we kiss, I think you should do that.
M: Why don’t you do it?
K: No, the point is that I get to say my kiss is leg-flicking good. I can’t make my own leg flick.
M: Mmm, now that’s an image.

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13TH MAY 2013



ooh, cartoon matthew hey

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30TH APR 2013


hotandbusted: Photo courtesy: Blount County Sheriff’s Office, Tennessee
Charge(s): Misdemeanor probation violation

what a good website

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26TH MAR 2013


This is still my favourite part of my novel. I laugh every time i reread it, not gonna lie.

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17TH FEB 2013


she’s just so much Kate


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9TH FEB 2013


The most impressive naval career of all the female sailors is that of William Brown, a black woman who spent at least twelve years on British warships, much of this time in the extremely demanding role of captain of the foretop. A good description of her appeared in London’s Annual Register in September 1815: “She is a smart, well-formed figure, about five feet four inches in height, possessed of considerable strength and great activity; her features are rather handsome for a black, and she appears to be about twenty-six years of age.” The article also noted that “in her manner she exhibits all the traits of a British tar and takes her grog with her late messmates with the greatest gaiety.”

Brown was a married woman and had joined the navy around 1804 following a quarrel with her husband. For several years she served on the Queen Charlotte, a three-decker with 104 guns and one of the largest ships in the Royal Navy. Brown must have had nerve, strength, and unusual ability to have been made captain of the foretop on such a ship….The captain of the foretop had to lead a team of seamen up the shrouds of the foremast, and then up the shrouds of the fore-topmast and out along the yards a hundred feet or more above the deck….

At some point in 1815, it was discovered that Brown was a woman and her story was published in the papers, but this does not seem to have affected her naval career….What is certain is that Brown returned to the Queen Charlotte and rejoined the crew.

— David Cordingly, Seafaring Women

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2ND OCT 2013

if anyone is interested in the gradual mental decline of a writer check out my book tag



join me next week when i’ll be crying into my pillow

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27TH SEP 2013

I just finished the latest draft, ahhhhh

draft…five? six?

#it feels like draft fifty at this point #the next together
27TH SEP 2013

Help i’ve forgotten how to write plot

things? happening?? how????????????????????

#why do books have to have anything except characters making out #plooooooot #the next together
22ND SEP 2013

It’s got to the point where I open up my draft and just stare at it helplessly. I can’t make any more changes! I’ve done enough!! (She says, as she rewrites two chapters)

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19TH SEP 2013

I’m so sick of editing urgggggh
& I know it’s not going to stop for at least another few months

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15TH SEP 2013

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13TH SEP 2013



Formatting your Manuscript
If you’re planning on one day turning your manuscript in to literary agents and publishing houses, you need to make sure it’s formatted correctly. In many cases, your manuscript will be skipped over if it isn’t done to industry standard, so here’s the basics that you’ll need if you don’t want to be ignored. Before I get started, please know that this is aimed specifically at fiction manuscripts. If you’re writing non-fiction or a memoir, the expectations will be different, so it would be wise to Google what you need.

The Basics

Make sure your font is 12 point Times New Roman, Courier New, or Arial. These are the only three fonts you are allowed to pick from.
Your spacing should be 1 inch on all sides of the text. This is the default on most word processors, but double check your settings just to be sure.
Your text should be double spaced.
All of your indentations must be a half inch. Do not press indent. Instead, drag over the top arrow on the ruler to have every new paragraph automatically indent.
The Title Page

The top left-hand corner of your title page will have all your personal information. They want to see your name, address, phone number, e-mail address, the novel’s genre, and word count.

Your novel’s title is allowed to be between 20-24 point font if you want. Bold is also an option, but not necessary.
The title will appear halfway down the title page.
“A novel by [your name]” will be about three quarters of the way down the page.
The Next Pages

If you have a dedication, it will be on its own page.
If you have some sort of verse or quote, those will also need their own pages.
Do not include a page for acknowledgements.
The Chapters

Chapter titles will be 12 point font. No bolding or italics.
Chapters will start from one quarter to halfway down the page.
An easy way to format chapter headings is to press enter five or six times
Make sure you always start your chapters the same way every time.
When you start a new chapter, make sure you use a page break to bump the new chapter onto a new page. This will keep it in place so that it will never budge, no matter how much you cut out or add to the previous chapter.
Page Numbers

Page numbers will start with 1 on Chapter 1 of your manuscript. Page numbers will not appear on the title page or dedication page.
Page 1 will be labeled in the footer of Chapter 1. It should be centered.
Page 2 will be in the header of the next page.
From page 2 onward, your headers will be labeled like this:

If you insert a section break after the title and dedication pages, it will make it easier to insert the page numbers.
For the most part, this is the most important of what you’ll need to know for formatting your manuscript. I used this video as reference, so I’m trusting everything it says is true because it was made by an author who has several novels published, and because it was uploaded this year, it should be up to date.

But just remember, whenever you go to turn in a manuscript, make sure you check the website of the agent or publisher you’re trying to contact. They might have specifications that differ with the ones stated in this video, and you should always do whatever you can to abide by what they want.

Oh wow, I didn’t do any of this

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27TH AUG 2013

I’ve read this damn thing so many times I can’t even tell if the first few chapters make sense. Is this enough information? Would new readers understand this? I have no idea anymore

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25TH AUG 2013



An edition of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein laid out using characters and glyphs from PDF documents obtained through internet searches. The incomplete fonts found in the PDFs were reassembled into the text of Frankenstein based on their frequency of…
An edition of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein laid out using characters and glyphs from PDF documents obtained through internet searches. The incomplete fonts found in the PDFs were reassembled into the text of Frankenstein based on their frequency of use. The most common characters are employed at the beginning of the book, and the text devolves into less common, more grotesque shapes and forms toward the end. (via The Frankenfont project reconstructs Mary Shelley’s classic Frankenstein using parts of incomplete fonts found in PDFs from the internet. | Fathom)
(via the1001cranes)

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24TH AUG 2013


Making this AU headcanon for my own novel ngl

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19TH AUG 2013



I found him.
I found my soulmate.
Behold my idiot as he spazzes into the sunset

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11TH JUL 2013



Hello friend, welcome!

+This is the perfect month for this question, because I originally started writing because of Nanowrimo!! It’s a great way to force yourself to do Writing without getting selfconscious about it, because there’s barely any time to reread it, let alone doubt its quality.

+So yeah I failed (I blame….university and also my inability to exist with less than 11 hours sleep a night) but it really made me realise how easy and fun writing was if you just did it and didn’t make a big deal of it.

+Okay, sit down and listen up. Here’s what I did. I decided one day I wanted to write a story, so I made a list of all the things I like most in the world (thieves, secret passages, sass, time travel, hidden treasure, Science, history, long boat journeys, enforced close quarter living with UST) and then I made up a plot that used them all.

+My number one tip is WRITE THE BOOK YOU WANT TO READ. If you don’t spend the entire time going ‘aw, man, I can’t wait to find out what happens! I wish someone would finish writing this so I can READ THE HELL OUT OF IT’ then you are doing it wrong. If you find it boring, why should anyone else care? JUST HAVE FUN. Write something that makes you giggle and flows out of your fingers faster than you can type because it’s just SO GOOD YOU NEED TO FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENS NEXT. Also have making out, it’s sure to add quality to your story unless the characters are like giant space snails (in which case, each to their own!).

+so I had an Idea, and suddenly had miraculously gained the confidence to actually write a large thing instead of staring at a paragraph and silently weeping or w/e. I just DID IT. Over the summer, so I had no homework/distractions(/social life, sob). And I wrote and wrote until I had a half finished thing, and then I went back to uni and left it in a drawer. But I kept thinking about it, and I had 6 months to tease at plots and develop ideas and that helped SO MUCH. Like, I’m not saying wait six months before you finish a thing, but the next summer when I went to finish the thing I finished the thing in like four weeks flat, because man was I ready to finish that thing.

+aaaaaand, then some stuff happened. I turned 20, I went to america for a year. I forgot about my book for a bit, until someone told me that harpervoyager were accepting submissions of manuscripts for the first time in 10 years. So I dug it out my harddrive and polished it up a bit, and sent it off. While I was at it, I send it off to some agents too, because why not.

+then guys. THEN.



+ I died.

+but she said there were problems with it, mainly that it contained some dystopian themes which were a dying trend, that I needed to change if it was sellable. But she said I was ‘often funny’ and had a nice writing style and all these wonderful things so it took away the sting of ‘pls change your thing thx’.

+so I thought about it for like three months straight I s2g and then I did some writing for the third summer in a row, and finallly it was done (and so much better this time, because I knew my characters inside out and could build on the foundations of what i’d written before and just add layers and layers of deja vu and recurring themes and inside jokes (and that’s what she said jokes) and guys it got SO GOOD I wanted to cry with happiness)

+so YEAH. I sent it back to my angel of an agent and she was like, ‘hmmm, way better but maybe if you just do this and this it would be even nicer’ and we sent at least 30 emails just about one single paragraph of the thing and then IT WAS DONE. I had a palatable draft, and a desire to never edit the thing again, and a satisfied agent.

+ that leads us to TODAY. When it had been submitted to 16 publishers! So ! Yeah ! That has happened ! And I will probably hear about the thing by next Friday so KEEP THOSE FINGERS AND TOES CROSSED FOR ME EVERYONE.


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22ND NOV 2013


chronicintrovert [Alice Oseman] asked: So, on the subject of covers – what sort of cover are you hoping for?

I’ve never really thought about the cover that much, although I do have a few photos that I think summarise the book quite well in my tag. something like this?


idk man i can’t graphic design

Sarah: can’t believe the disrespect for my design


laurenjames: I forgot you were kind enough to make me this!! Sorry guys, this is my cover and that’s final.

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25TH NOV 2013


chronicintrovert asked: so here is my writing question of the day: why did you decide to write YA sci-fi/fantasy/dystopia?

hello! the short answer: doctor who.

the long answer: my book didn’t start out that way! it started out with the idea that someone could grow up in different times and be different in lots of ways, but also the same. i wanted to play with the idea of nature vs nurture, and how much of people’s friendships or attractions are really soul-deep, or just based on shared experiences or interests.

that grew into a story about reincarnation, and as i wrote it and started taking it seriously (rather than HEY WHAT IF MY 18TH CENTURY CHARACTER MET ANOTHER VERSION OF HER BOYFRIEND FROM THE FUTURE BUT THIS TIME HE’S NOT HER SERVANT, HE’S HER BOSS??? WHAT ABOUT IF SHE’S ALSO SPYING ON HIM??) then i needed an explanation for….all of that, and somehow it developed into an overcomplicated scifi plot. which, as a fan of doctor who (some of the time) i loved just as much as the crazy relationship stuff. i also love the way fandom explores alternate universes, and how their favourite characters behave in different places and times, and realised I’d never read an actual book that really explored that, so i decided to write one!

in terms of dystopia (which the original draft featured a lot of) i think i used it as a kind of crutch, actually, and i’m so glad i got rid of it. it’s an easy way to get people to connect to the characters and world, because you feel so sorry for them (and that’s why it’s going out of fashion a lot now, because it’s overdone and just gets boring if there’s nothing else to make you invest in the world). now i’m a better writer/have more confidence, i don’t think i would be as interested in writing that kind of story again, because it does severely limit the places the story can go, and doesn’t really add much to the plot other than some shock-driven scene setters. and once you’re already in a dystopia, you can’t really go downhill from there, so it removes a lot of the tension from the plot that isn’t purely character based.

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24TH NOV 2013

relicanth [Sarah] said: laughs at you clinging to “often funny” after all this time


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22ND NOV 2013

I’m brainstorming book titles because apparently The Red Earth Rolls is too literary (…true) and i’m basically taking the piss

Déjà vu

So this one time

Sass: the novel

Things Kate said

What Katy said this time

That’s what she said

Shut up, Katherine

Matthew is exasperated: a memoir

Dust to dust

Up against time

Oh no, not again

Yet again

Stuck yet repeat

Time around

Next time around

Back in my day


#the next together #relevant readers feel free to make suggestions #help me out please i need it
8TH NOV 2013

Update: my agent vetoed ‘That’s what she said’ as a title so im probs gonna get new representation because some things just AREN’T A JOKE

#innuendos are very important to me #the next together
13TH NOV 2013

relicanth said: “three times a katy”


“What Katy did next [and next] [and then after that]”

#the next together
8TH NOV 2013

relicanth [Sarah] said: that’s what she said is perfect, exactly what i would expect a novel by lauren e james to be called

sampersands [Clare Samson] said: I second Sarah. Also don’t call it Regeneration that is already a wonderful thing I don’t think the name can handle two of them

thank you for the feedback friends. i have sent your opinions on to my agent re that’s what she said (which i am semi-seriously considering as a title; it’s a running joke through the book it totally makes sense!!!!)

#the next together
8TH NOV 2013

chronicintrovert: i just can’t wait until my book comes out i just can’t wait until people love my characters like i do i just can’t wait why is it not auguST ALREADY

laurenjames: same, samesamesame. i’m like a single person fandom atm.

“this story is so important to me i think you should all pay more attention!!”

“can i read it then?”

“noooooo not yet sorry”

#the next together
6TH NOV 2013


Novel updates!!
Things are happening! We submit to publishers next week, so I’m oscillating between terror and excitement on a particularly increased rate atm. Next week editors are going to be getting phone calls about my book and hopefully reading it and ???? ? ????????

Right now I’m writing an official outline for the sequel, which makes it REAL and it’s kind of more stressful than finishing the first one, because I’m having to turn vague mental details into solid decisions and aaaaah the whole plot is going to fall apart why did i write so many cliffhangers???

tl;dr book news soon! things happening exclamation marks terror!!

#the next together

chronicintrovert asked: We haven’t done any writing questions for a while so let’s do the classic writing question: Describe your writing routine!

My questions are piling up, oops. My writing routine involves a lot of dancing around excitedly, waking up in the middle of the night to make indecipherable notes, and almost exclusively takes place in the summer, because I can’t write during term time at all (see above re: the dead of night). I can’t wait until I graduate when my writing/life routine is going to be:

wake up after lunch lbr
walk across the fields to go for a swim in the village pool
get a coffee in the cafe and WRITE FURIOUSLY UNTIL MY HAIR DRIES
come home and play with the puppy
write more????? maybe??????
sleep forever
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8TH JAN 2014


timetravellingtortoise [Louis] asked: How’s the book coming along?

laurenjames: i’m nearly at 50,000 words which is like novel length which is pretty scary

so far it has cross dressing, war, ships, apocalypse, finding hidden treasure, space suits, SCIENCE, russians, periods, pet seagulls (and owls) and cocky freshers


laurenjames: awwwwwwwww have another post from 2 years ago because look at my baby fledgling story just stretching it’s wings in strange pet seagull related ways

(what happened to the pet seagull???? why did i cut it out??? why would i do that????????????????)

Look at this, this is precious. this is from 2011. i’ve been thinking about these characters for a long time.

#the next together
6TH JAN 2014 #blast from the past











Alternatively, Hugh Dancy:

Urgh. Urgh. Get away from me. Urgh.










Nope, changed my mind! Dylan O’Brien. Sexy hacker older brother Dyls O’B.



ELIZABETH SPENCER. The closest i can get is a young Meryl Streep? Idk.


I think that might be everyone? I had to cut a lot of characters out in the last edit, and maaaaan does it show. :/

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30TH NOV 2013

chronicintrovert asked: STEP 3 – LOCATION! (this is going to be a very difficult question for you i think!!)

For those of you who are following along, Alice and I are fan-designing films of our novels, because what else are we going to do to avoid homework. Step one was fancasting (mine and Alice’s), step two was soundtrack (Alice’s and I actually did mine a while ago here*) and step three is location (Alice’s).

I have….so many locations, so I might try to keep this brief. Listen to the soundtrack while you read, go ooooooon.

Carlisle, England, 1745

Most of the action takes place at the castle during the Jacobite uprising and siege, which would have looked something like this:


Nowadays it looks like this (I really need to visit soon!):


Imagine a couple dressed as servants, cleaning those cannons and not-so-surreptitiously checking each other out. That’s my book.

There’s also a lot of action at the family house, which I imagine to look something like this:


Main points of interest:

dusty stables full of dozing horses and nooks and crevices for secret make out sessions.
a shy little boy who is never seen but leaves intricate toy battles in his wake
secret passages
an amazing library with creaky leather sofas. perfect for getting relationship advice and hugs from a greying gentle uncle. selection of scottish whiskeys.
bedrooms with views looking out over the city wall, mist rolling in off the hills, some kind of birds nest in the eaves outside the window, noisy in the morning and feathers and mess on the windowsill
Crimea, 1845

None of this is going to be historically accurate hahahaaha who cares LET’S DO IT.

A hefty chuck of the book takes place on the journey to Gallipoli, so here’s what I imagine the ship to look like:

Decks full of bored, smoking soldiers, playing cards and arguing over rum rations. Owls get stuck in the rigging a lot. Not much to do except flirt, discuss politics, learn shorthand, fall in love, &c.

Then when they get to the front, there’s some Florence Nightingale-esque hospital stuff, but the actual battlefield will look like this:


points of interest:

vineyard with lots of squidgy grapes underfoot, kind of gross
flowing river
ramshackle old cottage that’s kind of on fire but is also made of stone so is a possible refuge from the bombs
Okayyyyy, that’s enough history. Modern plotlines.

Central Science Laboratory, 2016

Just a typical lab at this point:


And on the inside something like this:



hip young scientists, everyone pulling pranks and joking around
lots of science gets done probably
whiteboard where people tend to just draw dicks until there’s a lab tour and it’s replaced with a quick sketch of some vague aromatic molecule
all these things might possibly be based on my lab
there are a lot of lunchtime hookups in the offices because half the lab is married to each other and there’s a secret signal that everyone knows means you probably shouldn’t interrupt that ‘meeting’
that part is unfortunately not accurate to my lab
I have a lot more headcanon about this lab but…..SPOILERS. It looks a bit like this sometimes, anyway.

University campus, 2036

So I never explicitly say it, but it’s probably at Notts uni. The campus:


Matt’s room:


lots of stephen king books
bed is a double: important!!!!!
he’s pretty messy
has a dedicated supply of snacks probably
also a collection of cutlery stolen from the caf that he feels continuously guilty about
no like it probably keeps him up at night sometimes
has a communal bathroom which is always full of very judgy neighbours
An Important Loft:


Messy, lots of christmas decorations and boxes. There is probably a lot of broken glass on the floor, but neatly pushed into a pile.


*this is mainly just music about my book than a movie soundtrack, but you get what you’re given so be grateful.

#the next together #the lauren and alice faqs
4TH DEC 2013 1 NOTE


I know nothing about directors or cinematography, so here are just a few films that I like the general themes of!

1) Desperate Romantics
Lots of pretty redheads, sumptuous clothing, countless innuendostumblr_mj1tmdL1wD1qmb2tco1_500

2) Stoker

Okay so this isn’t really my genre but I adore the style of this so so much. I just love everything about it, the pastel clothing and silent communication and the soundtrack. I love the way the background is faded and mute, to bring your focus onto the main characters.


3) Cloud Atlas

This is an obvious one, for a reincarnation novel about characters in different time periods. Also Ben Whishaw, so.tumblr_muaxl6yDFk1spg0mio2_500

4) Pride and Prejudice

So much awkward panic! The beautiful cosy family home! Quiet humour! Visual jokes involving geese! There’s a whole scene in my book based on the misty field ending, too.


5) The Hour

Their friendship to relationship is perfect and the clothing is wonderful and cute but also historically accurate and just, perfect.


I guess in general the main things it needs are

chemistry between the main characters. so much chemistry, even when they are trying to avoid it, unmistakable unstoppable ust
so many costumes. all of the historical costumes.
each different time would have a different colour scheme, so you can tell them apart immediately. some would be darker than others, the modern very clean and crisp and the oldest very sumptuous and intricate.
very upbeat and fun and jokey
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chronicintrovert asked: Step 5: Marketing!!!

Hmmmmmm. I really want to do a thing where I run twitter accounts of my characters, have flirty meetcute interactions between them, maybe pulling pranks on twitter on each other, that kind of thing. I think that would be really fun. I might do that for the book release.

I think what works really nicely about my book is the juxtopostion of future and past storylines, so it would be lovely to play with that in the posters. Maybe having three posters/book covers, one representing each timeline.One would be really modern and then another could be super 50’s style old fashioned:


It would be really interesting to see the same film marketed as a few different genres, I think.

so YEAH. How i want to market it: in every way.

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17TH DEC 2013

So, my bio just went up on my agency’s website. Nothing special. CHECK IT: http://www.rcwlitagency.com/authors/lauren-james/

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13TH DEC 2013

chronicintrovert asked: STEP 6: Changes. Is there anything about your book that you think wouldn’t work as a film?

My story takes place over multiple timelines, like Cloud Atlas, so I think that in general it wouldn’t work very well as a film, because it would either be too long or too condensed to let you properly invest in the characters.

I think for it to work properly, it would be a tv miniseries, maybe? Although I’m not sure how exciting the first few episodes would be.

One other problem would be adapting the present day storyline, which is told mainly through diary entries and letters. I think to adapt it properly there would have to be an expansion of that storyline, because a lot happens there, so it can’t just be written out.

I think in general it would have to be adapted quite a lot for the screen, but I don’t really mind that. I’m not hugely protective of every scene. I’d prefer a really good adaptation than one that’s a bit dull but is loyal to the book- because things work differently in writing to on screen.

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21ST DEC 2013

masrika [Kat Harris] asked: Dude, congratulations on getting published! It’s seriously amazing. I mean, not shocking, because you’re a fantastic writer, but so much well done. 🙂

Thank you!!

I’m still completely overwhelmed, but so, so happy! Best christmas present ever!

#the next together
18TH DEC 2013

chronicintrovert asked: So what’s it like having to plan a sequel/sequels!? I can’t really imagine it, seeing as mine’s a standalone, and my next one will also be a standalone…

Okay, so I never originally planned to have a sequel. I wanted to leave it on a cliffhangery ending, that explained the book’s premise but left it a bit mysterious as to how it happened. I didn’t even know myself, and I liked how it was an explanation and not an explanation at the same time.

I also didn’t really want to write a sequel, because I had so many ideas I wanted to play with. I don’t want to be one of those authors who spend ten years on one series- I want to play with horror and space and murders and ghost sitcoms and try my hand at everything I can.

But then when I was getting near the end, I started thinking about it a lot more, and came up with all these amazing ideas and plots that I couldn’t fit into the book. Then I came up with a character that I knew I had to write about asap. So I started writing it!

It’s a sequel in that it is about the same idea, but it’s a completely different set of characters and style of book (it’s a lot more sci-fi time travel than the historical style of the first book). So I’m happy that I’m doing a sequel that’s not limited to the same story and characters, and my main worry right now is that my writing and plot development will have improved so much in the sequel it will make the first one seem terrible! but i can deal with that (probably).

i’m also scared that i won’t finish it before the first one is published, and i’ll get caught in a plot hole that i can’t change the first one to fix, and it will all goes terribly wrong….i imagine J K Rowling had so many sleepless nights over that too. how do people do it??

the good things about sequels:

*you can include references in the first one to things that don’t happen until the next book!

*you can add long term plots that spread over several books!

*you can make mysteries which have just enough information to be solved, if you read both books.

*you can have cameos from characters, that are older or younger than they were when you last met them.

*you can have scenes that you saw in the first book mean something entirely different in the sequel because you know more about what’s going on and how much the characters know.

*you can have character traits appear in related characters and be like OH WOW HIS BROTHER DOES THAT TOO, OMG and it gives you enough time to actually explore it

basically, IT’S ALL AMAZING. i love tricking my readers into thinking something happened, but it was totally different all along.

i love it i love it i love it

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27TH NOV 2013

veryunsure: i love boys with with really strong accents like irish or scottish. i don’t have a clue what they’re saying. i love it. i hate hearing a coherent boy. i don’t actually care about what you have to say.

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12TH JAN 2014

Anonymous asked: Once you finish your trilogy, have you considered writing science fiction? You seem particularly suited to it, due to your apparent ease at working with multiple dimensions and overlapping times. I would like to see your lady scientist persona evinced in your literary contributions….

I AM ALL ABOUT THE SCIFI. There’s a lot of it in the sequel anyway (it’s a lot more timetravelly) but my third book (if I ever get that far eeep) is TOTALLY ABOUT SPACESHIPS AND SPACE AND MURDER. IT’S GONNA BE ACE.

but yeah one of the things I want to do most is include more science in books, i think that’d be amazing.

#The Next Together #writing #it’s not a trilogy btw #i’ve got a two book deal #i don’t think i could stretch out the plot to another one D:
12TH JAN 2014


Kate is clearly a Gryffindor, she’s an idiot.

My little cutie Matt is a Hufflepuff. Kate is always running off into danger and Matt tries to stop her. He thinks a lot before he acts (Kate doesn’t think at all, ever.)

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11TH JAN 2014

chronicintrovert asked: (Sending this again bc not sure whether it sent the first time) What is important to you when writing a book? Is it telling the story? Expressing a moral? Generating empathy? SOMETHING ELSE?

I’ve been thinking about this a lot, and I don’t really have an answer. I want to make people laugh, and I suppose come away from it caring about the characters. I want to tell an outrageous story in a believable way, in a way that makes people really care about the outcome.

I think the biggest achievement for me would for people to smile because something happens that reminds them of a joke or reference in my book. That would be fitting, I think. A little bit of deja vu about my book.

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11TH JAN 2014

chronicintrovert asked: So I was thinking more about your book and basically it’s as if you’ve written the prequel before the main book. It’s like you wrote the Marauders story before the Harry Potter story. And that’s basically the greatest thing ever.
(Without spoiling anything)

It is, kind of, isn’t it? I can’t wait to write the sequel and find out how it all happens. I hope it lives up to those Harry Potter expectations…

I really hope that people say that when they read the sequel though, because what a compliment- the sequel was so good it made the first one feel like a prequel to the main event.

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11TH JAN 2014

catherine-doyle asked: Do you have a favourite line or passage from your book? If so, TELL ME IMMEDIATELY.


“Can I borrow a shirt? Maybe a pair of trousers?”

He hummed sceptically. “I think my clothes would overwhelm you.”

She sat upright and stretched out her arms alongside his to measure the difference. Her fingertips reached the base of his thumb and she couldn’t help herself, she casually left her hand on his wrist as she pressed against his side. He was warm in the cold night air and she softly rubbed the bone of his wrist with her thumb. Her fingers curled into the palm of his hand, and she rubbed small circles into his skin. He pressed his hand tighter around hers.

“I don’t know, I think I’ll fit just fine,” she murmured. Her voice sounded huskier than she’d ever heard it.

He let out a gruff, slightly strangled noise of confirmation.


“You don’t know, do you?” he said. “What…what men and women do. Together? Once married.” He flushed. She stared at him.

Eventually he managed to explain, with great delicacy and awkwardness, something that made them both flush redder and redder. She stared at him, blankly. He lifted his hands and then dropped them ineffectually.

“So. That’s that.”

He leant forward and made an aborted attempt at a kiss, but sat back when she didn’t respond. Her mouth opened and she closed it with a snap. Well. She had been missing a lot.

She stared in the general direction of his chest with vague horror, trying to stop her gaze dropping to his crotch, which it tried to do several times. He cleared his throat. She jumped a little, and tried to hide it by standing up.

“That was…enlightening, thank you. I- er. Well. Yes. I think I’m going. I need to. Er. Do that. That thing. The library! Yes. I’m going to the library. Goodnight. It was very pleasant to, er, see you? Yes. It was, let’s do it again soon,” she mumbled, backing away to the door. He stepped towards her, mouth opened to speak, but she scurried away like a frightened mouse before he could utter a syllable.

“Kathy!” she heard him call, confused, from where she was hiding in the hallway, “You didn’t even eat your dinner!”


She pointed a finger at Matt, and exclaimed, “You!” Matthew rubbed his eyes, and frowned at her lively face.


“You listen to farming shows!” she gleefully announced, “Oh my god, you loser!”

He stared at her. “Shut up. There isn’t anything wrong with a healthy interest in crop rotation.”

She choked on her laughter, utterly delighted. “No one listens to farming shows except farmers. It broadcasts at four am! You record it, to listen to later,” she said, amazed at the sheer dedication he took to listen to farmers discuss fields.

He crossed his arms, petulant. “They have interesting sections on badgers and stuff too.”

She couldn’t help shaking her head at him. “I thought you were cool,” she said accusingly, sadly. “You misled me. All this time with the fountain pen and the retro haircut and the mismatched clothes I thought you were being ironically hipster but really you are just an old man! I can’t date someone who listens to this, it will utterly ruin my street cred!”

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10TH JAN 2014

melsalisbury asked: How do you feel about the idea of your book being optioned as a film? How will you deal with that?

I would probably die of excitement, and then immediately go to bed with a stress headache. I have enough problems trusting myself to tell the story properly, I can’t really imagine passing over the reigns to someone else.


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9TH JAN 2014

catherine-doyle asked: Who (if anyone) was the inspiration behind Matthew and Katherine? Also, have you considered the couple name ‘Mattherine’ If not, WHY NOT?

I always say that both Matthew and Katherine are me. Both of them, at the same time, in different ways. (I’m quite looking forward to writing new stuff because I feel like I’ve never really created an original character yet…I just write stories about myself.)

SAYING THAT, Matthew is totally based a little on Char, from Ella Enchanted*. I would have taken a bullet for Char when I was thirteen. He’s this wonderful male love interest who just thinks the girl is hilarious and incredible and he’s quite shy and quiet and serious until she brings out the fun and jokes from him. (“That’s funny, you’re funny. I like you, I’m quite taken by you.” )And he had freckles, and slid down the castle banisters. I had a lot of feelings about that character. So a lot of Matthew is based on my residual childhood crush on Char, but I didn’t realise that at all until recently.

Kate is probably more based on just who I would like to be as a person, and……………………do I want to say this? Okay I’ll say it. She’s probably a little bit of Jim Kirk from the new Star Trek. THAT SOUNDS WEIRD, OKAY, BUT SHE TOTALLY IS. JUST….GO WITH IT. SHE IS. I read a lot of Jim/Bones fanfic when I was writing it, cough.

And roughly 80% of the time I accidentally say Matterine or Kathew when talking about my book. It’s a problem.

*The book, not the film. The film….let’s not talk about what they did to Char in the film.

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9TH JAN 2014

cartoonology [Melissa] asked: I remember you telling me about this story in 2009, when we first met by reading each other’s answers to a LiveJournal writing prompt about reincarnation. I dropped my story about it ages ago but now your’s is getting published next year!!

I KNOW, ISN’T IT CRAZY. My life has been about this book for far too long.

#The Next Together #cartoonology
8TH JAN 2014

catherine-doyle asked: My questions is about the timelines in your wonderfully witty book, in which you are ‘often funny’. Were there other periods in time you explored/liked the sound of when you were writing it? And what made you decide on the ones and the number of timelines that you ended up with? Haha, that’s actually two questions sucker. That’s how I roll.

Awwwww, you’re gonna make me blush! I’m going to have the infamous ‘often funny’ written on my gravestone not even joking.

So my editor asked me the same question on the phone before I signed with her (most stressful phone conversation ever. best phone conversation ever.) and I had to rather sheepishly admit that it was just events where I could find primary sources for free on Google Books……

(She said that was a perfectly reasonable reason for choosing them, and that she will want to add more historical detail- really bring out all the different worlds so they felt real- so I’d better be prepared to get back to Google Books. I laughed nervously.)

Anyway I am a lazy writer with research (wikipedia is my BFF) so yeah. It was almost entirely practicality.

I also really didn’t want to do just another WWII book, because although that’s an obvious choice (and I’m so glad I didn’t since Life After Life by Kate Atkinson did the WWII reincarnation thing better than I ever could) I feel like there’s an oversaturation of it in the media. I find myself a bit anaesthetised by it, so I didn’t think taking such a well known historical point could really bring out the emotion that I wanted.

For a really long time I wanted to include a medieval storyline, with Kate as a midwife who gets accused of witchcraft for all her herbal remedy skillz and is put to death. Matthew would be the hangman (hence the origination of the surname ‘Galloway’ OH YEAH I PUT THAT MUCH THOUGHT INTO IT) who realises she’s not a witch, and they run off together and become underground doctors~~

But in the end I just got a bit intimidated by all the research I’d have to do and put it off, and also thought it was a bit too similar to a plotline from Outlander by Diana Gabaldon.

And I ended up with 3 timelines just because that seemed like the usual number of multiple storylines that people can follow, I guess? There wasn’t a great deal of thought behind that decision. (The 4th one in the chapter headings crept up on me a bit, that wasn’t supposed to be there originally.)


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8TH JAN 2014


dreamsandink replied to your post: Oh my God, I was reading that and falling in love with the medieval story as you were explaining it. I would read that fan fiction.

one day. ONE DAY.

chronicintrovert replied to your post: you should write a medieval!kate&matt fanfic just saying
…..i may have done that at one point. maybe it’ll be a short story eventually.

dreamsandink replied to your post “chronicintrovert replied to your post “chronicintrovert replied to…”

Will you stay up all night and write this and then send it back to me tomorrow? Please please please.


so this is medieval!Kate, who is a midwife with a place in the woods where she keeps her herbs and medicines. Matthew is the village hangman.


Kathy was frozen to the spot. She stared at the proffered hand, trying to hold back the impulse to run. A clump of mud fell off the monstrous, ugly thing he was holding out to her. The hangman shook it slightly, in what was presumably a threatening gesture of intimidation.

What was it, some kind of… some kind of death token? Did this mean he was after her now? Oh god he was going to hang her and she’d never see her parents again and this was terrible, everything was the worst how had she made such an unbelievable misjudgement in setting up her stores so close to the gallows. She’d thought no one would come near here- everyone stayed away from Gallow’s Way, avoided the lingering reek of death. She hadn’t even thought about the hangman.

He cleared his throat, and she flinched, expecting him to shout angry demands for her arrest, accuse her of witchcraft.

“It’s garlic,” he said, a little sheepishly. “I heard it was good for wounds.”


“Witch! Kill her!”

The villagers were screeching wild, terrified wails of anger as she was hoisted onto the gallows. A tomato hit her shoulder, breaking into her hair with an ugly squelch.

Matthew pulled the noose over her head, and she stared at his bowed head, disbelieving. He couldn’t be doing this, not after everything he’d said, not after he’d given her the wooden token she could feel pressing against her thigh, engraved with their initials, entwined together. He’d found her garlic, and now he was going to kill her.

He leant in to adjust the knot. She could feel his breath against her neck, a warmth of heat against the abrasive roughness of the rope. She closed her eyes, tried to hold back the rush of tears pressing at her eyelids.

“I’ve got you,” he said, low and quiet into the dip of her jaw. He turned his head nearer, where the villagers couldn’t see, and pressed a kiss to her earlobe. “Trust me.”

She opened her eyes, stared wide at him, and he nodded once, almost imperceptibly.

She didn’t take her eyes off him as the noose tightened and she fell down, the air full of victorious cheers, the world going black. She met his unwavering gaze until the very last moment, and trusted him completely.


When she woke up her throat was on fire so she couldn’t breathe, her neck and spine a tight swell of pain, but Matthew was there, pressing kisses against her cheek, holding her close.

“I’ve got you,” he said, quiet. “I’ve got you.”

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chronicintrovert replied to your post LAURENASDFALSKDJHF
dreamsandink reblogged your post and added: IT’S PERFECT

laurenjames: And then obviously they both die in a very tragic and violent and emotional way, no big deal.

this is medieval!Kate:


what a babe huh

she’s probably got a little place in the woods where she keeps all her medicines to stop people destroying them, and one day Matthew is going for a walk and TOTALLY INTERRUPTS HER MIXING HERBS. she probably runs off because it’s the hangman, oh my god he’s going to actually kill me, and he is left standing there feeling guilty and lost because he was just about to offer to find her some more ginger root

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8TH JAN 2014

Anonymous asked: How do you pick what sections of history to place your characters in? There are so many really good ones, though many have been over done. I would like to see Matt and Kate in Roman occupied Britain, perhaps caught up in Boadicea’s fight for liberation.

I just answered this here!

But I have endless short stories I could write about Kate and Matt in different timelines…the book has to stop somewhere!

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11TH JAN 2014

chronicintrovert asked: HELLO! How is everything going a la book? Decided a title yet? Are you being ~revealed~ at Bologna? What’s happening!!??!!

Book goes…slowly at the moment. I have 3 weeks left of classes and 8 weeks in total before I graduate (aaaaaaAAAAAAHHHHHH) so I have had to put edits a little on hold while that real world stuff goes on.
But i have my edits and I have solved all of the plotty problems they will cause so I just need to get writing! I’m so excited to get it done and FINISH THE SEQUEL. I wanna know what happens!!
The title needs to be decided by April and the current frontrunners are:
Then & Again
The Next Together
Given Time

So LEAVE YOUR FAVE IN MY ASK PLEASE GUYS. Or any suggestions, obv.

(Oh, and Bologna! We decided because I don’t have a presentable draft (or title….) yet that we’re not announcing at the fair. Which, I’m kind of sad about. I could be holding a proof copy in my hands right now! But I want my ~big reveal~ to be with as good a copy as possible to give it the best chance, so it’s the right thing to do. There’s always Frankfurt! I don’t know if we’re releasing a press release anyway, probably when the title is decided on? Then I’ll actually have proof it’s real and they can’t back out (which I still have nightmares about))

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24TH MAR 2014

#as suggested by Shannon #is this guy not EXACTLY MATT?? #The Next Together
9TH FEB 2014

catherine-doyle asked: How do you feel about the editing process, particularly the possibility of content-changing decisions?

When I first got my agent, (this time last year (!) ) she told me I had to change roughly a third of my book. (long story short: one storyline was an apocalypse and they don’t sell..so i needed to make it pre-apocalypse at best) At first it was SUPER HARD to let go. I guess eventually I started seeing a difference between the words I’d saved on my computer and the story I was trying to tell. I use my writing to tell a story, and I want the story to be as good as possible. So I don’t mind changing things up if the story will eventually improve because of it. I have a vision of the story as a whole in the sense of it’s themes, style and overall emotions, but I don’t have a personal attachment to any particular plot point. If anything, I really enjoyed changing things up because it let me add layers and complexities and improve my writing in a way I probably wouldn’t have been challenged to do otherwise. My writing is always improving, and I think editing helped improve it more than anything else, because you really think about the writing and words and sentences rather than focusing on but what would Kate say to that? How is Matt standing right now?

At the same time, I would not be okay with intrinsic character changes- sexuality, personality, even hair colour or whatever. I would fight that hand and claw. If I do get asked to do anything like that (I’m meeting my editor on Wednesday to get my edit suggestions, aaaaah! Wish me luck!) then I’m not sure how I’ll deal with it…

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3RD FEB 2014

masrika asked: So did your characters go off and do their own thing and leave you to clear up the mess? Because mine just brought a plot point early and now I don’t know what to do. >.<

My characters are pretty well behaved in terms of plot points, it’s the conversations I can’t do. If there’s any sort of misunderstanding they will resolve it immediately and become friends again, there’s literally nothing I can do to stop them. They talk about their feelings so much.

My advice is to go with the flow, and see where they take you. You might come up with a bigger, better plot point that happens next, now that ones done and dusted. You can always go back and add more conflict to extend the earlier one later!

#The Next Together #writing #kat tell me what you’re writing about PLEASE???? #masrika
3RD FEB 2014

chronicintrovert asked: WHAT ARE KATE AND MATT’S OTPS?


I think Matt would be really confused by the concept of OTPs, but when Kate had explained it to him he would realise he has very strong feelings about Amy/Rory and Rory being Mr Pond because….yeah. Mr Finchley. And Simon/Kaylee for pretty much the same reason. (He just has a thing for dominant women, okay? It’s totally not even worth thinking about. CAN WE NOT TALK ABOUT THIS, PLEASE, KATE.)

Kate would be into black widow/pepper potts because STRONG LADIES and hannibal/will because she has a hugh dancy thing. (just because he looks a bit like you, matthew, it’s nothing, it’s not an issue, ssssh, it’s fine matt).

#The Next Together #claire’s coven #writing #the best of all possible questions #chronicintrovert
2ND FEB 2014

catherine-doyle asked: Heeeeere comes the hypothetical question because I love me some hypotheticals! And you’re all getting the same question because I want to know your answers. So, if you could swap lives with any of your characters and live in their world, would you? And if so, which one?

Uhhhhhhhh i genuinally don’t think I would. Like there are certain aspects of characters that I’d like- Kate’s hair (omg), ~regency dresses~, some of Matt’s personality traits, but in terms of the world, I’m pretty happy living in the 21st century with internet and washing machines, thanks. I’d rather not break out the barricades and guns just yet.

#The Next Together #claire’s coven #writing #dreamsandink
2ND FEB 2014

melsalisbury asked: Hello. I like your hair today. What kind of research did you do when writing your book? Did you look up anything potentially incriminating on the Internet or in a library? Did you try or experience anything bizarre in the name of accuracy/believability?

In terms of real research, rather than wikipedia, I got a lot of books from the uni library about the Crimea. I think that having access to that resource about 5 minutes walk from my halls of residence is probably the only thing that forced me to actually start writing instead of avoiding it.

This summer I want to go on a road trip to Carlisle, to visit the castle and make those scenes a bit more real. Also I think I’d just like to visit, it would be surreal to actually be there.

Apart from that I just did stupid acting out of poses or whatever when I couldn’t remember which way arms bent or how horses ears worked. Yeah.

#The Next Together #claire’s coven #writing #melsalisbury
2ND FEB 2014

catherine-doyle asked: This question is about naming your characters. I’m always fascinated by this process. Is there any special significance behind the names of any of your main characters, or how did you come to decide on them?

aahahHhahaahah I made a HUGE mistake naming my characters. Kate and Matt were always my favourite names, that I wanted for my kids, and when I started writing I was like, ‘eh, i’ll call them that for now’ and now i can NEVER CALL MY KIDS THAT. SUCH BAD PLANNING.

#The Next Together #claire’s coven #dreamsandink #calling my kids that would be so incesty now #why???
26TH JAN 2014

chronicintrovert asked: We haven’t had any questions for a while, so here’s a classic one we haven’t done yet: Who are your writer heroes? Did any particular writers inspire your work?

I’m not even going to try and give a list of my writing heroes, because I will read everything and anything and it would go on forever. Instead, here are some books that I would recommend, that have stuck with me, and have a big influence on my writing (I got a bit carried away).

Cross Stitch, by Diana Gabaldon
The time traveller’s wife, Audrey Niffenegger
Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell, by Susannah Clarke
Fingersmith, by Sarah Waters
Lirael, by Garth Nix
Northern Lights, by Phillip Pullman
The passage, by Justin Cronin
Fangirl, by Rainbow Rowell
Oryx and Crake, by Margaret Atwood
The Dark Tower series, by Stephen King
Ella Enchanted, by Gail Carson Levine
Spindle’s end, by Robin McKinley
Exodus, by Julie Bertagna
The lies of Locke Lamora, by Scott Lynch
The disreputable history of Frankie Landau Banks, by e lockhart
The Shoebox project
The Sandman, by Neil Gaiman
Daddy long legs, by Jean Webster
The thief lord, by Cornelia Funke
The Historian, by Elizabeth Kostova
The Bromeliad trilogy, by Terry Pratchett
The Host, by Stephenie Meyer
The Wind Singer, by William Nicholson
The Eyre Affair, by Jasper Fforde
Daughter of Venice, by Donna Jo Napoli
#in other book news #today i found a draft of TRER from when i was sixteen ahahahahahah #sob #The Next Together #claire’s coven #chronicintrovert #recs
26TH JAN 2014

catherine-doyle asked: Can you remember the most emotional moment (positive or negative) you ever experienced as a result of a scene in a book? Elaborate.


I think the most emotional I’ve been about writing is when I’m plotting. I tend to get hugely overexcited if I solve a plot hole, and jump around in an extremely embarrassing manner. I remember solving one particular problem involving Matt finding out something about Katy and just LEAPING AROUND ON THE SOFA LIKE A CHILD. I don’t know, i really don’t.

In terms of a particular scene, the very last one (the one under the table) was only written about 2 days before we submitted to publishers (on a last minute suggestion from my agent) and that gave me shivers down my spine in a way nothing else had. I was literally shaking when I wrote it. It just felt like it slotted into place, as if the whole thing had been waiting for that one last scene to finally come together, and when it was done I felt like I’d actually written a complete story and…yeah I cried a bit about that scene.

#The Next Together #writing #claire’s coven #dreamsandink
23RD JAN 2014



Published by Lauren James

Lauren James is the twice Carnegie-nominated British author of many Young Adult novels, including Green Rising, The Reckless Afterlife of Harriet Stoker and The Loneliest Girl in the Universe. She is a RLF Royal Fellow, freelance editor and screenwriter. Lauren is the founder of the Climate Fiction Writers League, and on the board of the Authors & Illustrators Sustainability Working Group through the Society of Authors. Her books have sold over a hundred thousand copies worldwide and been translated into six languages. The Quiet at the End of the World was shortlisted for the YA Book Prize and STEAM Children’s Book Award. Her other novels include The Next Together series, the dyslexia-friendly novella series The Watchmaker and the Duke and serialised online novel An Unauthorised Fan Treatise. She was born in 1992, and has a Masters degree from the University of Nottingham, where she studied Chemistry and Physics. Lauren is a passionate advocate of STEM further education, and many of her books feature female scientists in prominent roles. She sold the rights to her first novel when she was 21, whilst she was still at university. Her writing has been described as ‘gripping romantic sci-fi’ by the Wall Street Journal and ‘a strange, witty, compulsively unpredictable read which blows most of its new YA-suspense brethren out of the water’ by Entertainment Weekly. Lauren lives in the West Midlands and is an Arts Council grant recipient. She has written articles for numerous publications, including the Guardian, Buzzfeed, Den of Geek, The Toast, and the Children’s Writers and Artist’s Yearbook 2022. She has taught creative writing for Coventry University, WriteMentor, and Writing West Midlands.

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